“Why should those people in the circle be afraid of her?”

“Afraid of being hung up by her,To ruin your reputation。”
“Boss, do you think you have a great reputation?”
“underestimate me?”
“Is not,Boss, think about it,You haven’t stepped into that circle yet,Except for a small circle of myself,Basically no one knows you。Has no reputation,What to worry about?”
“what do you mean,If you don’t have a reputation, you should be scolded by her, right??”Fang Hao is upset。
Liu Qing explained:“She is a celebrity,She hangs up and scolds,Can let more people know you, the boss,Don’t you think this is a good thing, boss?”
“A little bit of truth。”Fang Hao said。
Zhan Li is too angry,But there are tens of millions of fans on Weibo,As usual,Deduct90%Moisture,There are millions of fans,Much stronger than Fang Hao。
Can be scolded by her,You can really check the popularity,Bring yourself some traffic。
but,He still feels that it is not a good thing to be scolded:
“Flow can be attracted,But they followed her and scolded me,Then I still lose?”
Liu Qing quickly typed a long string of words:
“Boss, you are too humble,After those people came,I always look at your Weibo content?Even among those who brought me,Only a small part are female fans,Think about it,How many will turn into your fans?Develop a leek garden,Even if it’s a small business,That’s also progress!”
Fang Hao’s attraction to him is still a bit countable,Has no effect on men,But for women,Especially young girls,That effect is too big,I can’t be humble if I want to be humble。
Liu Qing said again:
“Since she is a public enemy in the circle,Boss, if you are right with her,Naturally arouse goodwill in the circle,It is of great benefit to the boss’s development in that circle。”