“Does he bear it??”Another half-step big holy god of Suzaki:“Nine less is the emperor,Small your dog eye!”

“Ha ha,Emandy?Who is not an emperience now?!”Nanming is unbeaten,Yin,Wu Zi Tian said that he smiled and laughed.,The breath of the body is filled with,Safe。
Nanming nine less face slightly lost。
“Emandy……You too?”That Sakui half-step Dasheng also lost color:“Send a bloody mark to him?”
“good,We all sent blood loss to the owner,Nanming nine less,You have sent it out of your heart.!”Wuyu Tianhaha laughed:“Look at the owner can be affordable。”
“impossible,How can the people born in the past?!”Nanming nine less 言 directly shook his head。
Only God can afford to be affected by the blood of the emperor。
“Ha ha?God?What is the god??”Nanming does not defeat Haha laughing。
“good,You think that a small gin can make us yield?Heart http://www.honghuibz.cn is willing to follow?”Wu Zi Tian Wen also laughed and said。
“You are too young to see us.。”Yin is not awkward。
“Yin,Nanming is unbeaten,Wu Zokian,Less less here。”Nanming nine less faces a cold:“It’s hard to be his blood than the god.?I have never heard of the blood than the veins.!”
“Nine less,Don’t listen to themselves mad words。”That two half-step gods。
“Of course noble,Have you heard of the hand of fate??”Sudden opening road in Wu Zikian。
“Hand of fate?”
Nanming Jiu Lee Wen said that the discoloration,The two half-step gods also discolored,If there is anything more expensive in this world?,That is undoubtedly the owner of the hand of the fate.。
However, the hand of fate is only recorded on some of the books.,But did not appear in the gods。
“Do you say that he is the owner of the hand of the http://www.11yiyi.cn fate?”Nanming nine less looks。
“good,The owner’s right hand is the hand of fate,Is there a nine races such as Nanming??”Wuvo Tiandao。
“impossible,How can the people like this?,Even if the original king of the year is only a god pulse。”Nanming Jiu Shao Shake。
“What is the fact is like this,He is more than just mastering the hand of fate,His blood is the blood of Xuanhuang,Isn’t this noble than the god??”Wu Ziki and laughing。
“Xuanhuang blood!”
Nanming’s nine young hearts are once again shaken,indeed,The blood of Xuanhuang is indeed noble,However, the gods since the birth,There is no soul, there is a blood of Xuanhuang。
So, generally, the gin is the highest expensive blood.。
“If you don’t believe,Not as good as we bet,If the owner has these two,Your heart is willing to send a blood loss。”Yinyinyin test smile。
“it is good!”
Nanming Jiuyi Wen said biting his teeth,God of the world,If you really encounter a nun,Indeed,I have not tasted the bloody imprint。
“Nine less……”The two half-steps have discolored。
“You don’t have to say anymore.,I own myself。”Nanming’s nine trembling the body stood up。
“Yes,Nine less。”The two half-step gods heard a respectful。
“Nine less,I will thank us later.。”Nanming is unbearable:“Follow the owner,This is your creation。”
“Ha ha,good,This is your creation。”Yin and Wu Zi Tian also smiles。
“Really,This less thanks to the three attractions today。”Nanming nine small face cold road。
When the Nanming nine small plate is sitting on the ground to sit on the ground。
Milay in another void,An ancient map is like a tree, floating in a void.。
There is a vast space inside this picture.,One golden big python disc in the empty,Dragon scales are like gods to cast,It is Golden Dragon。
One white tiger is like a mountain,A smoke,Swallowing clouds。
“Tiger King,Your sister,Digging or not dug in the end?”Golden Long Shuo’s head stretching,It picks up a huge cigarette lime,Then I spit a smoke。
“The king also wants to dig,But the few big birds don’t go,How do we dig?There is also a weird Taoist,What is not good at see。”Tiger。
“wipe,Not as good as we look for that Taoist cooperation?Does this guy also want to cooperate??Then I find a way to introduce the big bird?”Golden Dragon Wonderful Laughing。