With Jiang Tai, the team left,Another thing to let Li speak together with the wind.。

Lu Dahai is finally sentenced to death。
Although he is ready,But when I heard the death penalty of Lu Dahai,His heart is still very difficult。
It is obviously that http://www.digital999.cn honest people are forced to help,In the end, it has soeded such a result.。
If not the children do,How to die in Lu Dahai?
Similarly with the death penalty of Lu Dahai,Many things have been processed。
Principal was dismissed,Although Shi Yangtian is brave and standing out,But it is finally being opened,Because many of his speech has caused a bad impact on the Internet。
But here,Shiyang is not lost half of the day,Instead, I am very happy,Because the stone month has been completely cured。
This thing he thinks, thank you from Li.,But I have been busy working with what is expelled.。
And the stone is also returned to the campus.,Learning is still as good as before。
Everything is falling,And everything is a new beginning。
Strawberry greenhouses have been completely sold,The island is adding to his profit of 50 million.。
With the sale of strawberries,Vegetables are also starting out of their wholesale sales。
Vegetables in Lianhua Village and Taohua Village are now fully being monopolized with drunkenness.。
Since Jin Mingwu pursue Li Xianer successfully,The drug aware house is drunk in the heart, the second is one.,But the name is still used。
The problem of shares, Li Hui, once again occupying the most。
But for these shares,Li Hui is not a feeling。
People selling vegetables are extremely lifting,This time Li Hui’s door is directly stepped on.。
Those who owe money before they have been holding money.。
Originally, there is still something wrong.,But I think that Li Hui’s means,In particular, Li Hui Feng is now developing lotus village development.,They feel that this money is not,The final result may be a bigger loss。
Because all the experiences have been followed by Li Hui, there is no good result.。
Seeing that the villagers are so active,The attitude is also very big.,Li Hui Feng also knows that his next step seems to be able to carry out。
Chapter 1,22 new plan
http://www.chenxiafu.cn Originally Li Hui Feng feels that people in the village will give money to him for a year.,But this time may be the reason why he took the owed,Perhaps it is really reasons that you have new。
After the greenhouse vegetables are sold,As long as you owe money, you will come over.。
When he found Xu Laifu,Xu Laifu is also just collecting the money of selling vegetables.。
“Xiao Li,You put the shares of our villageGDPThoroughly put it up.,This time, the grandfather earned 100,000.,This doesn’t dare to dream in the past.!”
“Hey-hey,uncle,I came over today, I am a little other thing to solve.。”
Hearing Li Hui Feng has something,Xu Laifu is also a glimpse。
Now the entire village is developing,Even the morning, no matter whether the village is still outside, it is a busy figure.,And lotus village can say that http://www.leaderyoung.cn Li Hui is,After all, the lotus pond,The mountains and even the remaining land remaining in the lotus village are all contracted by Li.。
In this case,He really doesn’t understand what Li is busy with the wind.。
“Xiao Li,you say,Uncle is still the sentence can help,Can’t help your grandfather also give you a hard work.。”
“Hey-hey,That is to convene a national meeting,I am going to build a villa in the foot of our village.,Then let the people in our villages live in,By the way, I want to listen to the village’s opinion.。”
Xu Laifu heard this,Brow frowned。