Now the body is almost recovered,Even if I didn’t bring my mother here,She wants to leave uncle too,Ready to continue working as a confinement sister。

This is something I only learned when I was chatting on the road!
Parents treat their children,Always so selfless and desperate!
Mother was calm,I know it’s not easy。
Happening,Probably not too good。
Zhang Meng saw her mother say this,Also realized something was wrong。
Tidy up,The group soon arrived at the Taiping District Women’s and Children’s Hospital。
Gao Qiang contacted the doctor long ago,Is the director of obstetrics and gynecology,A very kind middle-aged female doctor。
Listened to,Two questions。
Go to 4D color Doppler ultrasound immediately!
Director Huang personally operated,After reading it:“Fortunately it came in time,The child’s umbilical cord around the neck is very serious,Cesarean section must be done in advance。”
Zhang Meng and Gao Qiang were shocked,My mother and I were expecting。
Zhang Ruiwen:“Director Huang,Will it affect the child??”