at this time,Chu Yi’s cell phone rang。

He picked it up and took a look:“Ok?”
First57chapter Mengxin
Name displayed on the phone screen,Yes“Sun Qinyue”。
Chu Yi probably guessed what it was,Answer the phone directly,Tao:“Assistant Sun。”
Sun Qinyue,It’s Chu Yi’s assistant,Help Chu Yi take care of all kinds of chores。
after all,Chu Yi alone,Can’t manage so many properties。Like leasing、Property、Legal affairs,Most of them are managed by Sun Qinyue。
For example, the property department of Tianxing Building,I want to report to Sun Qinyue every month。
and,Because Chu Yi worked in Tianxing Building,So Sun Qinyue specially arranged a few eyeliners in the past。What special happens once Tianxing Building,Sun Qinyue will know immediately。
The identity of Chu Yi,Is a secret。
Tianxing Building,Except Lin Ya,I’m afraid no one knows his identity。
and so,At Tianxing Building,Chu Yi is just a little security guard。Chu Yi was fired from the security department in the morning,It’s just a very common little thing,The news did not reach Sun Qinyue the first time。
But in the afternoon,Lin Ya went to the building property to complain,And the attitude is quite tough,This attracted the attention of those eyeliners——Lin Yake is a tenant of the building,And the company is not small!For a little security“Make a big fuss”Property,This situation is naturally a bit unusual。
Sun Qinyue learned the news at this time,I realized that Chu Yi was actually fired!
Then I hurried to call。
“President Chu,You were fired?”Sun Qinyue opened the door。