Monica is in a cultivated woman in Pu Tutong,Stand in front of the window,The eyes are slightly fascinating,I don’t know what I am thinking.。

at this time,I’ve been knocking on the door outside。
Monica suddenly returned to God,Just talk,The sound outside the door has already sounded in advance。
“Monica,Have you rested?”
Heard this sound,Monica’s face suddenly changed,Turntan reveals a bitter。
She went to the past,Open the door,Whisper,“Uncle Rand,How come you?。”
Outside the door, a body shape,Men with a golden long hair。
It is the old dark parliament holder,Rand。
He didn’t answer Monica immediately,But asked,“Can I go in??”
“Uncle Rand is please。”
Monica rushed to let the body。
Rand enters the room,Immediately sweep around,The spin is about to fall in Monica。
This is only answered before the problem,“The throne of the Dark Parliament is missing,How can I sit still?。”
“Uncle Rand,Me……”Rand is a hand,Stop her,“Don’t have to say,Everything you do I already know。”
Toned,Positive color,“You do this,I also understand,Snoving from the headquarters,It’s just to see him.,Monica,I am also young.,I also like a woman.,So I can understand your feelings。”
Merely,Face,Swift,“but,You have to make a clear weight,I used to persuade you countless times.,If you are for love,Can put everything,Leave Dark Parliament,Remainder,I am taking you with you.;on the contrary,If you really want to lead the dark parliament,Then please don’t be like a child.!”
This,Said that it has been extremely heavy。
Monica is not angry,But the low head,“sorry,Uncle Rand,I just……only……”“Do you have the position of the Dark Parliament??
Volume between the long gangs and the gods alliance,You are not in the Dark Parliament,You are pushing everyone to the abyss。”
Rand’s anger Monica,“Don’t think this is just a little thing.,Can you destroy the gods alliance??
If you can’t,Will he keep your Dark Parliament??
I will give you a choice now.,Leave,Still leave!”
Monica’s body trembled,Heart such as a knife。
Entangle、hesitate、不 不 等 情 情 情 头。
She raised her head,“sorry,Uncle Rand,Next, I will not make such a mistake.。”
Rand Cold Road,“Monica,I am not blame you to help summer,But even if I help,Be careful to do,Important,You shouldn’t come here,You can guarantee,Is there any other forces in our parliament??
Your one move,Are in the eyes of others,If you are quietly waiting at the headquarters,Dark helping summer,It is also difficult for others.,But you have lost this,Who doesn’t know the relationship between you and the summer??
You are not helping him,It is harming him,It’s also harm you,If it is involved in it,Not only will make the dark parliament,And will even,I am very disappointed with you now.,Experience so much,When can you really mature?。”
Monica is a red,Tears flash。
A silky grievance,There is also a silky fear。
“Let them leave tomorrow.。”
Rand is not moving,“Your disappearance,It has attracted some attention to some people within the parliament.,They are not safe here.。”
Monica low low response,Apologize again,“I’m very sorry,Me……”“Don’t say sorry。”
Rand face slightly,Sighed,“Monica,Everything is not happening now,So you have the opportunity to say sorry,Can be a dark parliament,Who are you going to say sorry??”
Toned,He shook his head,“I know you are very tired.,A lot of pressure,The burden on the shoulder is also very heavy,Even from a certain aspect,I have supported you completely separated from the Dark Parliament.,But since you choose to sit on the throne,Attention should be responsible。”
……“What did you say?
Room,Ji Bao bottle stood up。