“I rely on!Bros……You are like this,I can’t recognize you at all!Please,What the hell are you guys doing??”Wang Lin has no doubts now,Because this person not only called out his name,And I also know that Song Junming called him here,Then absolutely can’t be wrong,He is indeed“Skin monkey”!It’s just that what Wang Lin doesn’t understand is;Not asking myself to give it“Skin monkey”Did you give me something?,how

Now make it with“Underground party”Like a joint?
“Don’t mention it,We do a business,I didn’t expect an accident in the middle,So it’s a little trouble for the time being,Some people in the underworld chase me,So I have to hide my true face first。”
“Skin monkey”You explained it in a hurry。
“Oh,So this is ah,Then why didn’t you hide in Haishang,I ran to hide?”
Wang Lin is like a fool,Still chatting endlessly。
“Don’t ask if you shouldn’t ask,Lest you trouble yourself!correct,Didn’t you say that Song Junming asked you to come here to give me something??Stuff?”
“Skin monkey”Doesn’t seem to want to talk more,But went straight to the subject。
“Things are here。”
Wang Lin reached out and took the travel bag he put on his lap,Open it and rummaged in it for a while,When the thing was going out,“Skin monkey”But Zauzi stopped him……
“Don’t give me here,You go to the toilet first,I’ll follow,Give me in the toilet。”
“Skin monkey”Whispered。
“by……So troublesome。”
Wang Lin complained secretly in his heart,But still follow“Skin monkey”What was said,Looked around,Then stand up nonchalantly,Carry the travel bag,Turned and walked away。
“what’s the situation?How come the two of them are done after a few words?”
Yang Shiyun was secretly surprised,Did you fly here from Haishang?,Waited here for more than half an hour,Just to say a few words to this strange man?and……“Skin monkey”Why didn’t it show up?
“He didn’t go,He went to the bathroom。”
Swallows standing against the wall on the marble pillars in the lobby,Announced something in the headset。