Things do not exist alone,Related things,if there is not,That you haven’t found。

The monster said to Gan Yifan that internal fire is just the first step,Wait for him to understand the content of the second volume of bamboo slips,Will know how to use internal fire。
At that time Gan Yifan was dubious,But after a period of learning,Although he still failed to understand the content of the second volume of bamboo slips,But no longer doubt。
There must be a connection between the two scrolls of bamboo slips,I haven’t mastered it but he hasn’t found it yet。
He can think with a normal heart“Playing with fire”this matter。
Volume Two:Admission First25chapter:Binocular blood red
Finish practice,The teenager took a bath,Put on clean clothes,I smiled when I looked at myself in the mirror,Pretty pretty。
The expression of the teenager has always been blunt,Before leaving, the old professor confessed that he wanted to smile more,He keeps it in mind,The old professor wants him to be kind to others,He also keeps it in mind。
“Hair is a bit long,Time to cut the head。”
He is used to keeping himself clean and refreshing。
Carry a big bag and go out,The shop at the gate of the community,Ordered ten big meat buns,Five tea eggs,Two bowls of soy milk,Eating and drinking amidst others’ comments。
He is improving now,Never like to be the sight of others,Ignore the eyes of others until now。
The barbershop at the gate of the community hasn’t opened yet,He wandered to the school,There are many barber shops around the school,Every morning when the teenager goes to school, he can see several open shops,Especially those in the corners of the alley,It’s just that these barbershops are strange,There are often women with little dress standing by the door。
The boy found a big face,Went in。
“Brother came early!Shampoo or massage?”A yawning woman greeted us。