Five cute reasons why babies will be scared

Five cute reasons why babies will be scared

Washing machines, toilets, and even pet dogs in the neighborhood, these things that are common in your eyes may be like a running monster in Jurassic Park for a 1-year-old baby.

The world around me is full of surprises and fears.

  If there is a “beast” wandering in your bedroom, will you be inexplicably surprised?

Of course, the weird thing is actually just your home vacuum cleaner.

But for a 1-year-old baby, it may be a monster who will jump up and catch him at any time.

At least, the 14-month toot should think so.

Dudu’s mother thought it was funny and helpless: “Every time I use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the carpet in my home, Dudu will scream and exhaust his feet, and the horror looks really make me wonder what to doAdvise him!

“Animals, thunder and even the most kind-looking stranger can scare a 1-year-old baby or even cry.

However, parents do not need to worry about it, so they are overly worried. At this time, children ‘s psychology of fear (sometimes accompanied by strange hunting) in a world full of fresh and strange “monsters” is very common. This is the cognitive development of childrenA sign of health: This means that the baby can then obtain information from memory and use this information to make judgments to predict future movements-some kind of dog that has been predicted to bark at him may bark at him again, resulting inCorresponding psychological activity.

“(Being able to sense terrorists) means that the child has begun to perceive things he is not familiar with.

When exposed to something different or strange than before, a baby over 1 year old feels fragile and unsafe.

“Amy Susman-Stilman, a deputy director of the University of Minnesota’s Infant Development Training Center, has a dissertation like this.

  The extent of the child’s anxiety due to terror gradually parted with his natural temperament and spleen.

However, no matter if your baby is a brave little explorer or a shy little obedient, the best thing parents can do is face up to the child’s anxiety and provide him with enough guarantees to make him feel safe.

The following are some of the situations that I often encounter. I hope these methods of resolution can help you.

  One of the fears: Mom is gone “Mom!


“Miao Miao finally found her mother missing!

Although the family desperately distracted his mother and teased him while his mother was leaving for work, the sensitive Miao Miao found her mother’s departure.

Calling “Mom” is already a skill for a 1-year-old child, so Miao Miao crying sadly, always shouting: “Mom .” The most terrifying thing for a baby about 1 year old is his motherLeave away.

  How to resolve: Fortunately, this is in children 15?
The ultimate “separation worry” that will reach its peak in 18 months will always exist.

Air Force, you have to let your child learn to adapt to your temporary departure and say goodbye to you peacefully.

Before leaving, you might as well kiss him and tell him where you are going and when you will be back. Do n’t omit these “rituals” because you think the child may not understand.

Dr. Katherine Reimery, an assistant professor of developmental psychology at Arizona State University in Tempe, USA, suggested, “When breaking up with a child, let the child hold his favorite toy and promise that you will miss him.

Or promise him that you will build blocks with him when you return.

  Second of horror: a huge sound rumbling . another thunder!

The torrential rain that had been sullen for several days also raged.

Guoguo has become a bit shocked since the previous lightning. He pointed out the window and desperately “tells” everyone, he doesn’t know what happened or what is going to happen.

The thunder sounded loudly, and Guo Guo flew into his mother’s arms, and he was still curious, watching the rainstorm behind the loud noise.

  Life is full of astonishing 1-year-old babies with unprecedented sound and thrilling noises.

These little ones don’t understand where these terrible weird sounds come from.

  How to resolve: At this time you should tell your baby that noise will not hurt him.

At the same time, simply explain to him the source of this “weird sound”.

If the child hates or is horrified by the sound of household appliances, some kind of vacuum cleaner, then you don’t hinder showing the child how to turn these things on and off, so that he feels that he can control this strange monster.

Normally, you can also use noise to play games with your child, just like knocking pans or pots with your baby to imitate thunder, and tell him that this sound will occur when it rains.

  Horror No. 3: The terrible stranger Cong Cong is a naughty little boy, but when Dad goes out with him, he becomes a shy, shy “little girl”.

His uncle wanted to hug him, he flinched, his aunt wanted to kiss him, he tried to hide behind his dad, his elder brother made a face at him, but Cong Cong was scared to cry!
  A bearded man, a promotional “clown” or even a friend called a weird hat can all make a baby into a horrible state of mind.
  How to resolve: Don’t let your child hug or be embraced by a stranger if the child is unwilling to do so.

The correct way is to let the child sit in your arms first, and slowly let him get familiar with and adapt to an unfamiliar face.

At the same time, encourage your friends to talk with the adult for a few days before turning their attention to the baby to give the child time to adjust.

This “stranger worry” usually resolves or disappears when a child is one and a half to two years old.

  Horror No. 4: The sewer that will “suck” Although Doudou likes to play with water like other babies, he still hates going to the bath, because when he sees the drain hole in the bathtub, he “sucks” everythingWater, he would ask his mother to hold his hands open, because he always thought he would be sucked away.

  As Kadia Johnston, interim director of the University of California San Francisco’s mother-to-child program, said: “Such a child often cannot tell what it really is and what it is not.

“How to resolve: This” sewer fear “will appear in the baby’s aversion to the toilet (and correspondingly it will become annoying to sit on the toilet).

Parents can temporarily suspend the usual bathing and replace it with a sponge bath.

It lasts about one to two weeks.

In the case of a parent’s guardian, letting your child climb into the waterless tub or bathtub is also a good way to reduce the child’s fear of the sewer.

When you resume your child’s bath in the bathtub, you can hold your baby out before draining after bathing.

Of course, when bathing your baby, adding some game items at the same time will divert his attention and let him gradually relax in the bathtub.

  Fifth horror: The little animal that will tell somebody to look at the puppy of the aunt ‘s house, sweet is really curious!

But the puppies suddenly banged at her twice, and she cried a little.

Auntie also scolded the puppy.

In the future, Tiantian would be scared when he heard the dog barking outside.

  Cats, dogs, and birds always make children curious.

But these unexpected behaviors can also frighten children.

  How to resolve: First of all, parents need to understand that a certain kind of healthy awareness of certain animals is a good thing, do not immediately say that the child is timid.

However, if a child is particularly afraid of animals, the more he knows about animals, the more he will reduce his fears.

For example, you can watch “Animal World” with your child and explain to him while watching, let him slowly understand how animals are going on.

On weekdays, bring your child to approach some tame animals, encourage him to touch them, feed them food, and watch them play (but remember to be safe).

Parents don’t need to be anxious, change the child to grow up, he will gradually eliminate the fear of small animals.

  Come and see, is your baby afraid of these things?

  ”When my son saw the electric fan turning for the first time, he was frightened and hid from my arms.

We thought he was too funny!

“Bell is afraid of washing his hair!”

She was afraid that the water from the spray head would get on her head when washing her hair.

Every time she takes a bath, she says, ‘Can I wash my hair?

‘Until now.

“Someone picked me up a willow branch and used it to amuse the child.”

Unexpectedly, the baby actually touched the willow branches, and then retracted his hands, as if afraid, I was puzzled, he tried this several times.