Five taboos for college graduates

Five taboos for college graduates

Dr. Qu Qing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, and lecturer of the Department of Enterprise Management believes that after entering the unit, students need to make multiple adjustments.

There is no need for a “lone wolf” in the workplace. Dr. Qu Qing said that students mostly direct “personality” in schools, and the school also encourages the development of students’ personality.

But corporate experts are teamwork and strict work discipline.

What you need here is not your personal show, or your tacit cooperation with the team to complete the work with collective wisdom and strength.

Newcomers should understand that no matter how good your academic performance in the college is, how strong your social activities are, that is, how high your ambition is, success will never be isolated, your environment, your opportunities,Both are important factors affecting your success.

If you can recognize this, you will have a valuable learning attitude towards another starting point in your life.

Don’t pretend to be “mature”  Many people think that entering a job position is a great opportunity to make a complete transformation of yourself.

In a completely unfamiliar environment, no one knows your past, just to cover up your flaws.

But this is not the case.

Dr. Qu believes that students should not blindly cover up their shortcomings after joining the work. Many shortcomings cannot be covered up.

For example, your interpersonal skills, ability to analyze and solve problems, and so on.

You may be able to hide some shortcomings in a short time, but if you do not consciously develop these abilities, you will be hindered.

In addition, sometimes you will find that the so-called “disadvantages” in the past may not be the disadvantages in the work.

 Seize the opportunity to locate as soon as possible At present, most companies will conduct job training before new employees take up their posts, and rotate the positions of new employees to make them familiar with the overall operation of the company.

During this time, they have many opportunities to discover and choose their interests.

Of course, this requires students to be more adept at learning and hands-on. This work for enterprises can be started as soon as possible.

Only then can we seize the opportunity and give ourselves a clear position.

Don’t consider yourself self-righteous after entering the enterprise, you should give up the “elite consciousness” as soon as possible, and treat your work with your usual mind and colleagues.

Always ask yourself, “What can you do for your team?

“Rather than being eager to show yourself.

 In addition, what is outstanding in an enterprise is the result, and whoever can make an achievement is good.

It has nothing to do with your education and from which school you come from.

You need to know that the more you are a student at a prestigious college, the expectations your company can change. Once you fail to achieve the results they expect, the disappointment you bring to the business will happen.

The first comer is the teacher. Many students refuse to enter the workplace and have a bad relationship with colleagues.

The reason may be that the company’s values are violated.

The assessments proposed by companies are expected to be written, but many unwritten potential values are also something that newcomers should pay special attention to.

Don’t mistake Thunder Lake because you don’t understand.

Be free from all kinds of conflicts of interest. Be willing, able, and good. Don’t worry about it too much.

Dr. Qu Qu suggested that new people in the workplace should have a mentality from scratch, put down the undergraduate stand, and fully respect the opinions of colleagues. On the contrary, the other person’s age is large or small, as long as they come to the unit first, they should be modestWorship him as a teacher.

“If it is going to be stubborn, it will be sturdy; if it is going to be weak, it will be sturdy.”

Do things step by step to get better.

It’s not bad to get into the woods. This year, a “difficult” character summarizes the general trend of college students’ employment.

Judging from the current situation, the employment of college students only goes to government agencies, public institutions, or large enterprises and joint ventures. The idea of obtaining high salaries is different from the actual situation.

The Beijing Employment Agency Center recently released the employment reference for college students for the first time, and provided guidance on college students seeking employment.

At present, the supply-demand ratio of graduate students, undergraduates and vocational students in the job market is 1: 2.

6, 1: 1.

3 and 1: 0.

4.According to expert analysis, the difficulty of college students’ employment is that unless there are not too many positions, the majors studied by graduates do not meet market demand, but some college students have high expectations and some positions are unwilling to go.

According to statistics, the current employment of college students is 31 in teaching and scientific research institutions.

6%, 31 are employed in state-owned enterprises.

5%, accounting for 26.6% in private foreign-funded enterprises

2%, other employment accounted for 10.


In fact, today’s reform of the employment system of government agencies and institutions has a small demand, and some work experience is more popular than college students without work experience.

Large-scale enterprises in Beijing, such as Shougang, have also been undergoing structural adjustment in recent years, and their employment has decreased.

It is always popular for college students to work in joint ventures, but most of the joint ventures are technology-intensive enterprises, the number of employees is small, and the number of employees is limited.

Therefore, the idea of obtaining high salaries only in government agencies, institutions, or large enterprises and joint ventures is currently different from the actual situation. It should be wise for graduates to focus on the grassroots.