[How to eat leftover biscuits]_ practices _ recipes

[How to eat leftover biscuits]_ practices _ recipes

The scones are crispy and delicious, and crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. They have a very delicious taste and high carbohydrate content, making them easy to fill up.

The freshly made okonomiyaki is the best. Once it is left, it will no longer be cold, and it will become very hard. If you eat it directly, it will have a great discount on the taste.

So if there are leftovers, we can process them.

So, what are the ways to eat leftover biscuits?

Method one biscuits, two eggs, two green peppers, one ham, one baby dish, half a salt, an appropriate amount of green onions, an appropriate amount of pepper, an appropriate amount-step-1.

Ingredients: sesame seed, green pepper, baby vegetables cut into small pieces, ham cut into small dices, green onions cut into green onions, eggs with a small amount of water, beat well, stir-fry.


Boil the base oil, scallion shabu-shabu, stir-fry with green peppers, baby vegetables, and ham.


Add the cut siu kebabs, add a little water to the pan (in order to make the kebabs softer), add salt and pepper, pour in scrambled eggs, and stir-fry.

-Tips -1.

The fried scones are really better than the fried scones. The fried scones have a salty taste and they are still delicious.


Add whatever vegetables you like. You can put carrots, peas, cucumbers and more.

The second method is to use a little oil to make the leftover sesame cakes turn into a treasure. The practice is that there are only two days of scallion onions left.

Cut the sesame cake into a thick piece of silk like a little finger, heat it up a little bit, add the green onion and fragrant incense, and put in a spoon of Laoganma Doudou Sauce (more spicy), pour the sesame cake, and the baby doesn’t need to put saltBecause the okonomiyaki and the old godmother were salty, they were wiped out directly after 3 minutes.

Please try the tips: do n’t put too much oil, do n’t put salt, the seasoning is only the old godmother, remember to prepare the onion flower and sauté the first three ingredients, especially the simple ingredients: one siu pan, a little cabbage, a hamHalf a spring onion.

Preliminary: Cut the ham, cabbage and spring onion.

Step 2: Heat the pan with oil, stir-fry the scallion with ham and cabbage, stir-fry, and season with salt and soy sauce.

Step 3: Put a bowl of water in.

Step 4: After the water is boiled, simmer the scones into small pieces and simmer for two minutes.

Fifth: Drop a few drops of sesame oil and the vinegar can be cooked.

If you do n’t have time to make breakfast in the morning, you can try it easily and quickly.