ogether three people, and Shengjun Hao Pei father and daughter, as well as outside of those few days Shing Group staff – they did not see the fight live, but still honest account of cause and effect, he and his colleagues had secretly discussed several times, this is not obvious after a fortune to find a small three were arrested presence rape you?

  ”I do not have!”Shengjun Hao naturally know this can not be rec杭州夜网论坛ognized, ‘is he -‘
  ”Mr. Sheng, I remind you, Pei Naochun that side is provided on-site video.”
  ”Wait, he a video?”Shengjun Hao a pound the table, stood up straight, too hard, reaction and body injuries interaction up to him grimace in pain, and looked ugly.
  ”Yes, most of the scenes in it.”Lee police officer confirm深圳桑拿网ed video of people look like anything psychologically prepared, according to the statement, it should be into the house, react, saw his son holding a personal, angry not only video, but also the beginning of some shaking, but very positive angle should be honest shot, Pei Naochun confession, he watching TV inside, grab rape had to take pictures to testify, he did not react to see her daughter shot.
  Although this video can not be used as evidence later, have to fight a question mark, can at least, the whole thing is clear.
  ”His record is a violation of my personal privacy!”Shengjun Hao little nervous, he did not do more to communicate on matters of divorce cases and their own private lawyer, he appeared to grasp the important evidence in the hands of his wife, who always has to be on a kind of feeling of Vital.
  ”We do not ment深圳桑拿网ion other, I mention the case.”Lee police officer Haoshenghaoqi almost to be polished, he looked at each other quibble appearance of anti feel a little funny, whether it is money or not, a here, all sophistry.
  ”I can not remember now.Even if I really hands-on, and that is his first provocation, broke into my office, I want to sue him!”This memory will not Shengjun Hao did not, he clearly remembers the afternoon after, his

her is the president of Tiansheng Group, a wide network of contacts in the country, also quite influential, he soon received a leading boss was the case, told him someone to help take care of it told the.

  Then how you can take care of, which is the basic law must comply with it?This is their emperor at the foot, and this year there were no unventilated wall, public opinion, public oversight are there, they do not have to live well?
  The Tiansheng Group executives, come say what you want to tell his father in law to jail, at least be detained – that he who can not do not have the slightest injury?Even the hospital report, also wrote that “private prosecution pain patients,” the film shoot do not see the slightest injury, how it will be a深圳桑拿网ble to tell people in desperation?Moreover, he was also a father hurt, get out in the hospital inside it!They do not turn against him, I had to be thankful.
  Shengjun Hao saw the officer’s face are dissatisfied with efforts to suppress the anger: “Lee police officer, I did not mean, but he hands me labeled as such -” Having said that, he was a little stuck, but also the ghost, and things are in the past there can be little long time, he has still throbbing the whole body, especially the place that can not be said, two dawdle at each other when he walked, cool sour uncomfortable momentum, really do not know, no matter how he said, the doctor prescribed good list a few, are all right, even the point of ointments, bandages did not play, to persuade him to buy two boxes of painkillers eat!quack!Really quack!When he went back, we 杭州桑拿must go to a private hospital and then back to re-examine.
  ”We have come to the hospital to your father made a record.”
  ”He’s not my father up soon.”Shengjun Hao Leng Heng soon, which like pulling, sharp pain, and went to him and looked out of shape.
  ”According to the record, it should be your first hands of the right bar?”杭州龙凤网Lee police officer on the paper was written, and my heart some disdain, at the scene alt

but abruptly ate at Shengjun Hao hit several.

  Pei Dai Jun outsider living only to see his father was beaten several times, entirely oblivious, has been eating the man’s pain is Shengjun Hao call out, in fact, fighting is 苏州桑拿a skill, how to make people more pain, more I can not stand, but he specialized in this area.
  He did not forget, pretending to casual, and Shengjun Hao roll over one another, “accidentally” give him a record Unbearable pain man of “accidentally” came a mind to roll go, who can keep things under your hands and feet where it?
  Shengjun Hao is also confused, he obviously feels both play come and go, how can Naochun Bae Yong strike, their own pain Heartbreakers?He even punches had no strength, just clutching an important part, bent over like a shrimp, like lying on the ground, they pose some wrong, he managed to kicking the lower leg, before finally kicked Pei Naochun and then –
  ”Oh, sore.”Pei Naochun hands on his lap, he caused a little effort, roll up,” Dai Jun, quick alarm, my legs might be Tiduan, fast!”
  Shengjun Hao Pei Naoc广州桑拿hun finally get rid of open, positive Bangui on the ground of it, has been heavily Pei Daijun kick, turn directly to the ground, he looked angrily in the past, but was back in the top Pei Dai Jun, the other face fierce: “I tell you, Shengjun Hao, and if my father, what happened, you and me endlessly!”She took the phone, he has been in police.
  The police come and see who’s the problem, he had to get him into the prison fails!Shengjun Hao anger comes, you can suddenly feel wrong –
  How Pei Naochun to the ground clutching his leg is still crying, he just have that kind of a situation, how can effort, it is not right to engage in Pengci?Obviously he was beaten more miserable now?
  I think it is a rogue?No way, time to do a show anti-eat!
  By this time, Pei Naochun side Oh shouted, while braved the cold sweat, took the phone from her hands, Pei Dai Jun discovered that his father was driving recordLike, just that field fight, a

s been pressed to the wall, he still subconsciously shouting.

  Better smile.Pei Dai Jun laughed aloud: “Do you even have to cheat a little girl?If you stand up, it relied on the identity of the man you are married, your situation I would like to soak willing to do your small three women, I have nothing to say, blame yourself wrong person, I not met you such a sense of responsibility man.But you are so.”She laughed tears, feeling they saw a perfect stranger,” You are the personal slag.”
  She in the end, these ten years, entrusted to what kind of person ah?
  ”I say you go to call!”Shengjun Hao wroth vigorous, was suppressed anxiety, Jiang Xiaolian leave, and today people crowd to shame, do not want him to thoroughly consider the无锡夜网 long-term,” I told you, I would not go over with you!Pei Dai Jun, I want to divorce you, let nothing you roll out!”
  ”Oh.”She was like no wave no Lan location of the head, but also for the other drum applause,” then divorced, but I tell you, I will not give in, you want me to get out of nothing, can, in a dream Look inside.”
 深圳桑拿 Pei Naochun suddenly let go, Shengjun Hao almost staggered down to the ground, he turned around, looked at her daughter, handed the phone to her daughter hand.
  ”How, Dad?”Pei Daijun most guilty, but also hated, is Shengjun Hao how could so brazenly in front of her father, she does not want to let my father see such a scene – was embarrassed to see her hurt people, they are deceived.
  ”You take that.”Pei Naochun for her daughter righting his hand, turned to look at Shengjun Hao, back to the phone, his face full of provocation.
  Shengjun Hao had had enough of a punch over, hit straight in the face Pei Naochun.
  ”dad!”Pei Dai Jun screamed, threw himself almost did not go,” Shengjun Hao, you dared to touch my father to try!”
  ”OK, then you stand a good.”Pei Naochun waved, did not let his daughter leaned in, and then – punch, 苏州桑拿a direct hit in the Shengjun Hao body, the two struggling together, clearly Pei Naochun far prevail,

olding his arms sideways shaking Jiang Xiaolian that looked the other pale, very thin body, a simple look, like a student.

  ”Pei Dai Jun, you want to do?”Shengjun Hao Pei Dai Jun saw to that by Jiang Xiaolian, quickly came to Jiang Xiaolian blocked in the dust,” farther away from her, she did not know anything.”
  .The original time there will be more sad ah.She laughed: “She did not know anything, I do not know it?”She leaned over, standing and close Shengjun Hao, can see each other because of angry heavy breathin深圳桑拿网g, and wrinkled brow – and these are directed at her that ‘I do not know retreat’ wife ‘.
  ”Little girl, I want to tell you, you just rely on this man, I wrote on this account, the marriage certificate of her husband, normally lying next to me sharing a bed with lover.”
  Shengjun Hao anger from the moment,北京夜网 you want to push a Pei Dai Jun, Pei Naochun was clinging to his arm, he wanted to break free, but how can not break open.
  ”let go!”
  ”You want to play my daughter, I would first say killed.”Pei Naochun sound indifferent,” but unfortunately, you are not even the point of strength.Yes, you have run out of strength, not all used in other women yet?”
  This is always stupid in his mind, no vision, the father, this time terrifying up, he tried to play elsewhere Pei Naochun, but all fall upon.
  Pei Dai Jun has been heartbroken husband actually want on her hands?Her head down, do not see facial expressions, trying to calm himself, he went on: “I do not know how curious you are, how together, do not want to know why you have chosen someone else’s husband, I just I want to tell you, I despise you.”Her cold eyes, look straight to Jiang Xiaolian都市夜网, like a knife in general.
  ”I.I.”Jiang Xiaolian stepped back a small step, almost hit the wall, her face full of tears,” I’m sorry, I really do not know anything!”She cried and rushed out, without looking more run farther, what happened today, too beyond her imagination.
  ”Xiao Lian!”Shengjun Hao Pei Naochun ha

you do not understand it?Shengjun Hao, twenty-firs广州桑拿网t century, and what you have to do it three wives four concubines?”

  Jiang Xiaolian’s body trembling, she could understand Pei Daijun between the lines, she bailing.
  ”You’re nothing like?Humiliating outside, Stop it!”Shengjun Hao could not find any reason, just want to quickly end this embarrassing scene,” There, you are out, bring the door!”He gestured to the secretary to get out of them.
  ”I was ashamed or do you shame?”Pei Dai Jun incoherent thought I would do, no one thought, especially at this time of their own calm,” I’m not ashamed, I married you, did not do things that hurt you, I confess to being a good wife on considered qualified Mrs. Sheng, How about you may?”
  She laughed sarcastically: “I’m afraid Sheng always forget their own or someone else’s right Mr.?”
  ”I do not want to talk to you, say at night!”Shengjun Hao 南宁夜网is a mess, he rubbed his forehead, too surprise to all, and Pei Dai Jun and usually this is not the same mocking look, but also struggling to cope with his.
  ”But I wanted to talk to you now.”She categorically, not a trace of rebuttal.
  Shengjun Hao rage, it stood up, his hands on the table, almost did not file overturned the table: “You look at your painting look like now, vexatious, I did not know what is considerate!You feeling shame, shame about enough for me!This is a company, my office is a place you come to this trouble, there is no consideration for me.”
  it is ridiculous.Pei Dai Jun looked at her husband’s eyes, a strong hatred: “office premises, you do not always Sheng also brought the girl you hooked up?Shame you do not mind, I do not find it too ashamed.”She did not shed a single tear, stand straight, like a female figh深圳桑拿网ters rushed to the battlefield, even if the head pain and countless flame, but also indomitable stepping past” vexatious and is considerate enough to say where they come from?Notably because of new love, old love, right despise?”
  She ignored her husband, has been h

rybody own folder, but this time, she was filled with braised pork dish is to end at his hand, and gave everyone in the table are the first clip a piece, and counting, left the seventy-eight looked at!

  Give the child a few people out of a piece of uniform, she is self-sufficiency are not the slightest Roumo!
  Ai-Chi Zhou Xiuying hands helplessly staring at the plate, “Mom!Less than a stuffed it between the teeth!You gave me a taste taste!”
  Zhou Xiuying fell down the empty plates, eyebrows pricked, “no more!”
  Ai-Chi looked at the empty plate, a little disappointed, she said quickly, “You give me the empty plates!”
  Zhou Xiuying big for their own daughter, Barbara is none, her straight swing, handed over the empty plate, Ai-Chi immediately stood up, directly inside the bowl of corn gooey down to the bowls, mix the mix, look happy You can do all water!
  Her lower lip w南宁夜网as sitting on the side of Zhao Xiaoling, this home mother ah!The goods are really lazy, and if Zhao in their home, as early as eight years have been a break out.
  There is good old Ruan temperament!
  She also had a braised pork, although small Xiaolei, but Zhou Xiuying in this regard, has always been equal justice, and to divide the two Xiaolei, so a person would have a three Zhao Xiaoling.
  Ai-Chi later scraped off the plate, flew to target on the Zhao Xiaoling body, she stretched directly to Zhao Xiaoling bowl chopsticks inside the folder, “Ling ah!You so much, I eat, I can help you eat!”
  Zhao Xiaoling like early on in the anti-Ai-Chi, stretching chopsticks in Ai-Chi, she flew to the bowl away, and the speed at which the two folders to Ruan Zhigang bowl inside, “Mom, do Zhigang in the commune are hard living, I’ll give Zhigang replenish the water!”
  Ruan Zhigang look ge北京洗浴网ntle look at Zhao Xiaoling, really hands guarding his bowl, he was considered to understand this in the family, his wife, his mother than his father distressed.
  Ai-Chi Samsam, chopsticks received back, again turned his eyes to fight

iaolian –

  The door opened, inside the scene at a glance, facing the position of the door, is Shengjun Hao desk, table, chair behind the boss, and now sat two people, positive Lovers embracing, relying on the other side of a shoulder, the other in amazement watching the door.
  Moment, Wan Lai stillness, the sound of footsteps move even slightly, can clearly see.
  ”You, you what to do!”Shengjun Hao no experience to cope with such a scene, a moment of panic, he wanted to stand up, who can also sit and personal, did not look up.
  Jiang Xiaolian answered a God, a look深圳桑拿网 back to see is behind that door, has all the shadows, she screamed, the waiter Shengjun Hao who go down further into the table behind and leaning back, very embarrassed – she is Sheng always like, can not thought to be made public, or else people thought she was too nepotism!
  Pei Dai Jun closed his eyes and opened his hands clutching his father, to stand firm, the moment, she felt dizzy, as if the heart was cut in half, half cold, disappointment, despair to the extreme; the other half , then now is a deep sense of anger and hatred burned.
  It turned out that this was her pillow, this is the man she loved.
  ”You go out!”Shengjun Hao some very angry, people like him, especially pay attention to, it is a question of face, to his wife today with a, let him how to behave in front of subordinates?And, yes, there is Xiao Lian!S杭州桑拿hengjun Hao moment some anxiety, “first out, there are things to say late!”
  He said, has been very useful in the home, not because Pei Dai Jun female German ten, but her soft heart, she used to make concessions, considerate.
  But if in this case, but also to give way, but also considerate, it is probably a saint now?
  Pei Daijun opening, she discovered that their voices are dumb with: “This is you in the company, while looking for a wife filled it?I eventually becoming so come, do not know that you have this hobby?”
  ”What are you talking!”
  ”what did I say?”Pei Dai Jun laughing,” I say

give her husband the face, she should go home, and so a good night and then privately ask.Share may not know when ignited anger, let her, snapped a string Flanagan.

  She just chose to trust, not stupid.Her husband never blending the company’s operations, and the company has never been his partner have any disagreements, what kind of guests do her the wife, even know about the origin will not work?She will not want do not want to.
  Secretary Li distress, busy with eyes to indicate a few colleagues, and look to the Zhuren: “In short.Sheng really always have guests, such as Sheng total guests entertained Well, we’ll release.”She regretted not timely send a text message to remind Sheng total, it is also made up a see through the lies.
  Less than half the face in front of the wall – even Zhuren rely on the past, to help blocked, Pei Dai Jun and my heart sad and uncomfortable, obviously sh广州桑拿网e saw nothing, but it has clearly been spoilers finale – she guessed, she it should be betrayed.
  But what she can not do, frantically break the siege of things – and more funny, she even want to see her husband in the end what do, can not do.She first time, so deep regret that he chose to stay at home, so that all your friends know, her husband turn around relationships are, by themselves they’d make their own.
  Pei Daijun hands clasped, she clearly see the opposite all avoided her eyes, want to turn away, but that foot stiffened, just when she reluctantly extreme, to a tall figure than her stand in her ahead, Dad.
  Pei Naochun grabbed her daughter’s hand, he it a strength, not them the good-looking – secretary were all wearing high-heeled shoes, Zhuren also did not exercise the way, so he took her hand wave with a toss about the bre北京夜网akthrough Ex – after all, did not dare to really Pei Dai Jun and his ruthless hand under what.
  Only Lee secretary, in seeing when they hold the door handle, helplessly shouted: “Sheng total -” Her only hope, Sheng did not always do what is in it and Jiang X

t know there are always filled his wife, may the last few days, she saw, and Sheng Jiang Xiaolian total laugh, attitudes have too much intimacy.As if it knew of several secretaries, some do not want to stir up trouble, see Pei Dai Jun has come, but relieved, very pleasure, intends to play a small three onlookers ward; some of them are towards Shengjun Hao side, anxious about disturbed.

  ”Sheng total, now busy.”Secretary Li suddenly came out from the desk, in front of the way, refused to leave,” or.Or you put the soup lady keep it?We care etc..”
  ”Are you busy?杭州桑拿论坛“Pei Daijun some confusion.According to her understanding, the company must receive a big customer, do not go out or are in a special reception it?More weekdays president in office is the office and hospitality subordinates, if it is subordinate, she put into the soup it should be no big deal?
  ”.Ok!”Secretary Li will soon calm down, talking about,” Sheng told a total, he entertained people in it, do not bother to go.”
  ”Who is it?”Pei Dai Jun casually asked, half of the body, preparing it from his father took the soup to the Secretary, she understands her husband’s work.
  Secretary Li was asked a moment, the morning train had casually: “Yes Xing and Lu total, to talk about cooperation.”
  Her words, to put it so that Zheng Zhu Pei Dai Jun, she slowly turned around, his face a smile had disappeared: “Xing Lu and Mrs. general, the 南宁夜网day before yesterday we have seen, their company, and not outside recent cooperation.”Xing and exactly what she helped to pull strings introduced, she and Lu tooToo good relationship, she said yesterday, but not this year and Tin Shing cooperation, and they want to upgrade the brand integration, may be two to three mo杭州桑拿nths.
  The world’s most embarrassing thing was probably lying on the spot exposed the secretary Lee us to get out of the sweat: “That I.Do not know, it’s today.”
  ”When I was a fool do you?”Pei Dai Jun has the right feel, reason, and to her usual temper, it is wrong not to