“Haha,I said Peng Changyi,You are really pedantic!”

Peng Changyi flushed too,Stop arguing with him about this issue。
At this moment,Wu Guanqi’s phone rang again,He looked down,I did not answer,But squinted his eyes and wondered what。
Peng Changyi said slyly:“Pick it up,Don’t let the lady wait anxiously。”
Wu Guanqi said seriously:“What if she asks me for materials in advance?”
Peng Changyi turned his head,Said casually:“Didn’t you keep saying that you are a businessman?,Is a businessman,There is a solution for the businessman。”
Wu Guanqi gave him his thumb,“Hush”With a,Then answered the phone,Said:“Hey,Hello,Shunxiang Company Wu Guanqi。”
“Guan Qi,it’s me,Are you busy,I didn’t look at the phone number?”There was a whistling sound inside。
Peng Changyi on the side deliberately fought him a cold war,Walked away a few steps。
Wu Guanqi narrowed his eyes and smiled,Say:“Oh,Yeah yeah,Miss Night,Problems?”
“hate,Talking to me so kindly,Let me tell you,And me,Met a little Kaner,I want you to advance part of the material money in advance,Rescue,Dear,what do you think?When will I get the money——”
“Ha ha,Miss night,I also want to pay you in advance,but,I just received a call,Mr. Ge Jianguo, your chairman, called,He asked me……”
Wu Guanqi didn’t finish,Ye Mei changed her tone,Said:“Where are you,I’m looking for you,Don’t listen to him,We have some misunderstandings on this issue,But this is our internal contradiction,with you、It has nothing to do with the material。”
“I……”Wu Guanqi glanced at Peng Changyi。
Peng Changyi raised his hand,Draw an arc in the air,Finally pointed to the direction of Jinan in the southeast。
Wu Guanqi said immediately:“I’m coming to Jinan,On the way。”
“Ok,I’ll find you when you come back。”
Hang up Ye Mei’s call,Wu Guanqi looked at Peng Changyi meaningfully。