First20chapter Advanced Silver
10month1day,Motherland’s birthday,Knicks2014-2015The season training camp officially opens!
The first day after the start of the training camp is Media Day。
For domestic reporters,This is definitely a rare opportunity!
God knows how long they have been thinking about Xu Xuan!
Heavenly,Vast,God finally opened his eyes today!
Here I have to say that the location of the house Carson found for him is really good!
These domestic media reporters have been searching for two months but have not found where Xu Xuan lives.。
For the first time,Xu Xuan feels that American law is still a bit good,At least this person’s privacy is very important。
These reporters dare not run around without knowing it,If you encounter a bad temper,AKI didn’t make sense when he collapsed。
and so,The name Xu Xuan,In the eyes of many domestic fans,Full of mystery。
Quietly, he actually signed the contract。
Inside the training hall。