Qin Liang’s brain hasn’t reacted yet,But seeing Liu Yong,Yang Shiyun and Mei Zi both raised their hands in agreement with Liu Xiaoyun as the leader of the task force,He doesn’t even have to think about it,Of course he also raised his hand to agree!
“What?What’s up?”
Liu Xiaoyun was caught off guard。I was completely confused in an instant,This official position is a bit too sudden。
“Xiaoyun,I have to continue to trouble you,No matter how hard you work,Let’s take this team leader。”Liu Yong said embarrassingly,In fact, he couldn’t get through it,Neither Yang Shiyun nor herself want to interfere in this case,Plum young has little experience,Insufficient ability to take charge of this case,And this case can’t make any mistakes,and so,Ice and snow smart,The resourceful Liu Xiaoyun
,Is the most suitable candidate!
only,Liu Xiaoyun obviously has the ingredients for Liu Yong and Yang Shiyun.,This is what everyone tasted with each other。
“This is not scientific!Liu Ju……I am not a policeman!Then you asked me to interrogate two policemen?Is this a big joke?!I don’t want to do……”
Liu Xiaoyun pushed away directly。
“Liu Ju……I suddenly remembered that there is still one very important thing that I haven’t done!Me and plum,Qin Liang first go out,Talk to Xiaoyun slowly。”
Yang Shiyun finished these words in a hurry,Stretched out, Meizi and Qin Liang ran away,Leaving Liu Xiaoyun in Liu Yong’s office alone……
“Hey!Old sister!Will you play me like this!”
Liu Xiaoyun knew immediately that he was“Framed”Up,Angrily shouted from behind!But the door of Liu Yong’s office was immediately closed by Yang Shiyun turning around。
Get!Now Liu Xiaoyun has no move……“That one……Xiaoyun,I’d better tell you directly!This case,Yang Shiyun and I can’t take over,Because Song Junming is the only son of an old comrade in arms,And Song Junming and Yang Shiyun are not only young,Classmate,colleague,and……And she also pursued
Yang Shiyun,and so……Both of us are embarrassed。”“And the impact of this case is too great!An inner ghost appeared in his own person,If this is a big deal,It will make the city full of storms,Greatly hurt the image of our Haishang Public Security Bureau,and so,I can’t hand this case over to the superior department,you……Can understand what i mean
Is it?”
Liu Yong explained hard。
“Uncle Liu,I understand what you mean,but……I’m not from your public security bureau,I’ll take care of this,The name is not right,Will others gossiping behind their backs??”