Zhengbang Technology increased revenue by more than 4.2 billion this year, more than 40% of net assets at the end of last year

On May 9, Zhengbang Technology issued an announcement that more supplements exceeded 40% of the net assets at the end of the previous year. After audit, as of the end of 2019, Zhengbang Technology’s net assets were 997460.380,000 yuan, with a surplus of 1079193.350,000 yuan.Unaudited, as of April 30, 2020, the excess balance of Zhengbang Technology was 1501633.340,000 yuan, an increase of 422,439 from the end of 2019.980,000 yuan, accounting for 42% of net assets at the end of 2019.35%. Specifically, from January to April this year, Zhengbang Technology’s supplement increased to 422,439.980,000 yuan, mainly divided into two categories, of which, bank loans are 289,560.60,000 yuan, other financial loans, ultra-short financing and other loans are 132,879.380,000 yuan. Zhengbang Technology stated that the above additional expenditures are used to meet the company’s business development needs, the company’s operating conditions are sound, and all business operations are normal.The above additional borrowings have no significant adverse impact on the company’s ability to repay its debts. As a large domestic pig breeding enterprise, Zhengbang Technology is mainly engaged in the production and sales of feed, pigs, veterinary drugs and pesticides, and provides products, breeding technical services, plant protection technical services and other comprehensive services for farmers and growers.In 2019, Zhengbang Technology produced 578 pigs.400,000 heads, ranked third among A-share listed pig breeding companies. At present, the conventional hog breeding industry is located in a historical period in which small and medium-sized retail investors have stepped up to withdraw and the industrial concentration has continuously increased. According to this, Zhengbang Technology has made expanding the scale of hog breeding a top priority, while doing a good job in biosafety prevention and control and raising the level of breeding to enhance its core competitiveness in the breeding business. Specifically, Zhengbang Technology plans to accelerate the construction of hog farms.Scale, the company raises funds through capital market refinancing to raise the scale of expansion; reorganization, the company also actively raises funds to build new, lease pig farms in suitable areas.Through the production of raised investment projects and the release of production capacity of self-raised funds or leased pig farms, “In the next few years, the company will maintain a rapid growth in the number of pigs sold.”Zhengbang Technology said.In addition, Zhengbang Technology is also actively promoting the development of the recruitment model, continuing to promote the “company + farmers” light asset cooperative breeding development model, paying close attention to the biological safety of pig farms, and constantly improving the level of pig breeding. It is reported that Zhengbang Technology regards the breeding ability as one of the company’s core competitiveness and realizes the self-supply of pigs, which is one of the core tasks of the company’s hog industry to accelerate the expansion rate.”At present, the company has 7 core pig breeding farms and 5 pure breeding farms. The company is still considering the introduction of GGP pigs from abroad to further expand the company’s advantages in pig resources.”Zhengbang Technology said. Sauna, night net Yan Xia editor Chen Li proofreading Lu Qian