“Yes,Smells good,Have been using。how,You don’t like it anymore?”

Hu Lai shook his head:“No no,Still like it。Just a little surprised……After all, I wanted to buy this laundry detergent,I thought after I left,You probably won’t use it anymore……”
“Used to,Too lazy to change。”
There is another reason Xie Lan didn’t say,Because this is the taste my son likes,So she insisted on washing clothes at home with this detergent、Curtains and sheets duvet cover。When the home is filled with a light fragrance,Will make her feel that her son is still at home。
Hu Lai walked to his desk,Reach out and rub your hands on the Golden Boot and Golden Globe trophies of your national competition,The trophy is as bright as new,Can clearly reflect his figure。
“No ash……”He looked at his fingertips。
“I often wipe it for you。”Mother’s voice sounded behind me。
Hu Lai looks back,Seeing my mother leaning on the door frame,Looking at yourself with a smile。
He remembered that in order to play football,Run away from home,Until I was on the plane,Dare to tell mom through WeChat。At that time, two hours had passed since he was over from school,During the time when he was late,How worried about him is mom?
At the beginning, he was full of mind but only wanted to pursue his professional football dream.,There is only a vision for a better life in the future,I dreamed of what would happen after I went to Lingnan to see Director Zhao,What is the Poseidon Youth Team like?,What teammates,Are they easy to get along with?What are the accommodation conditions?Are you accustomed to eating food in Lingnan?……He thought of all of these。
I didn’t expect my mother,Does she worry about herself,Will she cry because she ran away from home?Want to come now,She supports herself so much,If I told her the truth before I left,Mom shouldn’t stop herself, right?He used to play in the school team,It’s his mother who helped him cover,Then why does he think he will play professional football this time?,Mother won’t agree?
I just left without saying goodbye so selfishly,Can’t wait to run to that vast world,But ignores the gaze that always silently stares behind him。
Thought of here,Hu Lai said to Xie Lan:“mom,Sorry。”
The mother smiled and shook his head:“I am your mother,I’m sorry?”
Chapter Seventy Two What to do after making money?
That day,Mother has been busy since the afternoon,Made a big table of dishes,Fengsheng to Hu Lai thinks that I will have leftovers in the next week。
Mom’s explanation is“More than every year”,Hu Lai thought to me, mom, you really moved the customs of the New Year intact.?
Should I give me New Year money when I eat??