“That’s it,Thank you Baimu!”

“you are welcome,You have to work hard!”
“correct,Bai Mu,I especially like you playing the piano,Can you play a song for me?”
“what?But we are going to class,Damn,what,There is actually a street piano here,Ok,Then play a song,What do you want to hear?”
“To Alice!”
“Lucky you……”
412 I can only explode when I want to explode !
An idol who can help himself?
An idol who can help herself play the piano?
Can smile with passion,Greet your idol early in the morning?
Maybe still an idol that can be used as an alarm clock?
There was some commotion in the audience,Many people in the audience felt that Wang Yufei was afraid of misunderstanding about idols。
But when the song to Alice is over,Wang Yufei spoke again:“Ok,Because of the time,Our staff can only design such an idol entirely based on hobbies,Although it also used external forces,But compared to idols,Obviously Bai Mu is still a little tasteless。”
“But please remember,All idols can grow!The more fans,To make up all the extras in her life,After the server background calculation、After simulation integration,Her personality becomes more complete。Obviously in the eyes of our programmers,His idol should be a good girl who is clever and sensible,So in the end it was designed to look like this。Therefore, it is extremely important to win more fans for the idol you designed。”
“Then the problem is coming,Virtual idols seem to have no exposure,Can only be compared within the software,How to promote?First of all, please recall the minimalist programming software,The National Idol’s database and the minimalist programming material library are interoperable。What do you mean?It means the avatar in the national idol,Can be edited into the game,Or in other software。”
“Design a game for your idol,He can be smart in the gameNPC,Can also be the ultimateBOSS,And mark his identity。This is the first way to increase idol exposure。”