Although it can make the other party earn hundreds of millions in vain,But for him he can lose less,Less trouble,That is a good result。

No agreement required,This kind of thing signed an agreement,Put the evidence on paper,That is to leave a hidden danger for yourself。
Can it be executed,Rely on self-consciousness。
Gu Mu feels that he has the ability to make them aware,So not worried。
Jinshan Investment Company will enter the market in a few months,Shan Rou wants to make that money,Act quickly。
That day,He handed over some places that there was no alternative to Shan Rou,These must be taken down。
Now take those lands,Four to five billion at most is enough。
Gu Mu has money in his hands,Have a lot of money,But he can’t lend Shan Rou。
He will completely get rid of this matter,Can’t let people find a trace of his involvement。
Shan Rou can also understand his caution,Anyway, she has channels to get the loan,Hundreds of millions of funds,Don’t need others to help her。
In the planning of that city,There is a large high-tech industrial park。
Jinshan Investment Company100100 million infrastructure,Mainly serve the high-tech industrial park。
Just to avoid suspicion,They will not participate in the construction of the park,The most profitable piece,Missed them。
——Unless there is no partner for the construction of the park,They are eligible to enter。
What they have to do is to build roads and bridges,Then there is the construction of the port terminal。
If it is in a highly developed economic zone,Make such an investment,Still have a certain amount of profit,No good connections,Not eligible to participate in that kind of investment。
But make such investments in economically underdeveloped areas,Also make high specifications,That really is how much you can lose。