The man said to me solemnly:“This friend looks awkward,Are you here to play??Are you interested in discussing。”

Xiaofang anxiously beside:“He is a student who is just preparing to register,Just an unintentional move,Brother Duan, please forgive me。”
People who learn martial arts are bloody,I just listened to my speechless words,He is really angry,Don’t buy Xiaofang’s account:“Xiaofang,If I always give you face,But just now this brother said that our strength is very average,I think he should be very good。”
Other students heard what I said just now,Suddenly fry the pan,They all expressed that they wanted me to prove his strength on the spot,Look down on people so much。
The winner on stage shouted:“I haven’t enjoyed the competition just now,Just can fight again,But boy, we don’t bully you,You can come on stage and apologize in public。”
I was upset that I accidentally committed public anger just now,But he is also an arrogant person,The people on the ring saw the duel clearly,Its strength is not as good as Xia Jinsong,Why be afraid。
I came here for actual combat,A few more enemies is a good thing,Anyway, in the boxing ring, there is only a victory,“Then you wait,I’ll sign up,Come after changing clothes。”
After saying hello to Xiang Qingru and others, go out and sign up,The funny thing is,These people are afraid that I will run away by signing up,Also arranged for two people to follow him。
Xiang Qingru was in anxious sweat,Keep pulling me away,And Song Qi is excited,Don’t worry about whether I will suffer later。
I just hug Xiang Qingru’s shoulders,Soft channel:“I came to learn martial arts,How could I be intimidated by this difficulty,Don’t worry,thank you。”
Xiang Qingru was hugged and stiffened,Red face,Obediently stop talking。
I am happy:“I told you to be sorry,Take advantage of you first,Tease tease you,It will make you painful。”
Xiaofang introduced at the front desk:“If you sign up for Sanda3Class,Elementary class2000Yuan per year、Advanced class3000Yuan per year、Intensive class5000Yuan per year,Only the intensive class has the opportunity to get the guidance of Director Zhang。Each class is small class teaching,Summer holidays open every day,Classes start on Saturday and Sunday after school starts,The coach can give proper guidance when I have time,The facilities in the martial arts hall can be used for free。Which class are you enrolling in,We generally recommend beginners,Starting from the basics。”
I directly withdrew the bank card,Arrogant:“Enroll in advanced classes,No consideration。”
The student watching next to him can’t listen,Because the two on the stage are from the advanced Sanda class,Thought:“I’ll be pissing you,Let you report to the senior class。”
Sign up,Xiaofang took me to get the clothes,And found him a body protector,Let him change。
I change my clothes,Long walking and stepping to the front of the stage,Two young girls followed behind,The two people who were monitoring him now look like they are in class,That posture really shocked many people。
There are many people who know the goods,But see me naturally coordinate when I walk,Relaxed look,Compelling,Put away contempt,Brother that section reminds the winners on stage to be humane:“You be careful,He is not so easy to deal with。”。