Say so,But in fact,Seven brother’s face,Very ugly。

What is this called?
This is called naked face slap。
I thought before losing myself,Lin Yu is bragging,Not seen clearly。
because,Back then,But it took several days,This is the practice。
“Thanks to you, brother,Teach me so hard。”
“otherwise,How could i,one look,Just understand。”
Lin Yu,A look,It’s all because of you,I am so strong。
far away,The 19th Junior Brother。
now,Also stand up from the ground。
just,On the face,Unhappy。
I thought,Lin Yu is an ordinary person,Is not his opponent at all。
did not think of,Even Lin Yu’s trick,Can’t catch。
in fact,I can’t blame Lin Yu for this one。
Lin Yu at the moment,constitution,That’s Lei Jie physique。
Even those who have practiced,Nor is Lin Yu’s opponent。
“That’s for sure,The people I taught,Definitely great。”
I heard Lin Yu praised myself so much。