“Shake is really not a matter of nervous,What if we want to do for you?,Will not wait until you wake up,You are different from Mr. Gordan.,He is our test product,And you are our partner。”

The smile on Martin is like an old gentleman,“We only have a request,Help us do our utmost to kill summer。”
Rush,Some don’t believe,“Is this only this request??”
Martin nodded very calmly,“In fact, we value,Not your strength,But you are with hatred between the summer,Because two people can never become friends,Once we cooperate,You can never be betrayed,And according to the news we get,In these three days of your coma,Your Chinese ancient Chinese,Has been promoted,You and Tiao organization teamed up.。so,You http://www.dgzbwl.cn only stand in our side, there is a living road.。”
Toned,Swift,“But,If you want to find a summer avenge,Take your strength,Not his opponent,so,You need an arm,one eye,And make your strength become strong。”
Shake,Detailed thinking about each other。
Although it feels some,There is no vulnerability in the other party.。
Important……The other party seems to be discussed,In fact, he did not have a redundant choice.。
If rejected,SWF believes that they are so fast that they have been in the same way.。
for a long time。
He suddenly looked up,Look straight to each other,“If you are as you say,I am willing to cooperate with you.。”
“Ha ha,The swift is really a smart person.,Let me think about a word in your Huaxia again,Time-seekers are Junjie。”
Speech,He put a glass of red wine to the rushing near,I also ended http://www.fgkeo.cn the wine glass.。
“Wish we can co-operate well。”
See,Sorry is not hesitant,End the wine glass and each other,Immediately drained。
Martin smiles,“Our technology is very mature,And advanced,But I still have to remind the swift.,Regardless of transplant arms or eyeballs,Still having a certain danger。”
Shake is not doubtful,Nodded,“I can accept every danger,Today, I am blinding,Simple wasteman,Not as good as a thing。”
Martin reveals the color,“Since this,Mr. Shash is ready for a few days,You first need to do it first.,Relax,Let go of all pressure and vigilance……How about this,I will arrange people to help you.,Remember my words,Do not worry,Mindset is very important。”
Finish,He reached out and pressed the point of the table.。
After a moment,Into a woman wearing a white coat outside,Respectful,“President。”
“Alice,Next,You will become a psychologist of a rock,You need to do,That is to help him remove a variety of potential psychological stress and disease,Understand。”
Alice,Subsequently,“Mr. Shash,please follow me。”
Sighting stands up,Hug,Turning and walking。
Treat him,Orlando standing behind, I can’t help but ask,“President,You really want to cooperate with him.?”
“of course not。How can you ask such a childish problem?。”
Martin stretches the finger,Orlando walks to opposite,Sitting in front of the position。
“I was crazy to study the physical fitness of Chinese ancient Chinese,Later, you bring the rush,He became a test product,I didn’t expect to really heal him.,That is, the so-called Dantian, ancient people in China.。”
Martin is full of wrinkled cheeks,Disulfuse,“I tried a lot of ways,Later, he finally could hear him with a special serum.,And I have to do it now.,It is another test,Need to be hidden in his body for many years。”
Merely,Martin’s eyes become fanatical,It seems to become the crazy scientist。
“Do you know Olando?,At that time, I had an extremely bold idea.,That is to transform http://www.lanjunboxian.cn a powerful humanoid weapon,I have waited for so many years.,I finally realized the wishes of the year.。”