Obviously the fat person is self-respecting,Actually telling Qin Liang to come to him by himself,This face is really big enough……And in the tone of speech,It’s completely treating Qin Liang as a junior。

Qin Liang smiled bitterly,Helplessly walked over,Since people care about their own face so much,I am a guest from afar,Then it will do him,Just give him enough face。
“When I was fighting on the road,Your kid hasn’t been born yet,So you can be regarded as your senior,I’m so fucking embarrassed to do it with you first,Come on you kid。”
The fat man finished talking nonchalantly,Just stood there waiting for Qin Liang to do it。If they are here to kill Qin Liang,Then naturally I won’t be so polite to him,But Zhuang Yong has repeatedly explained;Just to test Qin Liang’s skill,Don’t hurt his life,Don’t really break him,Then obviously this kid has a special relationship with the dealer,So these big buddies,
Naturally, I can only carry the shelf……
Zhuang Yong’s biggest concern,It’s Fluttershy,He was afraid of hurting Qin Liang,Once Fluttershy gets into trouble with him,He can’t clean up the situation……
“Since I have to do it,There must be a win or lose?If you win,What do you want?If you lose,So what?”
Qin Liang deliberately asked loudly,He is delivering a message to Yanzi,Let them not take it lightly,Now it’s just a contest,Not a life and death fight。
I didn’t expect Qin Liang’s words,On the contrary, these people on the opposite side were all questioned.!They are just invited by the dealer,To test Qin Liang’s skills,Didn’t want to treat him,So Qin Liang’s question,They couldn’t answer at once。
“I have a hasty,What the hell is this?Don’t these people come to me to pass the time when they are full?”
Qin Liang was also struggling,Look at each other, look at me,I see you,But no one answered his own words,Obviously they came to find their own purpose,Seems to have nothing。
“You speak,what do you want?”