“I’ll leave the rest to you!”

Captain Mike looks at this posture,Don’t dare to go further。
It is said that the city lord offended the soul master a while ago,The life of being beaten cannot take care of himself。
After all, this world is respected by the soul master,The captain of him mixes a fart。
The city guard quickly retreated,Threw the mess to Wuhun Hall。
Su Yuntao wants to do things beautifully,Get the corpse away immediately。
In the name of blasphemy Wuhun Hall,Pull back to execute the fire。
The college also sent someone to negotiate,In a few minutes。
“Tang Chen,When will you come to our branch hall to register the spirit master level??”
Su Yuntao no longer mentions soliciting,This kind of genius has his own ideas。
Don’t steal the chicken or lose the rice,I lost all my good feelings。
Anyway, he will report,I don’t care about the above。
“In a few days,Thanks a lot this time!”