“Haha!This girl,Has always been like a god,I admire her,and so,You just obediently follow me,Hehe……”

Qin Liang said triumphantly,Then he started to stop the hand and mouth movements……
“Am i not good enough……What do you want me……”
Liu Rushi finished these words bitterly,I closed my beautiful eyes……
When Qin Liang returned to the living room,It’s already more than an hour,He had to let Liu Rushi go,Because the two of you keep getting together,About to lose control,Broke through the last relationship。
And Liu Rushi still doesn’t want to do that,In her words:She is not yet mentally prepared to transform from a girl to a woman,She wants Qin Liang to give her some more time。
After the affection,Qin Liang was blasted out of the bedroom by Liu Rushi,Because she was embarrassed to let Qin Liang see herself naked in clothes,So Qin Liang took into account her self-esteem,I had to leave the bedroom by myself。
Take out the amethyst necklace you bought,Qin Liang is going to wait for Liu Rushi to come out of the bedroom,To solve her mystery。
“Do you want to eat fruit?”
The dressed Liu Rushi walked out of the bedroom,Just ask Qin Liang。
“Come,Girl,Bring this to me first。”
Qin Liang greeted,Holding the glittering gem necklace。
“Yeah,Why did you unpack the package??That’s a gift for someone,How can your friend give it to his wife like you??”
Liu Rushi said flusteredly。
“You take me first to see the effect,Hurry up。”
Qin Liang does not care about her so much,Just keep urging Liu Rushi。
Liu Rushi helpless,I had to obey Qin Liang’s intention,I put that necklace on my snow-white neck。