Liu Xiaoyun is really good at talking,Even being humble and low-key speaks more tactfully than others,Even more unmarked。

“Such a shocking thing,How can we forget it easily?Even if you forget,We will never forget。”
Yang Muhua replied solemnly。
“Uncle Yang,Guess what are we doing?”
Liu Xiaoyun started to change the subject,Others don’t know her strategy,But the Shen sisters know everything,So when she said that,Yang Shiyun,Shen Ruoxi and the five girls immediately laughed heartily。
“I don’t know what others are doing,But you are talking on the phone with me。”
Yang Muhua replied very wisely。
“Hahahaha,Uncle Yang, you speak so well!You deserve to be my old sister Shiyun’s father……We are visiting the zoo,Watching animals。”
The topic of Liu Xiaoyun must be transferred,As long as she wants to do,Never give up halfway。
“Oh,Then you play it first,We will talk next time。”
Yang Muhua finished saying this,See you when Liu Xiaoyun finishes saying goodbye,So he returned the phone to Yang Shiyun。
“Xiaoyun,Ask Xiaoxue,Do you want to talk to her sister??”
Yang Shiyun still considers things very carefully,At this time, she hadn’t forgotten that Shen Ruoxue’s sister Shen Ruoxi was by her side.,If she just hangs up like this,Then it’s a bit overwhelming,She won’t do that。
“Koyuki,Talk to Sister Ruoxi。”
Liu Xiaoyun greeted Shen Ruoxue on the phone。
“Wakayu,Have a few words with your sister。”
Yang Shiyun gave the phone to Shen Ruoxi again again……
This show,Yang Shiyun achieved overall success,And pleased his father,Satisfied the strong curiosity of the male soldiers,Don’t they all admire Shen’s sister??Not only did I see five live Shen’s sisters today,I heard the voices of Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun.,Although I couldn’t see it with my own eyes“The most beautiful general”Shen Ruoxue’s deity,But at least I also saw Shen Ruoxue’s sister, Shen Ruoxi,I should feel very satisfied。
of course,The five live Shen sisters they saw today,Every one is national color and heavenly fragrance,The superb beauty,Absolutely every one is goddess level。
“All right,Let’s go home quickly,Your mother just went shopping for you,This meeting should almost be back。”