2015 Women’s World Cup semi-finals-Oolong lore!Japan 2-1 England into the final_1

2015 Women’s World Cup semi-finals-Oolong lore!Japan 2-1 England into the final
At 7 o’clock on July 2, Beijing time, the 2015 Canadian Women’s World Cup started its second semi-final match. The Japanese women’s football team relied on the Oolong lore in 92 minutes to beat England to the finals 2-1.In the 31st minute, Aya Miyajima took the lead in the penalty kick. In the 40th minute, Williams took the penalty kick. In the 92nd minute, the cross of the Japanese team caused Bassett to throw an own goal. The Japanese team scored a stoppage to advance.The moment when the Japanese women’s football team won the penalty. The defending champion. The Japanese women’s football team is holding the champion aura. The team seems to play very difficult every game.Although the Japanese women’s football team defeated their opponents in these five games, they only won a maximum of 1 goal in each game, and the team’s offensive ability was always their shortcoming.英格兰女足近年进步神速,本届世界杯球队大放异彩,他们在小组赛出线后,16强战击败挪威女足,上轮8强战又拿下不可一世的东道主加拿 大女足,最近4场比赛英格兰女足All beat the opponent with the same score.The two sides have played consecutively in the past two World Cups, and the England team unexpectedly achieved a 1 win and 1 draw advantage.Especially in 2011, the Japanese team in its heyday still lost to the English women’s football team 0-2.  Just 1 minute into the opening, the England team almost knocked on the defending champion’s door, and Taylor rushed into the outside of the penalty area and volleyed the far-angle sliding door.第21分钟日本队前场任意球直接打向球门,大仪见优 季抢点没能争到却晃了对方防守队员,皮球弹地后飞向球门,巴兹利反应申诉手尖一捅将The ball holds the bottom line.In the 28th minute, the England team crossed from the right and Dagan stopped the ball and volleyed high.  In the 31st minute, the situation changed abruptly. The Japanese team’s backcourt long pass broke into the penalty area. Ji Saori inserted it into the penalty area at high speed. Lafferty tripped it from behind and took a penalty!The midfielder Aya Aya took the penalty and calmly deceived the goalkeeper into the net in the lower left corner of the goal, 1-0!In the 40th minute, the Japanese team fought in the penalty area. Houghton got off the ball and was tripped by Ogi when he was ready to shoot. It was also a penalty!Williams fought a solid penalty, 1-1!  In the second half of the game, the England team launched an offensive.In the 60th minute, the striker Taylor, who played for the U.S. Women’s Major League in the England formation, was replaced.In the 62nd minute, Dagan shot a kick near the penalty area and the ball hit the beam and popped out.In the 65th minute, White vigorously volleyed outside the penalty area, and Habiya Yumi flew to save the ball.In the 66th minute, the England team took a corner kick, Williams rushed in front of the goal, the ball rebounded in front of the goal and rubbed the post and missed.In the 73rd minute of the England Women’s Oolong lore, Ken Iwana cut inwards to the penalty area from the left, and his right foot volley missed slightly.In the 78th minute, the England team’s perimeter seemed to pass and the ball hit the crossbar.The Japanese team staged a lore in the 92nd minute-the Japanese team attacked the penalty area on the right side of the penalty area. Bassett released the heart and slammed the ball, but stabbed the ball into his own door, 2-1!Dramatic scene!In the end, the Japanese team beat England 2-1, and will meet with the United States in a decisive match. At 7 o’clock on July 6, Beijing time, the two teams will start an ultimate duel.  Japanese team starters: 18-Ayumi Horiya; 3-Iwamizu Azusa, 4-Kumani Sasaki, 5-Shakushima Aya, 19-Yoshisaori; 6-Sakaguchi Yuho, 8-Miyama Aya, 9-Kawasumi奈穗美、13-姜日玉;11-大野忍、17-大仪见优季  英格兰队首发:1-卡伦-巴兹利;3-拉弗蒂、4-威廉斯、5-霍顿、6-Bassett, 8-Scott, 11-Moore, 12-Bronze, 16-Chapman, 18-Dagan, 19-Taylor (Tai Xiaopeng)