The door opened, bright light dispersed the darkness of the room, wearing a white dress with a large white hat woman standing in the doorway.

  ”You turn to -”
  Woman adjusted her hat, the hat is Huozhi Hui at the familiar no longer familiar face, that face include scarring, but also of her own making.
  Huo Zhihui staring and watching appeared at the door uninvited guest, originally intolerant face flash of panic, “What are you doing?”
  ”What do you think?”
  Anya asked season smiling.
  Just out of place in the quarter Anya face broadened into a smile, let Huo Zhihui see gripped Huozhi Hui swallowed, their voices are guilty: “You see me joke, right?”
  Anya frankly admitted season.
  Although she spent more than half of net worth, success in front of Huoting Chen exposed the true face Huo Zhihui, however, know the awful scandal of her Huo family, the same family valued reputation Huoting Chen hate, anti Huoting Chen with her, do not hesitate to order the closure kill her , so the season is completely gone now Anya took.
  But she could not ah.
  Her stardom had bright, she had four small artistes, as long as her efforts to improve acting, filming conscientious, seize every opportunity, do not say can not be

There has been not easy, he nodded: “Well.”

Bowen kick that eighty board, would have been dead fish in general, paralysis on the tiger bench, pale, lower body full of blood, even if it seems to have no breathing.
Pair of miserable like, into the eyes up and down all government discipline, while goose bumps all up, is always domineering flowing color, at this time are shivering.
Not to mention today just been brought into the Fuchu Sun steward to two new little girl, this is a scene into the House, and that scared the station must stand firm, not to mention nothing Huahuachangzai, there is, at the moment Bowen heard the glorious deeds, and now her fate, and consequently can not think that is the.
“Great Lady.”Sun steward in the end’ve been around much, but he did have this and other scenes not much shock, one saw Jiang Chu came out from the old lady at the people, they quickly came forward:” How does this disposal Bowen ?”
Jiang Chu glanced was beaten bloody Bowen, cold channel: “House to send, please something good doctor to help her cure, can be considered an old lady of benevolence.”
“Yes,” Sun


  ”Do not it always a friend, and did not see Mo sister always together Mody?”
  ”Recently Mo always really paid a peach blossom.”
  Several mature beautiful royal sister in time to give lessons on the leaves of the white, stop whispering, even though the company faced an unprecedented crisis, gossip does not affect their hearts.
  Ye found a white looks good talking sister find out a bit, I realized what was going on.
  Mo Yu heart is doing IT technology, the company’s core source code is lost, resulting in paralysis of the entire system.
  Before the press conference, Yu Mo heart has announced that their products can be officially listed, took a lot of orders, the company is now the source code is lost, system failures, all production lines have been stopped, not so that the software and hardware.
  If continue, I am afraid we must bear Yu Mo heart on billions of breach of contract.
  While inside the office of the man named Cao Xiu, big brother seemed to know a hacker circles.
  Caoxiu Xi Huan Yu Mo heart for a long time, but have not been able to succeed, just taking advantage of this opportunity as a pretext for threatening heart Yu Mo, forcing her into submission.
  After listening to the whole story, white leaves little relieved, I thought how complicated things

Like the palm of white, “how?”

“pen.”An Wei Zhen concise.

Wu Tao suddenly realized nodded and pulled out a pen and handed security Wei Zhen from his own pocket.

An Wei Zhen brisk finger on the hook zero, then these checks stuffed into their own pockets.

You resolve this, Wei Zhen Ann did not intend to stay here, anyway, Wu Heng has been without incident, Wu things she did get clear, also intend to hold the sink to leave North Star.

But he heard Wu Tao spoke and said, “Ann Masters, I want you to do me a favor?”

An Wei Zhen looked up to see him, “I make money.”

Wu Tao Wei Zhen security for the blunt, could not help but laugh exposed to, “Of course I’ll pay, like this, Ann Masters I let you help me salvation my brother.”

An Wei Zhen raised his eyes, look to lie on him, although his face grim, but look harmless Zhou Zhou.

“How much can.”As a beast to buy a Jade Shang Hao, Wei Zhen Ann asked a question they are most concerned about.

Wu Tao paused, reached out a hand.

An Wei Zhen looked up, “five hundred thousand?”

Wu Tao chuckled, and he just could pay three million to Wu Heng, how

She held out her hand towards: “Nice to meet you.Bo Dina.”

  Yu Pei skin paler than his brother, his slender fingers in the dim light irradiation, Yingying hair with jade-like luster.
  Donna just reached out, put a cool white hand holding the hand of Yu Pei.
  Two joints slender hands hold together in midair, Yu Pei Yu Ze surprised to see the opposite.
  Yu Chak said: “Do not be so polite.”
  After Pei Yu stunned for a moment, smiled and said: “Well, listen to you.”He looked to Donna, she said:” I took her to be treated as a family.”
  ”Ok.”Yu Ze hand back.
  After the fall Yu Pei lifted the hand, cried faintly to entertain, entertain took from the hands of handwritten menu, the list he first gave it to Donna diagonally opposite.
  ”Lady first.I do not know your tastes, just order.”He laughed softly.
  ”Thank you.”Donna like a lady, Minchun smile when took the menu.
  Yu Ze looked across this secretly and Zhangzi Xian to mix together against him, next plane and smile harmless to humans and animals brother, I feel mixed emotions.
  Has been a sad sad, nothing to be worried about, Yu Pei does not like he is not one or two days a.
  By now,

College students, but also faintly hear the distant noise of the stadium there seems to be playing in the tournament.

  Two men in the street side of the building, so quiet, and stood face to face stalemate.
  XIA away eventually or the first to speak, she inhaled deeply inhale, slowing voice asked: “find me, what is it you?”
  Opposite to maintain silence about only less than three seconds, and the XIA Xiao original remote familiar, vaguely on the back.
  ”Nothing we can not come to you?”
  Although the original Xiao’s face still kept light, can not help but bow XIA away, bent lips, smiled quietly.Even if it seems to have passed in 2056, but the original kernel Xiao did seem that familiar formula, you love finding fault, he refused to speak well.
  ”What do you want to find a place to sit?Drink hot drinks?You would want to put on a coat?Quite cold outside at night.”XIA away asked, and not the original Xiao bickering.
  Xiao original naked, he always refused to take wear before winter jacket, after all, not the car is the interior, I feel a lot of trouble a few steps Chuan Chuan Tuotuo.XIA have to back away from grabbing his clothes and forced him to wear, finally agreed to put on a good contentedly, and then have to laugh at Shorty cold.
  But now he refused to wear

No children, nor any political and business.

They should rest.

Private aircraft are spacious and comfortable double bed as shells for mermaid Chenmian, soft and comfortable sleep people have a meal.

And so also the night woke up, flower Mu sat at the table with a pen in written from planning.

They can go to many places – from the Metropolitan Museum to Times Square, they can see the Statue of Liberty and Wall Street, as well as taste the famous here countless bagels.

Vietnam also finished wash after night sitting beside him, took a sip of warm cappuccino, finally recovered some.

“I.”He rubbed his brow and said:” What planning should have been me to the.”

Now get rid of the hidden dangers, Mu can rest assured that travel around in a foreign country, it should have led him around by his everywhere.

But arrangements for the vehicle to their hotel, on the road at the time to have all of it arranged, he seems like the only casual pleasure after leaving the airport.

In fact, the night also came to New York many times, to see the show Ye Ye seek cooperation of several city are very familiar.

He spent this time with Mu over, in fact, is here to accompany him to experience pop culture, can also be taken at the way the wind.

When a sister of origin, the original owner and he was able to talk, and micro-Xin long talk with him, others feel good.

  After Xu Xianglin with separately, she went to the bookstore to pick a few of the recipes, went to the supermarket to buy a lot of food, ready to learn to cook at home.
  From the elevator to come out, the phone rang, her shopping bags on the ground, one side connect the call.
  ”Slightly, you home yet?”Xu Xianglin’s voice from the phone.
  ”To ah, how the?”
  ”I just forgot to tell you, invited him to dinner for my birthday this weekend, are you coming?”
  Xin long press the hands-free micro, holding a cell phone, carry a bag in one hand and touch the keys to open the door, he said: “Of course I’m going ah your birthday.”
  Xu Xianglin very happy, excited and said: “That line, and so determine the address I sent you, you remember watching.”
  ”it is good.”
  She pinched the phone, going into the room, closed the door suddenly opened next door.
  Wearing casual clothes Xing twilight first came out, he glanced at her, Mouguang dull, frosty face.Behind followed me out a middle-aged man wearing a suit, his mouth ramble said: “Whether it is eating or sleeping, we must note that your situation has

To the security department of the brothers to smoke, while smoking while under notice: at night, Ben Shan Xian there or be square!

  The meal he did not let Chen diving to his free single, diving Chen did not give him a free single.
  Ye Xue Fu afternoon there is entertainment after work, Chen Liang Song and diving then let the brothers go to Ben Shan Xian began to eat, saying that thing back late.
  Then he drove to see the Chakun.
  When Chen diving into the room to open the door, the scene in front to really be scared to live.
  The room is a mess mess.
  Soon, he saw a weak breath Chakun at the kitchen radiator.
  Chakun right hand and heating pipes bound with rope with a mass of mess, all deadlock, there is no possibility to open the kind of deadlock.
  The hand has Chakun Le purple blue, apparently caused by blood does not flow, if this time too long, it may make the whole arm are destroyed and.
  Shocking front of the screen, but Chen diving performance was very calm.
  He is clear that he could see how everything happened.
  Chakun heard footsteps, slowly opened his weak eyes, to see Chen diving, his mouth revealing a faint smile.
  ”How, do hang on to live?”Chen diving spoke, he found scissors to cut the rope hand Chakun.
  Chakun stood up diving under Chen’s arm: “make it,.

You have to drive two straight wanted to laugh.

  Cheng double helpless, so how stars skin.
  Mu Mu family as a child star will naturally be ready early to the hotel, although a lot of things early on the wedding rehearsal no less than ten times, you can really get to the wedding day, still busy as war in general.
  New hotel room the whole country are Muslim family package down, the first floor has a main hall and banquet hall twice, the second floor is a lounge for guests to arrange the room and then further on is designed for guests to arrange accommodation.
  Mu child star to accompany several wedding planner with the hotel turned over and over, coming wedding have time to lounge on the second floor of the exchange dress.
  Her clothes and put together Ding Han, Mu child star went directly to the bride’s lounge.
  Open the door, sitting in front Ding Han mirror, dual-drive sitting behind her on the sofa, his eyes fell upon Ding Han.
  She comfortable relying on, one hand resting on the back of the couch, and looked very arbitrary.
  What the two men were talking, Ding Han brow also stained smile, Mu see a child star, she stood up: “tired of it?”
  Ding Han Mu child star will naturally pull over, fetched a glass of water, and attentive press on her shoulder: “Come on, I’ll give you rubbed.”
  Cheng has got behind the double: “Wedding fast start it?”
  Mu sub-light Star Lip sipping water, the answer: “Soon.”She turned red