Although people must be modest,But self-confidence is essential,Accurate analysis to know your own positioning,Instead of only the only Ido feels that I can’t do it.,That’s not OK,This is not a way to!

Zhou Yewu said this wave,Luo Bing has already understood。
But Yu Shiya seems to be a little inevitable.。
“That is why it can’t beCCBWoolen cloth、BReceptor blocker or diuretics?”She is confused,It is true that her practice certificate is really white.,The knowledge of learning is lost.。
Zhou Ye is shocked,I thought that my relatives were still in the future.,This basic ability is really difficult to describe.。
However, this is actually a side reaction with Yu Shiya’s teaching is that it makes her work.,Nothing really taught the West。
Many clinical teaching teaches like this,Phishing teaching,Just make it easy.。
Anyway, there is something to find a superior doctor。
This is almost a teaching consensus of some attitude towards some attitude towards the medical community.。
CCBIs calcium channel blocker,BReceptor blockers areBReceptor blocker,Then diuretics are diuretics
Anyway, it is a administration of hypertension.!
Zhou Ye is facing Yu Shiya,So I can only shake the head。
Yu Shiya looked at Zhou Ye,Blink:“Hurry up,You explain it to me,You must know!”
Luo Bing coughed on the side:“We have to get a patient.。”
NS252chapter New comrades
Doctor seating area gate。
Yu Shijac is a pair of eyes that are full of learning to look at Zhou Ye。
Zhou Ye is endless,Thinking or explaining one speech。
But it is necessary to speed up.,At this time, the WeChat group is also the news that Sun Jun’s urgent Zhouwugu.!
Sun Jun:“100,000 miles,Xiao, you are coming back.!Director of Chen said,No you,He doesn’t look at the patient.!”
Zhou Ye saw that Sun Jun was almost laughed out.。
Is there such a happy man??
He feels that Sun Jun enlarged.!
In fact, Chen Riyuan、Sun Jun、There is also the new graduate Ma Baibo, which is still in the doctor’s office.,Wait for him
“Calcium channel blockers are the preferred drugs of variant angina,βReceptor blockers increase insulin resistance,It is also possible to cover and extend hypoglycemia,This medicine is not white and white with diabetes??Therefore, it cannot be combined as a hypertension.2Type diabetes preferred。”
In fact, think about it.,Insulin resistance,The hypoglycemic drug is not a water drifting?
Insulin is a regulatory button for blood sugar,It mainly includes two aspects。
The first one is to promote skeletal muscle、Myocardium and adipose tissue intake glucose,Then inhibit the glycogen decomposition and sugar hemorrhage of the liver。
If insulin resists,The insulin does not effectively promote the surrounding tissue intake glucose,Or cannot inhibit liver glucose output,The blood sugar is very easy to fluctuate.!
“hiss。”Zhou Ye looks like a cold,He looked at the poetry,Heart five flavors。
“As for the diuretics suitable for light、Medium hypertensive patient,High blood pressure for simple contraction,Salt sensitive hypertension,Not the first choice for diabetes mellitosis。”
Zhou Ye quickly analyzed the topic,Three words will be completely analyzed,Listening to the worship of the poems is in a rapid soaring!
Luo Bing cleared the throat at this time,Slight cough:“hehe,Yu Tongxue can now go to the hospital.。”