The captain’s armband is definitely not just a symbol of glory,More often it means to bear more infamy,Especially as the captain of the Chinese national team。

“I now want to give this responsibility to Hu Lai。”Qin Lin said。
“Do you think he can afford?”Questioning,Zhao Kangming laughed himself,“Yes yes yes,Shi Wuyin told me,That kid is a faceless face,To be treated as spurned by thousands,He should be able to withstand it。”
“Yes,Whether it’s in front of the media that you want to win the World Cup,Or the cyber violence before the game against South Korea……It fully shows that Hu Lai’s heart is very big,And his shooting skills are also superb,Excellent shooting skills coupled with strong mental qualities,I think no one is more suitable to be this responsible person than him。One more thing,I want to sign up for a coaching course……”
Zhao Kangming’s eyes widened:“You plan to retire?”
Seeing the nervous old Zhao,Qin Lin smiled:“rest assured,I will fulfill my contract with Shining Star。I did not make the final decision,I’ll look at my situation then……I just feel that for my next life,Should make plans early。”
Zhao Kangming looked at this former teammate who used to fight alongside him in the national team。2004At the time of the Asian Cup,He is just a young player under the age of 21,Although he has already played a major role in the Chinese national team,But it’s still hard to hide the immature and green face。
Him now,Every wrinkle on the face seems to record the history of Chinese football。
He is a witness of Chinese football for nearly two decades、recorder……Even from some angles,He is the history of Chinese football itself。
“You can play for a few more years,Daqin。You are so self-disciplined、Occupation,And sane。”
“If i am not injured,Maybe。”Qin Lin smiled。
“Then you can stay for another two years,Put these young people on their horses for a ride……”
“They don’t need me,Old Zhao,They have gotten up and running,I can’t catch up。”
Zhao Kangming has decided to see Qin Lin going,Had to sigh:“Ok,I respect your personal choice。I will ask the club to apply for the coaching training class for you。”
“Thanks。”Qin Lin got up and left。
Wait for him to go,Chen Mo sat back again:“What did you talk about?”
“He told me that all penalties of the team could be handed over to Hu Lai.,In addition, he also wants to apply for coach training class。”