“This show is very good,But it is very difficult to make。”Shen Huan followed his words,“I said in the planning book,You have to ask Dong Yang for this matter,Do you see this?”

“Saw it!”Yang Fengdao,“Why do you want me to go?Their program team gave this idea,Are they still not willing?”
“This involves many aspects。”Shen Huandao:“First,This is just an online variety show,Not as dazzling as on TV,to be honest,Parents, relatives and friends,I can be proud of watching TV,Watching the video site?Do you feel a little price drop?
the second,Participating students、Outstanding talents from all walks of life,All have strong self-esteem。If you, the second richest man in China, personally invite,Then they will be proud,Thus greatly reducing the difficulty。
Of course not every time,As long as there is a good beginning,Let everyone see the fun and educational nature of this show,Then later people participate and become judges,It’s natural and logical。”
Yang Feng listened and agreed,“I value talents very much,It’s not shameful to invite them。……correct,Xiaohuan,What do you think of me as a guest observer for the season?Or can I be a judge?”
Really came!
Yang Feng has such a pushy character,Seeing such a comment genius,A show to witness the genius,Naturally, I can’t bear it。
He needs a platform,Let yourself show your talent and eloquence。
What other show is better than《strongest brain》Can he play better??
Once Yang Feng plays well,Left a deep impression among this group of high IQ people,Students in front of the TV、The talents left an impression,Are you worried that there will not be a lot of talents going to Abao Technology in the future?
This is his little abacus。
Let your personality charm be fully expressed,To become a highlight,This is what Yang Feng has been doing all these years。
“Of course it can。”Shen Huan also agrees with this。
Such a show that does not rely on stars,Is there Yang Feng in the first season?,Definitely two concepts。
With Yang Feng’s mouth,At least the audience can increase1000Ten thousand。
And they are all senior white-collar workers in the city。
There were too many programs like this in the previous life,And Ma Baba has already become famous,I’m tired of talking about chicken soup and success,Even sometimes it’s obviously inappropriate,But also regarded as a classic by those crazy fans。