Fan Wenliang’s face shows pride and pride,He said:“Yes,This kid has been self-reliant since he was young,Plus we simply can’t take care of him,He has to do many things by himself,Recently he was instructing his older brother to review his homework,After this child graduates from China next year,He also let him go abroad,Tell me,I don’t care about everything,Let his mother and I take care of ourselves,He has the ability to take care of these younger siblings。”

“I know that I can help my parents。”
Fan Wenliang said:“in fact,Among these kids,The one that saves us the most is him。Sometimes Doctor May said with tears,It seems that the other children are born to him,Only this child is not like his own。”
“Teach by example、The tradition of a good military family,This is the most precious treasure you left to your son。”Jiang Fan said with emotion。
Long time,Fan Wenliang’s family is a mystery to the outside world,Few people know that he cares for the children of his comrades in arms,He never talked about his family in front of others,Never mention these kids,He was tight-lipped about his son’s situation,Even Wang Jiadong, who is closest to him, is just guessing,Peng Changyi also analyzed it from Lao Hu’s words,But today he unexpectedly talked so much about his family,From Jiang Fan’s words,Peng Changyi felt,They must have discussed this topic before,Because there are some things he didn’t tell Jiang Fan,But Jiang Fan seems to know。
Fan Wenliang looked at Wang Jiadong and said:“All right,Don’t talk about me,Pharaoh,You do it,You come,I can come over and eat,So that the two of them will take me to the hotel。The air here is so good,Vegetables are environmentally friendly and pollution-free,If you don’t bother you too much,I can also stay here for a day or two in the future。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Say:“What did Changyi just say,Can’t ask for it,You did your best to report to you in the morning,I didn’t report the situation to you,Here,Is the army’s vegetable base,Is a military control zone,Unless ordinary people steal some vegetables over the wall,People in society won’t come here,Don’t say you live for a day or two,No one will know you even if you live there for a year or two。After Zou Zijie came,Although the people from the Municipal Land Bureau know,That’s also what the provincial satellite monitored that he built a house。But this is a military control zone,In the end。and so,You come,We will improve the facilities here later,Definitely a good place for leisure and elderly care。When I was drinking with the head of the army last time,They were inspired by Zou Zijie,It seems that I also intend to use it here,Want to build a nursing home,But don’t know when it will be implemented。”
Fan Wenliang looked around again,Said:“Really good,Xanadu。”
Fan Wenliang ate an authentic farmhouse breakfast before returning to Beijing,Wang Jiadong also returned to Kangzhou with Peng Changyi,Only Jiang Fan drove out,Driving aimlessly。
Just now,He reported to Fan Wenliang about Lang Zhu’s recent work,In addition, regarding the question of whether the administrative approval service center is put into operation, a ribbon cutting ceremony,Solicited Fan Wenliang’s opinion,Fan Wenliang told him:“Can do,After all, you are the first in the province。”
Get Fan Wenliang’s acquiescence,Jiang Fan has a bottom,And discussed with Fan Wenliang which leaders from the province should be invited to participate,Basically finalized the number of invited leaders。
Fan Wenliang also informed him of a situation just now,That’s Wei Lihong, who scams taxes and escapes,Has been found in a country in Southeast Asia,The relevant provincial departments are coordinating the pursuit and extradition through Interpol。In addition,She Wenxiu has basically recovered,Recovering,But the situation is not optimistic,Even if I get my life back,The quality of life cannot be guaranteed in the future,Whether to hold him accountable,The current leadership’s attitude is not clear。
Jiang Fan asked Ji Xiaolin about the situation,Learned that it has been released,Under residential surveillance。
Fan Wenliang also asked Ding Yi,He said:“Xiaoding’s work is very busy too,Their occupation is often a bit,No time off work,Overtime is more common。”
Jiang Fan said:“She is better now,No longer serving as a live news host,Commuting to get off work is more regular than before。”
“Why not be a news anchor?”Fan Wenliang asked。