What constellation is March 11

March 11 is Pisces. Pisces is a water sign. As the last of the twelve signs, Pisces combines the advantages and disadvantages of the twelve signs. At the same time, under the influence of the water sign, Pisces’ originally complicated character is more emotional.. This makes Pisces diverse in character.. Character characteristics are very complex, emotional fluctuation is big, very sensitive is its characteristic. Pisces is full of fantasy and romantic feelings. Under the impact of intellectuality and sensibility, Pisces can often become an incomparable artist.. Jobs that require fantasy or imagination, such as artistic creation and music creation, are suitable for him..   Pisces people are very sensitive and sensitive to other people’s emotional perception.. They are gentle and kind, considerate, honest and charming, do not hurt people at will, are soft and compassionate, and like to help others with their fearless spirit of sacrifice and dedication.. Pisces is full of affection, romance, fantasy and dreams.. However, sometimes they indulge in their dreams and become divorced from reality.. They are also very sensitive and vulnerable. They are very vulnerable.. Once hurt or frustrated, they will lose confidence in themselves and then escape from reality..   As a water sign Pisces, people are born with a very strong sense of perception and can feel the emotional changes of others.. Therefore, Pisces can easily empathize with others and can quickly respond to their needs. Therefore, Pisces is very considerate.. Pisces people often have a fearless spirit of If Not Us, Who?. They can sacrifice themselves for others. They are willing to give their own efforts for others. This is a very valuable quality.. Pisces is gentle and friendly. They have a strange charm that makes people trust him. They are also very easy-going and easy-going. They have a very soft heart, should not see others injured, very easy to sympathize with other people’s tragic experience.   Pisces people are very kind and simple. It is easy to put down their guard against others. They will always treat others sincerely and they will treat their own thoughts sincerely.. Unconditional trust in others is very easy to be cheated.. They have no concept of money, and they do not know much about financial management.. They don’t like to raise money and think it is very vulgar to raise money.. As soon as they get their money, they will spend it freely and happily. They have no idea of financial management at all. They are typical of Moonlight clan.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

What constellation is March 10

The constellation born on March 10 is Pisces, and the birth date of Pisces is from February 20 to March 20 in the new calendar.. Pisces, Aquarius, is the last constellation in the zodiac. Neptune is the dominant star, so it combines the advantages and disadvantages of all constellations and is a complex constellation.. At the same time, under the influence of water sign, Pisces’ originally complicated character is more emotional, which makes Pisces’ character diverse..   However, Pisces people have one thing in common, that is, they have a kind heart. They are willing to help others and have the fearless spirit to sacrifice themselves.. They can sacrifice themselves for others, and they are willing to give their own efforts for others. This is a very valuable quality..   Pisces people are very sensitive and sensitive to other people’s emotional perception.. They are gentle and kind, considerate, honest and charming, do not hurt people at will, are soft and compassionate, and like to help others with their fearless spirit of sacrifice and dedication.. Pisces is full of affection, romance, fantasy and dreams.. However, sometimes they indulge in their dreams and become divorced from reality.. They are also very sensitive and vulnerable. They are very vulnerable.. Once hurt or frustrated, they will lose confidence in themselves and then escape from reality..   They are very emotional, natural disposition is considerate, honest and charming, extremely compassionate, and willing to help others, like dedication, not hurt at will, soft heart, should not see others hurt and others’ painful expressions. The sun is set on Pisces, who are considerate, versatile and have an irresistible charm.. They are extremely romantic and can often become incomparable artists under the impact of intellectuality and sensibility..   Pisces is sentimental and sometimes too pessimistic, lacking self-confidence and courage to face reality.. They are less creative, more emotional, easy to emotional, easy to bring trouble to friends around them. In addition, they are weak in reaction, lack decisiveness and willpower, and are vulnerable to external interference.. They will try to escape from reality with fantasy, but Pisces should learn to face bravely and look at life optimistically and positively.. Don’t always expect sympathy and help from others. Remember, only strength and independence can make you grow up.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

The more the big constellations miss who, the more afraid they are to disturb them.

Each of us has someone we miss and like, but not all of our missing will be put into action to express our feelings. The more someone in the 12 constellations misses someone, the more afraid they are to disturb them..   Cancer Cancer People are delicate in mind and never rash or impulsive.. The more people they like and cherish, the less likely they will be to approach and disturb them.. It’s not that I don’t like it enough, but I’m afraid my approach will destroy the stable relationship between them, and I’m also afraid my reckless approach will disturb each other’s life.. For them, no matter how much they miss a person, they seldom take the initiative to contact each other. silent care and care is their common way..   Aries Aries has always been passive and reserved in social life.. No matter who you miss or who you like, Aries people seldom bother and contact each other as long as the other party does not take the initiative to contact themselves.. It’s not that they don’t miss each other, but that they are afraid that their interference will appear hasty and Imagine oneself as the favourite of one of the opposite sex.. Therefore, based on Aries’ self-esteem and cautious mind, the more they miss someone, the more passive and afraid they are to disturb each other..   Capricorn Capricorn is relatively reserved and introverted in emotional expression.. The more I miss and like a person, the more I often don’t know how to get close to him. Instead, I will try to keep a certain distance and even will not take the initiative to contact him or disturb his life.. It’s not that Capricorn people don’t want to get close. They are just afraid of being rejected, or because their reckless interference affects their existing relationship.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

The big constellations often make trouble with you, but they are always inseparable.

Some people, however, can be reconciled to each other no matter how much trouble they make.. Let’s take a look at the 12 constellations that are often angry with you, but they can’t always be separated, and they don’t plan to leave your major constellations.!   Virgo to Virgo, only when they care about you, they are willing to quarrel with you. For those who don’t care, Virgos may directly and silently stay away from each other once they have conflicts with each other.. In a word, Virgo’s small emotion towards you is sometimes a way of demanding attention, and it is also a sign of valuing you. Virgo will never be separated from you easily because of bad temper..   Pisces in the Pisces world of inside, tolerance is more of a courtesy and self-cultivation, and anger in front of you is trust and care about you. Therefore, don’t feel impatient when Pisces people often get angry with you, because only the people they care about are more likely to stimulate their temper and negative emotions.. Although the noise is fierce and indifferent, it will eventually soften to you because of emotional and gentle temper, and it will definitely not choose to separate from you, and will not take the initiative to leave you..   Cancer Cancer Once again loves to lose his temper, he will only be in front of those he cherishes and will not go his separate ways because of the noise.. For them, it is the reflection of caring about you that they often quarrel with you, but it is the fact that they are really disappointed in you that they stay away from you silently.. As long as cancer people are willing to be angry with you, they will not be separated from each other and they will not take the initiative to leave you.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

The three constellations can not only love you the most, but also abuse you the most.

In an emotional world, even if one’s heart remains unchanged, one may show different attitudes towards the person one loves and even hurt the other while loving deeply.. Who are the twelve constellations??   Scorpio Scorpio’s own love is full of deep feeling and romance, but there are also frequent cases of Fall in love with each other. Clearly they love each other very much, but once they make conflicts and disputes with each other, Scorpio people will easily continue to dote on each other in their hearts and cruelly abuse each other on the outside, which can be described as hurting people and hurting themselves..   Aries Aries people are of the type that will spoil you as well as abuse you in their feelings.. Whether it is love or hurt, Aries people can play to the fullest. Perhaps the abuse of you is an expression of feelings against one’s will, but the harm that can be done to you is real pain.. Fortunately, the affection and favor they give you are also true and sincere..   Aquarius Aquarius’ deep feeling is sincere enough, often giving people a sense of Hate but love’s gap. When they are good to you, they are willing to sacrifice anything for you, and they can always indulge and coddle you. But when it is not good for you, you can be brutalized to pieces in both words and deeds.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Beautiful window grilles

An ordinary pair of scissors, an ordinary colored paper, in some rural women turn to fold his hand go, people, animals, plants, objects and other kinds of auspicious designs and patterns soon eleven vividly present in people before.These designs and patterns are mostly seen and heard things in real life as the theme, after physical image of the impression depends on the simple observation of feelings and intuition to create the basis of processing, with pure, simple, crisp, rich special style.This is China’s folk art.    Chinese paper-cut is passed down from generation to generation the popularity of the widest range of handmade folk art, Ming and Qing Dynasties matured and reached its peak.It comes from the private sector, the private sector is also the most widely used application: Illumination on floral ornamentation on the fan, and embroidery patterns and so on, usually the use of paper-cut as decoration or reprocessed formed.But in Chinese folk paper-cut is more as a kind of accessories to beautify their homes, but most concentrated form of expression than the grilles.Or you can say, regardless of subject matter, expression, cutting carved art, window grilles are Chinese folk art of the most representative of a form of expression.    It is attached to the window bars of white paper or paper-cut on the window glass, so called “grilles”.It is with the art of the rise and handed down an ancient folk art, from a variety of colors, designs, patterns combination.Grilles in China has thousands of years of history, the Song, Yuan gradually spread and shaped, folk paper-cut is the most widely distributed, the largest number of the most popular varieties.Grilles style, typically attached to the four corners of the outside except “floral” “Horn” and cut off, its outer contour is substantially no limit.Grilles subject matter content is very extensive, with many opera story characters.After the Song, Yuan, by the time spring clip grilles “spring” to “Spring Festival”, people with paper cuts to express their feelings of joy to celebrate spring earth, to express the yearning for a better life.There are quite a lot of window grilles content is the performance of peasant life, such as farming, textiles, sheep, chicken and so on; In addition, window grilles as well as myths and legends, opera stories and other topics; In addition, the Zodiac insects, fish and other images also very common.In the past, our country must be posted before the Spring Festival in rural areas around the north and south grilles in order to achieve decorate the home, the purpose of rendering the atmosphere, and is entrusted with the New Year, good wishes then Fernando Cheung.South window bars with delicate for the United States, which is characterized by exquisitely carved; simple and vivid for the United States to the north, which is characterized by deep and naive.    Grilles basic team in our country folk paper-cut crafts are those of rural women.Paper-cut as one of the female red compulsory skills, past rural girls from an early age willing to learn craftsmanship.From there they are seniors or sister to come to the paper-cut patterns, through temporary cut, re-cut, cut painting, depicting themselves familiar with and love of natural scenery, birds, fish and insects, flowers and trees, pavilion bridge scenery, and, eventually, reach the realm of arbitrary, Xinshou to cut out new tricks, then attached to the wooden windows.The past 20 years, few people in rural areas will cut window bars, but there are still paper-cut art; paper-cut art will be fewer and fewer people, who now are called “folk artist”, their work is called ” China intangible cultural Heritage “.    Before the 90s of the last century, our rural area of West House, people are living in that big old civil engineering structures, the house is safe, “Tian word grid” wooden windows.By the end of wax, the village gossips, the girls began the past men working shear bars.The women sat on the kang hot plate legs, while laughing loudly rap, he is busy making grilles, that scene is quite lively.Before the formal general do grilles, first by a paper-versed woman should first do some of the windows of the overall design and planning: Which What stick grid pattern, which posted what corner flower lattice, what color paper, how to mix colors, etc. Wait.Then, the women busy with their respective division.After flipping a picture of colored paper in their hands back and forth, diversion, after folding, cutting, cutting carved and other procedures, quickly turned into a picture of the paper-cut art delicate beauty.After somehow paper-cut, can not be directly affixed to the window.After it must be flat over the entire wooden white paste layer, like the back of the blank slightly dry paste number, according to a layout prior to go to a small box attached paper cutting.After the paper-cut, etc. are posted up, presented in front of people is a new, beautiful, rich, colorful landscape.Spring has not come yet in bloom and the air has been filled with children on the grilles off.The early 1990s, we shut the rise of Western government in rural areas of the wave of new house.People have stripped off the house before building the kind of old-fashioned civil structures, reinforced concrete structure built a two-story bungalows or small houses.The windows of the house from the previous kind of “Tian word grid” small wooden windows, replaced by a large wooden windows installed steel or aluminum alloy strip of glass windows.So, basically withdraw from window bars out of sight, away from everyday life.Later, it was only in marriage, will be posted to the window of a new house red “Double Happiness” characters, then nothing except the.Although this can be considered window grilles, but the form has become monotonous, at best, it can only be said to be a simple paper-cut.    In memory of my childhood, the end of each year, we have put a new home grilles on all the windows.The new year is coming up, the home to create a new landscape, a new atmosphere, a new feeling.The earliest is the shear bars with my three sisters, one after another with the married sister, sister, and finally only one third sister in a shear bars.At that time, I was very young, for the art of do not, then while playing side of the paper-cut look sisters.Sometimes, I help my sisters do auxiliary work piecemeal, such as paper-cutting, paste paper, decals, etc..By mid-1992, that is my sixth grade elementary school that winter, our family built a new house, the placement of the windows.That is when the summer, Third Sister married, due to the heavy schoolwork, I did not attend her wedding, just remember that the world is a day of heavy rain.From the beginning of the year, our family never did grilles, window grilles First, there is no need to do, and second, no one is going to do, and this window grilles in my life is gone.    Now, in the Guanzhong rural areas rarely ever see a window grilles.But the older generation and even dozens of generations of memories will always grilles.Beautiful window grilles, a lot of people had decorated the house, decorated a lot of people’s dreams, also decorated a lot of people’s lives.    When the annual Spring Festival is approaching, I often miss those beautiful window grilles.    December 17, 2011 to drunk Mexican Church

Beautiful Spring

How not to when the leaves?    How not to mature season?    How there is a fire and stagnation in the chest.A child, the teacher told me that if circumstances have changed, you have to learn to adapt, and finally to adapt to the environment of the only people deserve victory.All along, these words are something between noble words, due diligence hand stick to the grid.Slowly discovered that in fact the original life is not so, why let yourself desperately to adapt to the environment in exchange for meager possible that a trace of hope?Human life only this time, only this time the youth.Nightlife net Shaohua white first, a Yela and the world Zhiqiu.    ”Evolution and Ethics” in terms of “natural selection, survival of the fittest”, just like the original flat suddenly wide avenues between the emergence of a river, the river is a simple single-plank bridge, a group of people crowded the shore, the result was told ten minutes the past can be considered to survive through the ordeal, others embarrassed, you are out of history in the old arena, your life has a bow.But in fact, many people forget, this is just a river, if you can swim, then the entire river is your bridge to cross the river as long as you want, how much are your ten minutes, no other person can decide the.    Been thinking something extremely difficult to pen, it is extremely difficult to think that some see through impervious to recover, but obviously feel it’s there.    Xtep said, do not take the unusual way.    Someone said that all roads lead to Rome.    I say, the world is not just to adapt to the environment, why not try to change your environment, always just a slave to adapt to the environment of the environment, or that you’ve been watching his face environment, and if one day it changed, you have to be forced to change the.Like dinosaurs, hundreds of millions of years of change, hundreds of millions of years to adapt to, and even the continuation of the last race, it can only be possible with: birds are descendants of dinosaurs may, lizards may be descendants of dinosaurs, crocodiles might be descendants of dinosaurs ,.It is a tragedy or a last success?Generation after generation of dinosaurs groveling, in exchange for what is?    Hundreds of millions of years ago, a group of monkeys, step by step change, the achievements of modern civilization step by step, the achievements of the environmental needs of this group of monkeys in turn save the point, while another group of monkeys was this group of monkeys in a cage, loud noises, this is our closest relatives, which is where the breed, the last in a bowl of soup to the pot Sheng, a perfect drink, thumbs exclaim, “this tastes really good monkey brain”.    In fact, modern life, is it not the case, law-abiding adapt to the environment has been worried that tomorrow I will have to have it, my descendants will remember me?The idea of what this was completed, but can not see any footprints left by themselves, because the walk this difficult path, has long been summed up many of the elites perfect shortcut, and finally the poor do not meet these elite their standard-setting, because not not go, but this is really not for me to go on the road.right?    Do not adapt to the environment, and I believe that change is the best option for me and destination.    Wonderful world because of me!

Beautiful snow

Part one: the beautiful white snow you bid farewell to the fragrance of autumn, emergence into dancing snowflakes from white clouds that warm embrace, with a love of the clouds, with the longings of the earth, you and your partner are flying forward, spinning, there were numerous dance to the earth.The whole sky is yours to enjoy dance dance, stretch you that charming body in white and the accompaniment of wind, light and graceful dancing dance dancing comes from the distant horizon.You came so suddenly, in a deeper quiet night, quietly flying with, tired, and you just pour into the body with a warm embrace of the earth that broad.  You cleaned up the air polluted with that pure soul, to make the air fresh and sweet.You covered the earth with dirt and garbage corner that white flowers, decorate the land of ice thousands of miles to thousands of miles Piao silver world.Your arrival to cover up the bleak autumn and depressed, because you make Xiaosha northern autumn and annoying people become fascinated.In the south people want to see one of your looks are a luxury, and you are the most beautiful flowers are sprinkled in the North of the earth, this is your love of homeland North.Every cycle of the seasons, you will be eager to go home with unlimited long for the North hesitate to put her mother’s arms.You have to decorate the North spectacular frozen snow Man.You paved with white flowers silver world, the children enjoy the play slapstick, recalling the tragic heart fascination, as if through a time tunnel back to the innocence of childhood.Snowman in deep snow, snowball fights, sledding..Snowman red nose symbolizes childhood partners innocent smile, snowman smiling countenance that symbolizes the innocent childhood.Flying snowball is a childhood dream of flying, fast sled is flying childhood life boat.A string of snow on curved footprints, recorded countless childhood joy, carrying a number of interesting childhood memories.How much precipitation lengthy past..Now look at this pure white scenery, still picking up scattered memories Bin make up wonderful childhood memories from the depths of the soul.Stay forever distant lover, in the snow is so harmonious nature.Snow white is pure love, beautiful romantic love snow, heavy snow is deep love, snow concise holiness and eternal love..  Your life is beautiful and short-lived.You put a lifetime of glamor and glory are selfless devotion to the land and people.To the moment the curtain call of the winter, you do not have the slightest regret.You take one white and emergence into a beautiful crystal clear water droplets, with attachment to the land of longing for the next cycle, with bright white clouds and a natural spring return.In the vast land, you are more sacrifice their beautiful face soaked into the soil moisture is turned into the best hope for the spring planting, fall harvest joy to lay the foundation.  Your pure and admirable life, the quality of your white shameful.You cleaned up the dirty, wash dirt, you fresh air, purify the mind.You are a symbol of noble character.Then corrupt the social environment, there will be as immaculate as you mind.These holy incorruptible public servant or person, justice and morality was to prop up the blue sky of our modern society, those corrupt officials ashamed cowardly retreat.It is like you have a pure people, that makes our society by advocating for a better hero, Lei Feng was uncountable, Jiao Yulu, Kong ‘and Changxia.Let us all learn the beauty of snowflakes and white, the best left side of the world left the earth, our country will be icing on the cake, flowers.Part II: floating in the sky Beautiful snow snowflake will be heard tramping from the winter solstice, so hope for a night of snow.  Early in the morning, the rapture of a steep cold, the window of the ground does not expect white, very disappointed.Turn on your computer, you see the heart and in the heart Ling greeted me, and quickly answered, saying heart Qingdao snow, big.I say envy Yeah, I do not have it, he said, do not snow Qingdao, Weihai I am going to live for some time.I knew he was just kidding, showing his true feelings of hope for snow, but their hearts Ling Du Qizui Pakistan, it is lost, she said she had never seen real snow, I have some regret for her, is Yuehua Jian, a looked up, there were numerous snow that come up, so I could not hide the excitement quickly passed out to the surprise.Is Snow heard our conversation, my insight into the feelings of loss, great strides came up, rustling fluttering flying in front of me, to show me her willowy figure, while I looked at the snow outside the window, and while they exchange a happy mood.  Snow swat on the window, and cemented the ice patterns on glass.Still vague outline of the sun, which makes me a little strange, do not expect the sun but also because the snow too long, do not want to miss this beautiful encounter?Through snowflakes dancing shadows, to see the sun like a ball of fire tail dragging, issued a faint glow, like the moon reflected in the water, trance, obviously destroy destroy.At this time, the world phase, heaven, earth, sun, wind, snow, ruled the stage, with a knot winds and snow, come quickly to the east around in between buildings, like a hastily rush to enjoy an exquisite prose, scrambling.Sauna net from the hot summer to today’s snow, I came to prose it has been half a year, and accustomed to here in the snow and share with friends, sharing the sun.Accustomed here to talk to, you get used to admire that like snowflakes pure prose, flying with their beautiful sad thoughts.So in this delightful garden, there is a faint care, there is a shallow wait, there honestly sustenance.  Imagine it will have under the breeze, with Xinyu under the moonlight, magical words open flowers, bright and fresh, cold proud that Zhu Zhu marigold, is the most beautiful flowers in the garden symbol of friendship.That love is the most full-bodied roses with dew shy, mouthwatering, intoxicated people, we can not help but let the blessings given to lovers, with blooming bud soul.  It also has its own little corner of the garden-inch grass, I was careful with the work, where joys and sorrows of my soul, there is life bit by bit.Then raise back, when I like a grass seed, flutter.One encounter, he settled prose – this little wonderful net in the sea, as here Yan grass Bess, light incense Qinxin, Taoranju, then, take root, grow.I know, you are encouraged to rely on the sun I grow, your criticism is I look forward to a long drought of rain, because of your concern, now, green grass, vitality.At the same time, you have that beautiful language, like a blossoming colorful flowers, nurtured me, infect me, so I also have a hint of fragrance.  Here, there is no danger of Seoul, I did not cheat, only the fragrance of snowflakes truth, there is no money, no power, only the rosy beautiful love, not cynical, is not vulgar jealous, only clove-like touch of sadness, there is no secular intrusion , only the text of the fragrance, not utilitarian smoked heart, only the collision of mind.We share their happiness, to share the sorrow, though never met, but just like hand in hand, shoulder next to the shoulder, feeling spiritual sustenance, from your loving eye, I feel warm and caring.This is a tranquil, this is a beautiful, enrich life, nourish the spirit, made me more self-improvement efforts, the essence of self.I am so glad that it is summer breeze Nalv inadvertently, brought me here, from now on, I will have the opportunity to get to know you, and I will have a park release the soul.  Today Snow White went to the holy prose of it, is not she also felt here pure air, trying to inject her deeply innocent, trying to enjoy this beautiful rendering.I saw that piece of crystal snowflakes, like Sylvia Smart character, it kind open in prose.Lonely winter is no longer cold, not lonely soul wandering holy pure friendship surround you my mind clear like flowing white clouds on the blue sky, stretch of air time rippling like pigeons, you listen to that soft snow Qing song accompanied by music of our hearts, flying in here, you see, that snow tender smile adds another wrinkle you my heart lake.This moment, we still breath, enjoy indulging in this innocent breath.  That touched my heart a warm, open this moment as snow, gorgeous, then, that The Hills impermeable far distance only a screen, I seem to have wings through the clouds, the heart of this deep feeling of flying in the sky.I do not fade touched interpretation of the charm of their own language, with eager eyes I look forward to this colorful, Vying Doo-yeon beautiful picture.  There is no winter cold, here it will always be a loving, spring, here United States and fertilizer, sunny.This snow is not only open in the north, also flew to the south, warm hearts Southern girl Ling heart, drifting into the universal lakes, turned into a blossoming wonderful text, in full bloom in prose bar, a snowflake piece of mind, the prose He’s dressed up tomorrow and intricate splendor.

Beautiful scenery

Part one: those in the past, after all, become my best scenery in the county-level city under the Wuxi Jiangyin spent some years, the degree of familiarity with the Jiangyin absolutely no less than the home Xiangshui.This reelected hundred counties for many years head of the southern town, as well as a world-famous in the world village – Huaxi.  Jiangyin glory is not worth my pride, after all, a non-home away from home.I is to the Jiangyin, just passing through, just to give the city a stone’s development worker.In the era of high consumption of low-income, urbanization is not only pollute the environment, people’s lax, more is to give our generation thin shoulders, layer after layer to increase the pressure, tired to breathe.  Future lead to an end, I did not work hard, give wander looked around on my trail in the fate of the line.Cruel society is never a place of refuge idealist, the intrigues of the calculation are everywhere, full of bloody jungle, a little careless, someone else is in the sniper stab in the back.  Not wash away an innocent, and this will be very impetuous social misfits.So some integrity, must lay down some insist, must give up.When overwhelmed comprehend reality, I have been playing hurt.Carries the dream of getting rich soaring, nearly set a wandering soul, loved ones suffered in the catastrophe, finally understand the true meaning of life, plain and simple life, is priceless treasures.  Today, the final keep too way out.Thank you, life has given me frustration and blow some happiness experienced suffering will become more valuable, and some are just meet after the treasure recovered.Haze dispersed, looked up, the mood will be blue skies.  In the end, years of exile will be leisurely beautiful chapter in life, wiped away my life experience.The shuttle in different cities, walking the footsteps of time which roads are familiar with the roadway, Loss and Return in cement on the road.  Perhaps the last three prefix is older, began to enjoy a quiet, get used to solitude, began to tired to go disco bar, began to slow thinking anxious, began Thanksgiving silent love of family.I want to accompany their parents to travel, rather than wandering alone.Want to be an old friend, even if, as the silent phase.  Time is growing, or do we grow old?Once their neighbors playmate, classmate alumni studying the Ben anterior scattered horizon, day after day, year after year, the end does not meet.A few years ago, during the Spring Festival excitedly home to catch up, only for the annual class reunion, then he is not a lack of missing her, and then later we missing.  Glad, when sent into exile as ping wandering in the guest can make friends around the world, which is the sum of a great wealth of life.We helped each other survive the storm, we take care of each other and grow together.This is the friendships here to stay, it is difficult thousand words of the great Akira.  However, everything has to be the phrase – the world is not ending feast.Miss those years came together in the cold city, our mutual heating, and their family, and always indescribable slightest melancholy.Here, I wish brothers and sisters, safe life.    Part II: Poetic looking for beautiful scenery always wanted to write to Luo Dongqin Comment text, but could not find the right entry point.To learn Luo Dongqin compiled and published his first collection of essays, very happy, I start writing of what the.  Luo Dongqin ninety-three members and I are the same, she is a member of the Provincial Institute of prose.Has repeatedly edited her prose works, it will be more exchanges on weekdays.Luo Dongqin writing very hard, very prose stretch is also very talented, her essays have feelings of compassion, melancholy pervaded the atmosphere between the lines, affection and humanity of her prose is the main warm colors, read her prose is like Lunar Night Talk , Cuxitanxin, which feel a dull taste in the ways of the world, prose Luo Dongqin have a deep sense of subjective experience of color in the narrative, to experience life in the depths of the soul involves.  I like Luo Dongqin those prose affection, that is her spiritual home in breathing memories, but also our emotional roots every individual must love and regret and where.From her prose always feel deep affection atmosphere.Such as “Mother of marriage,” “precipitation in a bowl of Love”, “Ai teacher” and so on.We can not help but began to read “heart to heart distance closer.Heaven on earth but how much more tragic tears, how much more painful confession.”Luo Dongqin is a writer restrained emotion, emotional and delicate makes her writing are becoming careful, you can find the mark from her article.As her “lived in the cave floor crazy mother”, she just grabbed a few details of the life of the mother crazy, crazy mother put out vividly portrayed in her novels, full of the crazy Mother of compassion and love and affection: “I do not want to explore the origins of your mother crazy, even though I know that behind the crazy mother, there must be an unusual story.But her mother still said some of her unpleasant words.I listened to her mother’s disdain explanation, then look from squatting squatting not far from the crazy mother, always feel bursts of cool attack on the heart.People, how could this happen?”Another example is her” Liu Shen “, from leaving Uncle and two young children walk away from Liu Shen write, write Liu Shen married into the bridal chamber was pointing said to be unable to retain a woman pregnant write and get along with Liu Shen and six days God caused suspicion his family, and by the love and affection I have for six God to objectionable psychological process, is written in a very exciting and superb.Sauna snare East Qin prose calm, simple, or write homeland nostalgia, family and friends or write, or write their own slice of life, her prose reveals the inherent goodness of people to explore the quality and style of the fate of survival, but also revealed her attitude towards life and ideals of the stick.  Her “neighbors Zhangsao”, written after a bereavement alone strong enough to support the woman and raise two children, “neighbors said her life was too outrageous, eat so much of the drug might as well eat well thing.Zhangsao not listened to explain, still go its own way.Law Tung quarters in mid-trim soaring, Zhangsao will follow in mid-trim those branches to pick up the child master repair down, not afraid of tired, too much trouble, dragged downstairs to clean up all day long, and bind them in a Zaza firewood, piled on top of the cabin downstairs, after dried, summer is good for the stove to boil water; summer vegetables and more, the price a bargain price, Zhangsao will put a big basket from the market to buy a basket a basket of beans and vegetables, dried Cheuk good, do dried vegetables winter, so you can save some money to buy food; nephew to some of the bitter herbs ginkgo biloba and mountains from his home neighborhood, dry wash her own hands to dry and then fine fire drying, packed in a small box in a delicate, became her best tea daily.”I read here, my heart can not help some bitterness.  I also saw as “Zhangzhou Girl”, “Mother paradise far behind” this kind of work, revealing Luo Dongqin same human feelings and care for humanity.Perusing her every essay, we will find that she was very good at his emotions written into the event to go, let the reader feel the same after the body.  Luo Dongqin prose from personal experience, she always from memory, a man with a dream to walk alone in looking on a beautiful journey.Warmth is always blooming blue strawberry frequently look back on Sentimental songs are always given a clear sky, and thus the reader into the realm of freedom have wings to fly, look to the United States and more splendid hall here Wen end, I want to say is, I hope in the future of prose, the prose Luo Dongqin should pay attention to refining the vocabulary, grammar and more on rhetoric under some effort, more and more poetic language, text and more some profound thinking , more and more unique perspective, and gradually form a purely personal qualities.  As the friend and brother, I look forward to Luo Dongqin sincerely open their hearts, in the future to create a prose masterpiece unique personal charm and artistic value, saw her run on the road prose, reveal their own unique landscape line.  Finally, a text Luo Dongqin, the end of the article: She said she always liked WANG Yin – qi writer said: “poetic alive than anything else.”So she chose a poetic life, chose this ‘bliss’ life, even in her own business cards are known as ‘aesthetic idealism poem crazy’.We can see how deep her love of poetry, the pursuit of life how true.

Beautiful scene bright chrysanthemum

[REVIEW] I love Daisy love not only its beautiful scene, but also love its selfless dedication.Daisy bloom, it was vitality, it was brilliant the way people view the ease of mind, the spirit of joy.    I love Daisy, her good character, because of its fragrant flowers in late autumn and have therefore, “brilliant night”, “Lengxiang” Blair said.Daisy has always been regarded lone bright marked section, a symbol of elegance Aoshuang, representing the gentle friendship with celebrities.Qiu afraid because late autumn chrysanthemums open, by the Chinese Scholar like to be more than a praise poems, such as the Eastern Jin Dynasty poet Tao Yuanming author of “under mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain,” the famous in.The more the storm the more open she colorfully.It was not as rich and elegant peony, lotus faithful high festival, glamorous and fresh fragrance bloom, daffodils pure, may be it is my dream elves.Friends, in the beautiful scene of the flowers, what is your favorite flower?Forsythia is a messenger of spring?It is an unstained lotus?Or fragrant osmanthus?And my favorite is chrysanthemum.  Whenever the leaves are gone Hou, yellow grass, flowers withered, only more colorful chrysanthemums open.Daisy but heads held high, the wind bloom, colorful, strange things.They are white as snow, yellow like gold, pink like Xia, red than fire; Just like a big group of colored balls, small red lantern like a.Of nature added a lot of apathy.  I love Daisy love it not only beautiful scene, but also love its selfless dedication.Daisy bloom, it was vitality, it was brilliant the way people view the ease of mind, the spirit of joy.Wait until it faded, it did not forget the people.Take chrysanthemum tea can play a cool detoxification, eyesight and other effects, but also leaves falling into Chunni more quadrangle.Daisy Aoshuang fighting snow, showing her tenacious vitality.  Chrysanthemum flowers is called hermit, it is “Rendanruju,” said.Also known as Ju-hua, Chrysanthemum, Jiuhua, Huang Hua, Princess Chang Ping.  Our planting chrysanthemums, the world’s oldest countries, has been 3000 years of history.”Shan Hai Jing” contains: “Women Mountain (Henan Yiyang) more than its grass-ju.”” Book of Rites order “contains:” autumn and winter months, there are yellow chrysanthemum.”This is the earliest record about chrysanthemums.  Tang, chrysanthemum varieties increased.Liu Yuxi poem: “Every family Huang Ju do, only frost liangyuan.”Xiaoying Shi poem:” Purple Ying Huang calyx, Dan Chi shine.”Chrysanthemum Tang Dynasty, has been frost and chic purple chrysanthemum white chrysanthemum.  After the Song Dynasty, the more varieties of chrysanthemums, has developed seven or eight ten kinds.Yuan Yang Weizhen “yellow Biography” there are 163 kinds, the Ming Huang province had the “Ju spectrum” there are 220, the Qing Dynasty “wide florilegium” is increased to 300 kinds.After the liberation, the development of faster chrysanthemum.Worldwide on thousands of chrysanthemums, China had more than 3,000 kinds.Kaifeng Chrysanthemum, has a long history.Northern and Southern Dynasties, Kaifeng Chrysanthemum cultivation have records.To the Song Dynasty, Kaifeng chrysanthemum has been known nationwide Tokyo.Late autumn season, meta-ju around here, assessed by.”Beautiful Dream Tokyo” contains: “Double Ninth Festival in September, went down to taste (reward) Ju, nowhere no, the restaurant begin with chrysanthemum tied into the hole family”, “ban and your family are in early taste of chrysanthemum”, “Shi Shu also home to try to play City of twelve “.Branches inside and outside the court dispute plug chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum hanging lights, open chrysanthemum, drink chrysanthemum wine.The demonstration was evident Juphoon.  Aiju by the public, then gave birth to become the norm, in turn, promote technology and improve support daisy-level Shangju.At that time Tokyo has been able to train a few hundred chrysanthemum flower stand, but also with Cindy formed a pagoda, gatehouse and other artistic landscape.  It is worth mentioning that, at that time there have been many chrysanthemum monographs, such as Liu Meng Quan “Ju spectrum”, the history of the cast of “Bai Ju set spectrum”, Fan Chengda “Fan Cun Ju spectrum”, etc..To the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Kaifeng Yang Ju more prevalent popular.Ming Dynasty poet Li Meng had come to admire chrysanthemums, and wrote a poem: “Yan travel thousands of miles off, ten years go this table.Only color in the fall, to endure as a daisy.”Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty also left the famous praise of Kaifeng Chrysanthemum: ‘green maple leaf fall Wu, frosted white chrysanthemum heap’, has passed down.[Editor: Tianshao Yu]