Bu Tao didn’t rest much during the Spring Festival。

Brought my wife and children to eat New Year’s Eve dinner at both parents’ homes,Accompany for a day or two,He started preparations on the third day of the new year。
The fifth day of the new year,The members of his team returned one after another。
Actors like Qin Renbin,It’s not early。
When he arrived,Found four actor-level dana,I already joined the crew。
The crew leased a hotel in the suburbs of Huajing,For everyone to use。
Qin Renbin came in with his luggage that day,I saw wearing leather clothes and leather pants,The vicissitudes of actor Jin Weijie,Talking to another actor Fei Qingyang。
Fei Qingyang is wearing a police uniform。
The two of them are obviously already at work。
And then at dinner,He also saw the appearance of Yan Yu and Xie Ho。
Yan Yu and Xie Ho are superstars in the TV industry,Shidi-level actors,The acting skills are also top-notch。
Especially Yan Yu who has been very popular recently,Relying on《Yue Prison》,Has been appreciated by many people。
The film circle admired Yan Yu’s style even more,I hope he can act more in the movie circle,Instead of playing a soap opera on a small screen。
In fact,The two groups of film and television circles are inseparable。
But the two sides have their own problems。
For example, the film industry thinks that the TV industry is very low-level,Things that can be said in a few minutes,I just want to procrastinate for an episode,And the performance of the characters is too facial,Not interesting at all。
TV circles don’t think so。
Although your film industry is more advanced,But you have more bad movies than TV circles。
TV series that can be shown in my TV circle,They are all pretty and interesting。