I just looked in front of my eyes subconsciously,Yang Zhuo at this time,I’m talking directly here。

“All right,Actually now,We don’t need to http://www.fun525.cn worry about these for now。”
“Everyone should prepare first,Then we are ready to start!”
When Yang Zhuo finished,Those around,Took a deep breath。
and,According to what Yang Zhuo said,Then they this time,Are you planning to play a big one anytime??
but now,The more these people think like this,The more I feel a sense of eagerness。
If you really want to start from here,Actually such a thing,In essence,It doesn’t make any difference at all。
And after watching for a while,Yang Zhuo at this time,He said proudly。
“Now that I have decided,How could there be the slightest change??”
“But from the current situation,These things,Actually it has been completely processed。”
When Yang Zhuo’s words are finished,obviously,Those around,Actually, I think it looks pretty good。
Since this is really the case,Then next,Where do you start,at this point,It http://www.shoujiwaike.cn is indeed a tricky thing。
Chapter 75 I am the Guo Family
“This Jiang Ya,Where did you go?”
Wang Teng looked around,I don’t know where Jiang Ya went。
So after looking around,But did not find。
This actually makes Wang Teng’s heart,Feel how much,These things are a little weird。
but,Wang Teng is still here, secretly thinking about what these are because of。
Now,Actually Wang Teng has already seen。