Laura,Three people drag the Terry left the cave,Just out,Cave collapse,Anthill reunion,The door is restored to the original appearance.。

Looking at the magic ball on the ground,Laura frightened,She personally thinks something should not be found.,Such as Pandora,The key reappears is not a good thing.。
Is it tangled in Greece?,Roll the magic ball back to the Moon Temple,Laura saw Liao Wenjie picked up the magic,Wave,Disperse it into a flying gray。
I knew it!
Laura heart shock,Sure enough, as she guess,Whether it is a magic or a magic box,Liao Wenjie has a secret to the secret。
Considering that it is also white asking,Liao Wenjie must not say anything,Laura will be confused deeply,I think about it, I will drink a cup.。
Not her blow,She is still alive。
Off-road vehicle walking in the prairie,Laura lying on the rear tone to adjust your double gun,There is no one with two men who are in front of them.。
Know that the two are looking for God armed,Laura borrowed the Holy Spirit of the Sword.,Didn’t see what,But the five-piece intensity,Propose a team application。
Terry no human rights,Being in the roof of the off-road vehicle,Three hundred and sixty degrees,The magnificent scenery,Nature’s stations and inclusive,Maybe you can wash him unknown evil spirits。
If you can’t,The small single room in prison is quite convincing。 One another,Goodbye the tribe of Kusa is already the next day.,JackieSpirituality,Cannot continue on the road,Choose a Pusa,Truncate to the morning tomorrow morning。
Liao Wenjie should be allowed,Bringing the Holy Spirit Back to the tent,Ready to be deep in the night tonight,Go to the cave mining,By the way, take away Pandora’s Magic Box。
Good idea,However, I haven’t waited until the night is quiet.,Laura is not please,Put him in the tent。
“Falcon,I’m in a bad mood!”
Laura wears a sports vest,Relying on the vete of the bed single Chau Liao Wenjie hook hand,no other meaning,When you are depressed, you should relax the bones.。
“This is afraid that it will not,I have a girlfriend.,I really love her。”
Liao Wenjie refused,He is not a casual person,So I must clear the words first before it.,Solver fleet mixed the royal battleship。
“you sure?”
Laura,Long legs lift,Directly in Liao Wenjie,Disdain:“Give you a chance,I’m in a bad mood,Need to disclose pressure。”
“Although I love my girlfriend,But helping others is my consistent aim,I saw your stress.,Double,Indeed。”Liao Wenjie sighs,Everyone friends,He can’t see death,Anyway, often suffer from grievances,Not bad this time。
Heavenly,Videos drive away from the tribe。
Cuba is awkward,Return your tent complement,Noisy in one night,This is another situation next time,A spiritual compensation fee for noise disturbance must be added。
On the afternoon,The off-road vehicle drove into the nearby town,Laura and team get in touch,In this regard, Liao Wenjie。Exchange contact information before leaving,When the next pressure is difficult to solve,Will call him。
For some reason,Say good time a little longer,The whole day is delayed。
the other side,JackieAlso gain contact with the Earl,Both people rushed to Spain with the fastest speed,In a castle manor,Earl of Bannar。
Castle,Banquet, luxury retro,We can see the valuable precious artwork everywhere。
The Sannantian Jue is about sixty years,A pair of glasses,SSSV,Smiley,It seems a very ceremonial and conserved nobles。
“Jackie,It’s you,Never let me down。”
Open suitcase,Clamps, the Holy Spirit,Pick up a magnifying glass,It took a long time to study in the outside。
Liao Wenjie andJackieSitting on the sofa,The latter is curious:“count,Is there any special place in the Holy Spirit?,See your look,It seems that this is genuine。”