“That’s great,I happen to have something to discuss with you this afternoon,Let’s go,Let’s go and eat!”

Mo Xiaosheng said with some excitement。
“it is good,I want a big meal!”
Anina joked with a smile,she knows,With Mo Xiaosheng’s current economic strength,No matter how expensive the meal is,It’s a piece of cake for Mo Xiaosheng,Although she is far away in the United States,But I have been very concerned about Mo Xiaosheng’s activities。
After coming out of the airport,Anina turned around,He said coldly to a group of people behind him:“You go back to the hotel first,Remember to sort out the information obtained these days。”
A group of foreigners took the initiative to switch to Chinese,Although it has a slight accent,But he is very fluent in speaking。
“Anina,Call them together,I can afford it!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled。
“No need,They still have their jobs!”
Anina smiled,Then followed Mo Xiaosheng into the car。
“ink,Is this your bodyguard?”
After Anna got in the car, Mingcheng had been cold,Can’t help but ask。
“Oh,Is not,This is my brother,Ming Cheng!”