《Preview of the second round of the playoffs?Supersonic will be swept?》

And other types of titles are endless,With the advent of a tape,Finally being pushed to a climax。
“Did you see Payton’s end??”
“Saw it。”
“Never provoke Kobe!”
“You know what I mean?You young players may grow up to become All-Stars in the future,Grow into the backbone of the alliance,You will have a wonderful future。But you have to realize one thing first,There are a few players in the league who can’t take the initiative to provoke,Kobe is one of the most terrifying!”
“If you provoke Olajuwon,He will stun you and give you seven or eight blocks!If you provoke Jordan,He will fly over your head to dunk!”
“But you never know!What will Kobe do when he is provoked!Three sections60Minute?Halftime9Three points?You can see the leopard in the tube!Kobe’s anger is something you can’t bear,At least don’t do this until you become a superstar beyond Payton。”
This is the internal training of an unknown young team in the NBA。
When the recording of this passage spread,The words inside were immediately written to the newspaper by the media newsmen。
《Never provoke Kobe——Senior NBA coach》
This article was directly published on the headlines of major sports sectors the next day,As Kobe’s halftime9Three-point endorsement,Suddenly once again the Lakers and Kobe became the most concerned existence under the league spotlight.。
With the fermentation of the media,Kobe’s limelight overwhelmed for a while to get the best player of the month to lead the team for a single month13Win1Karl Malone,Overwhelmed58Separate section17Trapeze Jordan。
And at this time Kobe,Also received a call。