[How to make beer duck]_Beer duck_How to make_Homely

[How to make beer duck]_Beer duck_How to make_Homely

When making beer duck, first prepare some shiitake mushrooms and beer, as well as some small ingredients, prepare a small amount, first chop the duck into pieces and wash it, remove blood, put oil in the pot, put garlic cloves after heating,Fortunately, cover the potatoes with gypsum for a while, so that the stewed potatoes will taste better and become softer.

Ingredients: Youxian duck, one potato, six shitake mushrooms, one beer star anise (also called spice, aniseed), one cinnamon, three ginger slices, one ginger piece, and two garlic cloves, Shallots, scallion white cut into sections, scallion leaves chopped.

Production step 1, chop the duck, wash the blood water (frozen duck must be soaked with cold water to thaw).

Fill the pan with cold water, add crushed ginger, boil over high heat, pour the duck pieces out of the drain, pick out the ginger, wash the pan, and dry.

2. Heat the oil in the pot, add garlic cloves, scallion white segments, star anise, cinnamon, ginger slices and stir-fry, add duck pieces and season with soy sauce.

Pour into the whole bottle of beer, cover with a little vinegar (the meat will rot if you put it in vinegar), cover it and boil it on high heat (cut potatoes and shiitake mushrooms, potatoes can be bigger, spare), cook for a while, so thatIt looks thicker.

3, change to low heat and simmer slowly, add potato cubes and shiitake mushrooms when half of the soup is left.

4. After three minutes, change to high heat, add appropriate soy sauce (for coloring) and stir-fry.

Add chicken essence to the pan and sprinkle with minced shallots after serving.

Note 1, potato pieces can not be too small, pay attention to grasp time when burning, short time, potatoes are not waxy enough, as long as the paste into a pile, preferably soft but not loose pieces.

2. The duck meat has a heavy taste. First, use boiling water to blanch and then simmer in the pot until the oil comes out. This method can eliminate the smell of duck meat. After cooking, the duck meat is delicious and the soup is delicious.

3, stewed duck with beer, duck soup will have a very strong beer flavor, but after a long time the wine taste will fade away, only eat duck without soup, and will not be intoxicating.

4, the amount of spices should not be too small, the purpose is to enhance the freshness of beer duck, put too much spices easy to grab the main taste.