A sturdy figure is revealed,Lin Yan has now reached 1.8 meters,The eight pack abs is also the result of hard work。

Lin Yan gently walked into the cold river water,Soon Lin Yan adjusted to the temperature of the water and started to rest,If there is no old man, I’m afraid he will be dead,This time the energy of the riot in the body is more ferocious than fighting against Tang Hao,It’s not that Atox is stronger than Tang Hao,But every time you use all your power, the meridians are severely damaged,And this time is also the worst,I’m afraid it will be more serious next time!
“I must reach Title Douluo as soon as possible,I am 13 years old,Strive to reach Title Douluo in ten years!”Lin Yan secretly。
As long as he can step into Title Douluo, I’m afraid everyone will be afraid,What Tang San,What Tang Hao,What kind of stream is all slag!
Lin Yan stood up after washing,Take out a clean suit and a black suit from the soul guide and approve it,It’s better to have a low-key spot in the Star Luo Empire.。
Look up the whole place of those evil spirit masters and destroy them。
Soon Lin Yan entered the Star Luo Empire,There is not much difference between the periphery of the Star Luo Empire and the Tiandou Empire,But compared to Wuhun Temple, that’s a huge difference。
Lin Yan came to a pub,The tavern is full of big men,Everyone is murderous Ling Ran,I have killed a lot at a glance,At this moment, Xiao Er immediately ran up。
“This lord,What to eat?”
“Give me something to fill my stomach。”Lin Yan said lightly。
“okay,Wait!”I got busy after talking。
Lin Yan looked around,There are several eyes watching him intently,After Lin Yan took out a bag of wine from the soul guide, their eyes showed greed,Soul Guidance Device is not something ordinary people can have。
Soon Xiaoer took a few small dishes and walked up。
“Please take your time!”Xiao Er got busy with other customers。
“Have you heard,Hundreds of dead bodies appeared in the western part of the Star Luo Empire,Even the royal family members went to check,But nothing was found。”
“Then i don’t know,I heard they didn’t have any flesh and blood when they died,Withered into old man,What kind of magic is this,too frightening!”
Lin Yan squinted and listened to the conversation,This time I came to the right,At first glance, the royal family shelters those evil spirit masters,The Star Luo Empire is definitely premeditating some ulterior secret。