“Whenever dad has a headache, he thinks it’s better to have his children by his side。”

“Dad don’t worry about you。”
“Will you say anything else except um??”
Ding Yi smiled,Say:“I’m young,I don’t even think about what you worry about。Brother Lu Yuan got married and had a baby,You are still grandpa。”
“I regret it now,Why would it keep you by my side?。”Dad said。
“Humph,You’re not cruel,Wish to send me far away?”
“What words?”Dad said warmly。Actually, my father didn’t care about Ding Yi’s assignment.,Was indeed influenced by Aunt Qiao,These girls really can’t get up,Even though they never quarreled,But it doesn’t seem to get close。But the two young people fell in love,I’m better than my brother。Because Dingyi hasn’t lived in the university for four years,Have never lived alone,Aunt Qiao said that she should go down here to exercise,So that dad doesn’t interfere with her work,Let her go to Kangzhou in Jinan。But after this accident,He thinks his daughter should be by his side。
Ding Yi received Du Lei’s call,Said she was invited to have coffee,Ding Yi said with a smile:“OK,I’ll ask my brother,I’ll call you back later。”Talking,Ran into brother’s house,Seeing Aunt Qiao was still in brother’s room, she said:“Brother Lu Yuan,Du Lei invites us to have coffee。”
Lu Yuan raised his head,Looked at Ding Yi and said:“Go ahead,I told my mother something。”
Aunt Qiao said:“Go,I’m all right,Don’t let people wait。”Went out after speaking。
“By the way, brother,Go alone,I’m going back to Kangzhou tomorrow,Need to prepare。”
Brother Lu Yuan said:“Then don’t go。”
“What’s the deal,Du Lei mainly invites you,Moreover,Who talks about friends is always at home,She should be mad at me if you don’t go。”
Lu Yuan took Ding Yi’s hand,Let her sit on the opposite side where mom just sat,Said solemnly:“I ask you a word,You must tell me the truth,You have to guarantee。”
Ding Yi thought she didn’t believe in letting him live in the old house, Nod vigorously。