How could they be unhappy when Lao Qi packed up for them?,But often the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment,I haven’t seen Lin Yan’s trace in the past ten seconds,This makes a few people’s expressions fall into thought again。

“The third spirit ability!”At this time Lin Yan came behind the seventh elder,Suddenly all tens of thousands of soul-breaking guns were dispatched,Attacked behind him fiercely,The terrifying power shocked the seventh elder,Fortunately, he has rich practical experience,Be steady immediately,The Clear Sky Hammer is still on the ground,If you don’t know, you think you surrendered.。
“Haotian Bodyguard!”The Seventh Elder’s Clear Sky Hammer swiftly turned on the ground,A huge shield suspended in the air。
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Chapter 149 Fighting against the seventh elder of Clear Sky School(Second seeking subscription)
A crisp sound rang from the shield,Seven elders leaked scornful eyes,In his eyes, Lin Yan is just a soul sage,Even if Wuhun is the best Wuhun soul-breaking gun,But there is a moment of exhaustion of soul power,How could the strong at the top of the Pyramid of Douluo with his dignified title be defeated by a little boy。
“Kid,Not bad very powerful,But it’s a pity,You are just a soul saint,Even the Contra peak powerhouse may not be able to break the old man’s shield and you are even more unlikely,Hahaha surrender,I can just give you a whole body!”The seventh elder laughed。
Lin Yan’s mouth rises slightly,The soul-breaking gun in his hand has added a bit of strength,At this moment, the Seventh Elder’s face changed,The surrounding shield began to break,At this moment the shield of the Seven Elders was instantly shattered,Lin Yan also came to him at this moment。
It reveals that the cold soul-breaking gun is already tied to his waist at this moment,The Seven Elders frowned,Shout:“Seventh Spirit Ability,Haotian body!”
Suddenly a huge force swept the entire venue,Lin Yan was forced to give up the attack,Go straight back,At this time, the Clear Sky Hammer in the hands of the Seventh Elder gave a golden light,The power of horror burst out suddenly,How to say it is the world’s first weapon of the past,Under the seventh spirit ability, the strength of the seventh elders has increased several times。
“Ha ha,Let’s also see the real body of this seat,drink!Seventh Spirit Ability,Soul Reality!”
“not good,Seventh brother, stop him!”At this moment, the elder roared,He knows how terrifying the Seventh Soul Ability of the Supreme Martial Soul Breaker Spear is,Once he shows it, I’m afraid today’s game will be upside down。
The seventh elder was also taken aback,Rushed over quickly,The huge Clear Sky hammer threw it over,He also felt that Lin Yan’s seventh spirit ability was much better than himself。
Lin Yan also changed drastically at this time,The golden eyes reveal a cold feeling,A mouthful of golden foul breath followed,Platinum clothes are extraordinarily expensive,The red-gold soul-breaking gun made a violent dragon chant,The sky has changed dramatically,Countless lightning and thunder broke out,A giant golden dragon flies in the dark clouds,The seventh elder suddenly stopped under this breath,Shaking and looking at a golden dragon in the sky,The dragon leaked its huge head and looked at the seventh elders underground。
At this moment, the Seven Elders are like falling into an ice cave,The icy feeling passed from the steps to the head,This moment seems to be seen clearly by Jinlong,Jinlong roared and the Seventh Elder flew out immediately,With such terrifying power, everyone in the Clear Sky School was taken aback.,The Great Elder and Tang Xiao were also shocked。