“One Beauty” James McAvoy contributed 27.50,000 pounds for British anti-epidemic

Sauna Night News was donated by Chinese actor James McAvoy (James McAvoy) on the 30th.50,000 pounds (about 2.42 million yuan), can help British doctors buy the medical supplies needed to fight the new type of coronary pneumonia.James McAvoy said in a personal social media video: “We have all heard of doctors and nurses in hospital protective equipment, and some people even DIY protective equipment, which will increase their risk of infection if they are infected, Is a bad thing for our entire society. “Therefore, some people initiated a so-called “hero mask” donation activity to help those medical workers in the front line to buy masks, gloves, protective clothing and other medical supplies and equipment. The original donation was 200,000 pounds. EventuallyWith the addition of “Yimei” donations, the total amount has reached 700,000 pounds (about 6.17 million yuan).Wu Dongni, Editor of Sauna Night Net, Deals with Chun Leng