Zhao Lu remembered the first time she had sex with Qin Liang,My heart starts to heat up。

“Ok,No one but me,You will only let me eat you from now on。”
Talking,Qin Liang has walked into her bedroom holding Zhao Lu,Put her gently on the bed。
“Are you going to start eating me……”
Zhao Lu’s question is superfluous,Qin Liang is already taking off her clothes,Isn’t it obvious?。
“Correct,I will eat you now。”
Qin Liang couldn’t wait,Since he saw Zhao Lu in the morning,I’ve been thinking about making out with her,This all“adhere to”Waited for a day,He doesn’t want to wait for a minute anymore。
So Zhao Lu,In a blink of an eye it became Qin Liang’s delicious meal……
the next day,Under Chen Hao’s arrangement,Zhao Lu entered the design department,Originally a beautiful woman like her,Naturally won’t be let go by Bai Qingsong,Catch up,Chase if you can’t catch up。
But Bai Qingsong didn’t dare to hit Zhao Lu’s idea。
The first batch of employees of Ouya,Bai Qingsong knows the story between Zhao Lu and Shen Ruoxi,So Zhao Lu and Feifei Sun,Li Xiaoxiao,Like Liu Rushi and others,It can only be seen but not touched“Luxury”,This makes Bai Qingsong say nothing,So frustrated。
Qin Liang fakes Chen Hao’s hand,Zhao Lu is settled,This thing can be done secretly,Did not reveal the slightest flaw,But different from the other girls,He never went to the design department to find Zhao Lu once,Because he only needs to go,The identity of the president will be known to Zhao Lu immediately。
This afternoon,Suddenly the boss of another company came to visit,It is said that the other party is also a strong clothing company in other provinces,I come to discuss cooperation intentions with Ouya。
Qin Liang couldn’t participate in this kind of thing,Because of this kind of business professional exchange,He is really totally incompetent,But when he heard that the boss was also a young girl,He immediately asked Chen Hao to invite him into his president’s office.。
When the other party’s three men and one woman and four people walked into his office,,Qin Liang was disappointed immediately,The female boss who came to visit is really a young girl,But except for the noble and dignified temperament and Shen Ruoxi a bit similar,Nothing else can compare to Shen Ruoxi,Especially appearance,This female boss looks so ordinary。
Qin Liang immediately lost interest in this meeting,After some greetings,Qin Liang took the opportunity to drag Chen Hao outside the office。
“This matter of negotiation and cooperation,You do it,I will not reluctantly,Ok?”
Once out of the office,Qin Liang took Chen Hao aside and talked with her in a low voice。
“What’s your situation?Didn’t you just rush to let me invite them into your office??Why do you want to escape when someone comes??”