Chapter three hundred and ten It’s not just an apple that fell on the tree once

Chapter three hundred and ten It’s not just an apple that fell on the tree once
“Can you hope me something better?”
Yang Shiyun said embarrassingly。
“nonsense!Am I right? I don’t know in my heart.?”
Qin Liang replied unceremoniously。
“Ok……The education I received humbly。”
Yang Shiyun said helplessly。
“listen to me,Bring more bullet clips on your body in the future,Just those bullets in the gun,It’s far from enough to meet an emergency,Once the bullet is over,It’s dangerous。”
Qin Liang is still telling Yang Shiyun seriously。
“Boss!Do you think my house runs the ammunition depot??How many bullets we can receive is a rule, OK??”
Yang Shiyun said dumbly。
“You can wear two guns with you,A yes police pistol,The other is the Dragon Soul Warrior,The number of bullets for police gun collars is limited,I do not limit the ammunition base of the dragon soul,That’s all right?”
Qin Liang talked very well。
“Yep,This can have,Suggestions I Accept,I will bring more ammunition in the future。”
Yang Shiyun honestly agreed。
Qin Liang is doing her good for her,Of course she has to listen to and accept what is right,This is talking about serious matters,Not just joking,Of course Yang Shiyun will not be willful。
“and also,After the plum comes back,And tell her what I just said,She is now the detective captain,There are also many criminals sent to prison through her hand,It is inevitable that someone wants to retaliate against her。”
Qin Liang was really thoughtful,Even the personal safety of Meizi, who is not around at the moment, is considered。
“Yep,I know。”