This commitment is absolutely part!

In fact,No matter in Wen Wen,Still Camila’s friends,Their family is good,Perhaps some people have served in family companies,But they absolutely no right to Camila。
But detailed,They only have a jealous and envious。
Without him,Cartier Jewelry Division Controlled in the Hand of the Owen Family,Kamira is the only woman in the generation of the Owen family.。
Not exaggerated,She is growing in the applause and flowers from a child.,Not only is the family,More reuse。
Don’t look at her age is not big.,But several popular jewels have been designed.。
Even summer,After listening,Also slowly sit straight,Some surprised,“it is good,I accept your bet。”
In their speech,There have been serviced that two people have allocated 200 million chips.。
certainly,The club is only available,Will not take it or participate。
Winning is completely solved by the members themselves。
Everything after everything,Beauty man officer unpacking a new card,Extremely flexible shuffle,It is even more likely to move in film and television.。
at last,Her five fingertips are in the playing card,Summer with Kamilla,Speaking with fluent English,“Do you have to check the card??”
Kamilla shakes his head,Then provocation of the eyes of the summer,But see him and shake his head.,“I don’t need it.。”
Beautiful woman nodded,Five fingertips,Happen,Fifty two playing cards show the fan-shaped paving on the table。
“How is this game??”Asked in summer。
Kamila Look at Beauty,“Take a coin,You come to throw,Positive,Reverse side is small。”
The beauty manager except the shuffle,Almost no matter,I quickly took a coin.,Balling half the air。
Coin falls on the gambling table。
Kamilla looks at the summer,Narrow,“You are guest,The first game lets you pick up。”
Summer laughing,You are welcome,“I don’t pay attention。”
Say,Very casual smoke a card,Flavor,Flush。
The card is a red heart9。
Camilla also did not choose to pay,There is no summer so casually.,The finger is caressing in the card,After ten seconds,I took a card.。
Signboard,Black peach9。
See the card,Not waiting for summer,The Siwen next to it is clenched with the fist.,Joy。
It seems that she is the same at this moment.。