“Now my avenue of stars is complete,In that case,Then directly break through to http://www.yundingyingshi.cn become a pure sun god!”

Become a true fairy,One is to understand a great way,And the previous Li Ming was in the Celestial Thunder Tribulation,Use Thunder Tribulation,Enlightenment through formation,Finally took this step。
And the second is to understand the Tao related to the five elements,Of course it’s just an ordinary Tao。
at this point,Li Ming has long been aware of all kinds of Taoism when studying the formation,Because the five elements are related to the path, they break through pure yang,Deliberately,Early on, they understood several related Taoisms.。
of course,In Li Ming’s current state,These ordinary ways have no influence on strength,At most, his formation has changed more。
The golden core in Li Ming roared,The Heavenly Golden Pill that has just evolved,Evolve directly to Chunyang Jindan。
Three pure Yang Jin Dan,The heaven http://www.365yuan.cn and earth vitality of fifteen immortal-level best elixir is completely released,Even Li Ming took out tens of millions of catties accumulated over the years,Swallow。
And the golden core in Li Ming’s body is constantly swallowing,Even form a huge vortex in the body,Swallow this massive amount of energy。
In Li Ming’s chest,Five looming air currents are condensing。
These five air streams,It’s his realization of the Tao in the five elements,So it can be condensed,Connect this world。
This little power,Is the power of the five elements。
The power of the source of the five elements is integrated into Li Ming’s golden pill of heaven。
Jin Dan began to transform,The texture of the whole golden pill,Are all undergoing transformation。Its internal‘Jindan Space’More vast,The mana that constitutes the entire Golden Core is more pure and pure。
This is more than just a fairy mana,But towards a more refined‘Pure Sun Mana’Rapid transformation。