The opposite sides of all the opposite sides of the workplace。

The two are very fast with the next floor hall,Just when the security guard at the door see this scene,Some weird。
Summer does not have to say,Nowadays, there is now the company’s name.。
And Luo Qianjin is the director of the President,One of the five golden flowers。
She is wearing a large beige color shirt,The lower body is a close-up trousers,Complete two straight legs completely,Heat high heels,Let her look tall,Graceful。
Sunset,Her one black long hair floating,That doll face does not need makeup,It is a charm of stimulating male hormones.,Plus the visual contrast with the graceful body,Let any man look at the first eye,I can’t move away.。
How is this small peach flower?。
First, the chairman is the president,Now the director of the president is also hooked.。 Looking at the two people talking about smiling,Several security semi-bustling,I can only look at the beetle of Luo Qianjin in the summer.。
Both security guards,Tong people live different。
“summer,Not ready,I have to eat poor today.。”Luo Qianjin sits in driving position,Start Moquan。
Summer laughing,Very enjoyment between this friend,“Luo Teacher……”
“Shut up!”
Luo Qianjin suddenly shy,“Don’t call me like this later.。”
“Ok,I call your teacher, you can always”
“Tong teacher?”Luo Qianjin 眉 蹙 蹙,“I am not surnamed children。”
“But you are Tong Ying……”Say,Summer eyes are concealed over two places,Then wretched to pick your eyebrows。
Luo Qianjin,“summer,I,I,I bite you!”
“Oops……”Summer exaggerated,Hold your own crotch,“I don’t do sexual surgery!”
Luo Qianjin insurance some old blood spray,Follow the face,“Downflow guy,satyr,rogue,shameless……”
Talk about laughing,Two people have been driving to Changning District,And parked in front of a hotel。
“Yellow River?”Summary is a bit surprised,“I remember the time when I was eating here for my sister.,You deliberately say that my bad words in her face。”
“Humph,You are still very embarrassed。”Luo Qianjin came to a hygienic eye,“You still yell at me。”
This is not a law,Summer can only stupid transfamment,“Do you want to eat a big meal?,This hotel can not be high-end。”
“Really thought that I am?。”
Luo Qianjin 哼 唧,“Although this hotel is not high,But the meal is very fragrant,I often come。Let it go,Today you ask guests。”
Two people get off,Enter the hotel。
Miss Yingbin is particularly enthusiastic。
“Is there a box?。”
“some,Two guests please come with me。”
Miss Yingbin received two people on the floor。but,Just go to the second floor,Suddenly came from the left.,“Thousand gold?”
NS443chapter The most handsome man in the world
Look for,On the right side of a youth。