The four masters of the new year investment advice not to miss

Tencent securities FRANCISCO, January 6 news, the American financial site MarketWatch published an article in the new year, drawing attention to the investment guru advice。
Before you swing, you do not have to imagine yourself along with Bobby – as Ruth (US baseball player), pointing to the imaginary grandstand?Or, as Michael – Michael Jordan as his tongue out, dribble on the court?It does not matter, you're just in the company softball league play, or play near the small community of game。
But in every sport, you can find great players imitate。
It turns out that when it comes to investing, imitation professionals is a pretty good idea。
It looks stupid and less risky。
Take a look at these four investment guru style bar。 You may not be rich like them, but in their leadership you will become rich。
– John Bogle: keep it simple Vanguard Group (the world's largest mutual fund company) founder John – Bogle's style could not be simpler: Stick to index funds, avoid costly fees and a variety of stocks and bonds。 In mid-1974, he founded the investment company Pioneer Group, and served as chairman until mid-1996。
Since then he has served as chairman of the company by the year 2000。 Mid-1999, "Fortune" magazine named him as one of "Investment Giants" of the 20th century four; mid-2004, the US "Time" magazine put him one of "the world's 100 most influential people"; financial Berg institutional Investors Association awarded "lifetime Achievement Award"。 2006 Annual Borg with Warren Buffett, Graham, George Soros, who was the "New York Times" as the world's top ten fund managers, ranked No. 7。
The beauty of his strategy is that it limits the impact of inevitable human behavior。 Tracking index allows you to sit back and enjoy a slow but steady increase in the market, not because of fear, greed or other natural sentiment led investors astray。
John Bogle's entire investment management career, his "simple" principle known。 This is the exponential principle of operation and low cost of funds, that "profit is equal to total revenue minus cost."。
Vanguard method of cost control is very simple, namely to expand the fund size to achieve economies of scale, improving internal skills, improve employee incentives and maintain customer loyalty。 Last year, Bogle told us: "People believe the end of the rainbow there is a pot of gold。 However, there is no pot of gold, there is no rainbow。 If you can avoid stupid mistakes, you will do well。
"- John Berger has published eight books, three of which Buffett recommended。 Buffett not only testimonials Borg, Borg also recommended the founder of Vanguard's fund products。
Warren – Warren Buffett: You can not buy and hold one of the world's richest man。 Like Bogle, like Warren – Warren Buffett knows that the best investment is the fundamental measure without any investment。 Long-term plan carefully planned strategy will help you bon voyage on the market, no matter what difficulties you encounter on the way。
This is Buffett's style: buy and hold。 "Our favorite holding period is forever。 "He wrote in an 1988 letter, chairman, the key lies in your investment strategy, as well as everything in your portfolio, should be strong enough to withstand natural fluctuations in the market。
In that case, you will feel the need to sell when the time is right。 Buffett's investment is the secret of his long insisted on holding the best investments are both long-lived investment than any trend。
When Buffett's investment decisions, he considered that the long-term benefits。 Buffett once said, "predecessors trees, descendants cool。
"It's quite right。
Do a good job pre-financing, the course of time you will benefit from these returns。 As pay off debt, guarantee pension and pay for their children's college tuition。 The core Buffett made his investment decisions are long-term plans, in his 2014 letter to shareholders, said, "People should have a long-term vision for decades, their focus should be on the entire investment career in obtaining substantial benefits and when purchasing power, and not only fluctuations in the stock market or the economic crisis。
"In mid-2017 Berkshire annual shareholders meeting, Buffett said:" Usually we have a business reason for this or that want to focus on five, ten or twenty years。 We need to figure out whether this company now has a sustainable increase to the next five, ten or twenty years of competitive advantage。
"Maybe stocks is not your specialty, but by following Buffett's 'long' rule, you may also benefit from their investment reap handsome dividends。 Try to choose those that show long-term growth potential of the enterprise, as well as those that you are willing to adhere to investment for many years。
莎莉克劳切 grams: stick 莎莉克劳切 grams (SallieKrawcheck) not only live in senior management circles Smith Barney, Citigroup and Bank of America, but her career at this level of capability。
So, how there will be a wealth of experience from her sage advice it "investment itself is not a goal," said Krawcheck。
On the contrary, it is a means to an end。 The goal is to create for ourselves full, interesting, wonderful life。 Basically, do not focus on trying to beat the market。 (This is often a losing proposition。 ) Remember, the purpose of investment just to make money, but to achieve financial goals, whether it is college tuition, buy a house or retirement。 So do not be distracted because of fluctuations in the market。 Focus on your goals and your plan and stick to it。
Benjamin – Graham: buy low and Warren – Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett) The Benjamin – Graham (BenjaminGraham) considered one of his greatest teacher, and he attributed his success。 You need other reasons to follow his advice do Benjamin – one of Graham's famous quote is: the market is like a pendulum, always short-lived optimism (the stock is too expensive) and irrational pessimism (the stock too oscillating between cheap)。
Smart investors are realists, they sell shares to the optimists and pessimists to buy shares from the hands of。
If you want to understand Graham's investment style, read his book "The Intelligent Investor" (TheIntelligentInvestor)。
Cliff notes version: buy low。
Graham is known as "the father of value investing," he is looking for advocates of less than the fair market value of investments。
How this applies to most of us, they should adhere to the fund invests in a variety of stocks rather than keep in mind that the market may be sensitive to political news to report from poor performance may lead to short-term earnings decline。
However, if we put these events as an opportunity not to panic selling, but rather to invest more when sold on the stock nature, then we can go ahead。

Close: The White House hinted duty exemptions US stocks ended mixed | US stocks

  Sina Wall Street FRANCISCO 8 am, US stocks ended mixed Wednesday。
White House chief economic adviser Cohen resigned increased market fears of a global trade war, so that stocks and other risky assets sold off。
But the White House hinted that it might add to China and Mexico imported steel and aluminum products after the tariff exemptions, reduced decline in the Dow and Nasdaq turned higher。
  EDT at 16:00 on March 6th (Beijing at 05:00 on March 8), Dow down points, or percent, 24 points; P 500 points down, or percent, 2 points ; Nasdaq up points, or percent, 7, points。   In Gary – after Cohen (GaryCohn) Trump announced his resignation as US president's chief economic adviser, the market for global trade war outbreak fears heat up。
Cohen opposition to levy high tariffs on imported steel and aluminum。   How the major stock indexes show?  US stocks opened lower on Wednesday, intraday Dow was completely spit back this year, the Dow (2017, the last trading day, the Dow closed at 24 points)。
Dow was down nearly 350 points, low down to Sunday 24, points。
  Tuesday, the Dow, the S & P 500 index and the Nasdaq both closed slightly higher intraday market volatility。 Technology stocks led the gains。 Dow day up points, or percent, 24 points; P 500 points up, or percent, 2 points; Nasdaq up points, or percent, 7, points。
  What is the market-driven forces?  Cohen's resignation after the news spread, investors avoid risky assets。 Cohen objected Trump tariff plan while serving as director of the National Economic Council。
He is seen as the chief architect of favorable corporate tax cuts implemented last year, while this term is also seen as noisy a sober-minded government figures。   Cohen decided to resign from office the president's top economic adviser Trump, the Trump fears will be more inclined to take protectionist stance, and could trigger a global trade war。
This scale trade conflict will make the US economic expansion is threatened。   The European Commission said on Wednesday that the agency is studying if Trump continues to pursue its tariff plans, which should be tariffs against American products for。 In addition, it was reported Trump government is considering a wide range of import tariffs on Chinese products。
  How to market participants say?  Analysts FawadRazaqzada said: "A lot of things will depend on who will replace Trump choose Cohen。 If the successor support free trade – this is imagination and Cohen, then the result of this favorable market。
However, if the successor is a radical trade hawks, it will only increase the market panic。
"Economic data reporting ADP agency said the increase in the number of million American private sector employment in February。
  After the ADP employment report, US 10-year bond yields climbed to% 2-year bond yields, 30-year bond yields%。
  Other economic data showed that the US trade deficit in January was $ 56.6 billion, US fourth quarter non-farm unit labor cost growth% final value。   The economic situation of the Fed's Beige Book economic report showed that: most widely distributed area manufacturing production growth, production activities mentioned in only one area at least a moderate pace of growth in consumer spending been mixed, slightly more than half of the districts reported non-auto retail sales growth; all jurisdictions car sales have shown a decline or flat, each jurisdiction reports home sales and construction activity to ease the pace, the latter by a shortage of labor and raw materials restrictions。   With regard to labor market conditions, the Beige Book noted that for the tight labor market situation, employers in most regions have increased wages and expanded benefits, many regions reported that most sectors of the continuing shortage of staff, particularly in the construction, contact information technology and manufacturing reports, in some areas, said the tax reform passed, there is a small increase in salary。
  The lowest increase in January consumer credit data appears four months since the。
  Fed officials speech by the market concerned。
Fed officials speaking today include the New York Fed President William – Dudley (WilliamDudley), Atlanta Fed President Rafael – Bostic (RaphaelBostic), etc.。   Bostic said that protectionism is no good for the overall economy, the Fed will need to wait and see stance on the issue of tariff。
He said "trade protectionism is usually not from a broader perspective on the overall economic help, this is a very uncertain period; I expect you'll see in the next few days this will be reflected in the market。 "Dudley said that trade barriers hampered the attention of comparative advantage。   Stocks in focus HRBlock (HRB) shares rose after the company announced after Tuesday's close of 2018 third-quarter loss than expected, but quarterly revenue exceeded expectations。
  UrbanOutfitters (URBN) announced fourth-quarter profit by the United States against the new tax law。   (ADSK) announced fourth-quarter net loss, revenue exceeded market expectations。   Ross Stores (ROST) fourth-quarter sales and earnings exceeded expectations, but expects same-store sales growth will be lower than expected。   US retailers Tree (DLTR) and Brown – Forman () are on today reported earnings。   How other market performance?  Asian markets ended lower Wednesday。 European stock markets, the European FTSEurofirst 300 index closed higher%; the UK FTSE 100 index closed higher%; Germany's DAX index closed higher%; France's CAC index closed higher%; the Spanish IBEX index closed higher%。   April gold futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell $ or percent, to close at $ / oz。
Tuesday to close at $ / ounce, since February 16, the highest closing price。
Since the recent trend is extremely volatile, last Thursday the price of gold closed at its lowest level so far this year。
  New York Mercantile Exchange, April delivery of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) futures prices fell $ or percent, to close at $ / barrel。 Earlier WTI crude oil futures prices have risen for three consecutive trading days。   London, May Brent crude futures fell $ or percent, to close at $ / barrel。
(Zhang Jun)。

Zuckerberg is the 50 million users of data leakage apology: willing to personally testify to Congress

  Zuckerberg is the 50 million user information was leaked Facebook apologizes。 (Source: Reuters) Profile China Daily March 22 electrical (Sun Ruonan) Recent media exposure of US social networking site Facebook (Facebook) on the 50 million users of data analysis by the British company "Cambridge analysis" leaked, the matter of great concern。 According to the US Cable News Network reported 21, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized for this purpose, and did not rule out the possibility of personally testifying to Congress。
  "The short answer is that if this is the right thing to do, then I am willing to do so。
"Zuckerberg said in an interview:" We want people to send the most well-known case of Facebook (went to Congress to testify), if that person is me, then I am willing to go。
"Facebook has a group of lawyers and lobbyists in Washington, and Zuckerberg himself had never testified before congressional committees on。 British and American lawmakers are hoping to change this state, they called within the next five days, Zuckerberg and Facebook should provide evidence "Cambridge Analysis" company linked to Parliament。   Zuckerberg, 21, Facebook issued a document in said Facebook needs to be improved, and promised to improve。 He told a tool users can use dynamic message, delete third-party programs may collect user data。
  50 million user information was leaked regarding the concern, there are a large number of Internet users called for quit Facebook。 Currently the UK's privacy regulator Information Authority and the US Federal Trade Commission are investigating the case。
  (Edit: Party Chao Feng Zhoufeng Mei)。

57 insurance intermediary fined 1.93 million yuan in Sichuan out fine

  Insurance intermediary supervision in March 2018 to increase the opening of the first month, regulators issued administrative penalties for a total of 23 insurance intermediaries written decision, fines of ten thousand yuan。
  Wang Chuan Sichuan Insurance Brokers Ltd. was fined 500,000 yuan Sichuan insurance regulatory authorities, two responsible person fined 200,000 yuan, and this is the statistics of the insurance intermediary organization is the largest amount of the fine company。 2016, Wang Chuan brokerage exist prepared or provided false reports, offense reports, documents and information。
  Another company fined 500,000 yuan insurance intermediaries is leading in Sichuan Tin Shing Insurance Agency Ltd.。 December 2016, in the presence of agents led Tin Shing prepared to provide false reports, statements, documents, illegal data。
  Traditional Chinese New Year holiday itself is superimposed on the number of days the month is relatively small, at least in February fines。   Regulatory authorities in February a total of 14 insurance brokers, 15 were fined responsible person million yuan, a total fine of ten thousand yuan。   February was the largest amount of fines the insurance intermediaries Zhejiang Continental Insurance Brokers Limited。
March 2015 to August 2016, 214 intercontinental brokerage firm will pen direct business four insurance institutions for the fictional intermediary business, and through fictitious economic matters, with travel expenses, entertainment expenses, office supplies costs, vehicle use fees in the name of reimbursement invoices way, handling personnel obtain funds and returned to the relevant insurance agencies, involving premiums yuan, brokerage fees million, the return of the cost of ten thousand yuan。 Zhejiang Province, according to the law of the insurance regulatory authorities in Zhejiang intercontinental Insurance Brokers Limited fine of $ 350,000, the relevant person in charge of Mao Huichun fined 70,000 yuan。
  In March, regulators of the insurance regulatory efforts to increase。 As of March 17, approaching twice the amount of the fine the amount of fines full month of February。
  According to the "Securities Daily" reporters to incomplete statistics, in March in Beijing, Jilin, Guizhou, Hubei and other six regional regulatory authorities for 20 insurance intermediary agency administrative penalties, for a total fine of ten thousand yuan。   Fined insurance intermediary structures, Jilin Province OCI regulatory authorities on the public insurance agent limited liability company a fine of 300,000 yuan, ranking first in the insurance agency fined the month。
Administrative penalty decision shows that in October 2017 to November, Jilin public insurance agent limited liability company taking impropriety costs, involving an amount of ten thousand yuan。
  Beijing Sunshine Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. Three Thai fines Guizhou Branch ranked second。
Administrative penalty decision shows that the company due to the use of other agencies to facilitate business interests seek improper Guizhou Province was fined 210,000 yuan of insurance regulatory authorities, Cao Fei, deputy general manager in charge of the matter as a human being fined 70,000 yuan。   Sichuan and Hubei supervision from a large geographical point of view, the supervision of the largest Sichuan Province。 According to the "Securities Daily" correspondent statistics, as of March 17, a total of Sichuan Insurance Regulatory Commission regulatory authorities for the grand agent, the collar Tin Shing, Hong Chuan insurance brokers, Sichuan people run insurance agents, insurance agents, etc. Sichuan and Thailand 6 Insurance intermediaries, a responsible person were fined 1.91 million yuan, 20,000 yuan, a total fine of 1.93 million yuan。
Fines far more than in February the whole month of fines。   The biggest month of insurance supervision in Sichuan Province is January。 Wang Chuan outside insurance brokers described above, remove the collar Tin Shing, the grand agent fined 370,000 yuan, ranking the month fined the amount of insurance intermediaries third。
According to the Sichuan Insurance regulators administrative penalty decision shows that in August 2016, the grand agent of any interest other than the insured the insurance contract, the total amount of ten thousand yuan。   In addition, six of insurance intermediaries Sichuan punishment, the people of Sichuan Xuyong Run Insurance Agency Ltd. Branch business due to the use of convenience for other institutions or individuals seek improper interest was fined 80,000 yuan, the two were responsible people fine of $ 10,000。
  Shandong insurance regulation within three months although only punished Shandong Prudential Schwab Insurance Agency Ltd. and Shandong-run Health Insurance Agency Co., two insurance intermediaries, but single ticket in the amount of 20 million。
  The two companies, the Shandong-run health insurance agency more problems。 January 2016 to March 2017, student-run agency with no insurance agency qualified the car dealer auto insurance agency business cooperation, the same time period, student-run agency also commissioned did not hold a practicing certificate to carry out insurance sales activity, in addition, Run-sheng agency also exist reimbursement account credentials untrue, omissions and other issues 2016 annual audit report。 Shandong insurance regulatory departments shall Shandong-run health insurance agency fined 170,000 yuan。
  Prudential Insurance Agency Ltd. Shandong Schwab fined reason is the preparation of false financial information, and failing to make use of this book and the customer beyond the approved scope of business engaged in business activities。 Shandong insurance regulatory departments shall be fined ten thousand yuan。   Hubei insurance regulatory authorities in March punished the largest number of insurance intermediaries。
March 13, Hubei insurance regulatory bursts of eleven Zhang Xingzheng penalty decision, in which ten to insurance intermediaries, for a total fine of ten thousand yuan。
  Fined up to the amount of three insurance intermediaries were in Hubei force insurance agents, insurance agents Wuhan Autopass world, Masataka brokers Hubei Branch, fines were 210,000 yuan, 120,000 yuan, 110,000 yuan。
  The reason fined ten insurance intermediaries including failure to submit requested information, the commission paid to non-registered personnel, extended the appointment of employees, financial data is untrue, false statement and making information service fees and other irregularities。

Contraindications physiology of hot spring spa can not do?

Spa taboo, menstrual period can not do spa?Do spa, it is now the most popular method is the most recuperate health, but also can do yourself at home。 But many people still have a lot of confusion spa, professionals need to be answered。
Today is winter, the spa is one thing to be a very freshness。 Think menstrual period can not be done in the traditional sense on the spa, the spa can not be done when the menstrual period, because the strength of the division fingertips will make your body under pressure, affecting blood flow operation。 But New York University Medical experts point out that this is a misunderstanding of women's health science, gentle soothing massage not only will not affect your blood running, but also to relax the muscles, reduce menstrual pain, just do not let you back in aromatherapist down, around the uterus do excessive press, you do not have to worry about health problems。 In addition fat burning speed during the menstrual period to accelerate, as well as moderate massage slimming effect, the better news is that, due to the role of hormones, you will feel your chest swell a little in the menstrual period, if you let your massage therapist with essential oils massage the chest, but also for shaping the chest, upgrade your cup。 Contraindications physiology of hot spring spa can not do?Spa can be done, but is not suitable for any type of spa can be fully informed in advance division of their physical condition, if you have a skin allergy ,, also do not hide, spa therapists will recommend a course of treatment for you。
In addition, within 3 months of pregnancy and during more than seven months and is not recommended。 Do the spa can not eat things do hot springs to remain hungry unsaturated state, spa before three hours can not drink alcohol and alcoholic beverages, because there are a lot of abdominal massage action at the spa process, avoid dining within the previous hour and a half。
However, to drink plenty of water before and after spa, massage can promote blood circulation, drink plenty of water can promote the metabolism to speed up, to help detoxification。

Men lung bad lung bad how conditioning performance

Men lung poor performance which?Our lung is a very important organ, the lungs are bad people who will have a lot of harm, then you know that men lung underperforming what are you?Following small to tell you man lung poor performance。
Too many men lung deposition of toxins poor performance dull, dry if the lungs, it will show them from the skin condition。
There may be skin dry, dry, dull situation。 When the vigorous growth of body hair when the lungs of toxins too, will become long black hairs, especially around the lips and limbs, if recently found body hair increases, consider whether you want to pay attention to see the rows of lung toxicity。 Abnormal bowel movements in traditional Chinese medicine theory, the lungs and large intestine is a system, therefore, when the lungs of toxins exuberant, can also cause poor bowel large intestine, causing constipation, relative, often repeated constipation, will cause the removal of toxins from the body impeded, abnormal deposition of toxins, would affect the health of the lungs, caught in a vicious circle。 Men pulmonary atelectasis poor performance yam what good food is good lungs, usually also can eat。
It can be done with yam porridge or fried yam, such are possible。 Not suitable for matching with food and other。 This we all know pears, pears water is used for clearing the lungs, the lungs。 So, in terms of pears for the lung is a good thing, because more water, good digestion。
The best way of eating is, soup made pear, pear or water, add sugar, pear meat soup, like。

Chinese and foreign experts offer advice Gansu "Red Bull Pingliang": keeping local characteristics "expand the market"

  On that day, "Red Bull Pingliang Industry Development Strategy Symposium" was held, Chinese and foreign experts were invited to be a guest Pingliang, to play the role of think tank think tank, on the "Red Bull Pingliang" development Xianliang Ce。   '' Pingliang Red Bull 'is a brand, but not the species, breed brand transfer is the way forward。 "Beef Cattle Research Center director Meng Qingxiang, China Agricultural University, China's opening up beef importing country has 18 (including conditional open markets are waiting for the country), good quality low price of foreign beef cattle will be a direct challenge to the domestic market in 2017, the domestic need a group of local cattle breeds。   Meng Qingxiang frankly, most Chinese cities have copied all sectors of cattle breeding cows mode。 Barn, cattle feed, veterinary medicine, veterinary, head of the farm are from cow factory。 "Follow the cow mode, increased farming costs, competition in the market did not dominant。
"At the same time, trading links Pricing transparency is the biggest pain point beef cattle industry, beef cattle prices the initiative in the hands of traders, affecting cattle market supply and demand。
  "Source of germplasm determine the direction of future development of the industry。
"National Beef Cattle Improvement Center Zan Linsen introduced cattle to the north of bovine origin mainly to the south zebu cattle descent mainly from south to north zebu blood was the law of diminishing, indicating that China has a vast cattle breeds and genetic basis of inherited wealth variation。   " 'Red Bull Pingliang' development reflects local characteristics vitality, protect the resources to make good use of local cattle, do not blindly introduction。
"Zan Linsen think, 'Pingliang Red Bull' can not simply the pursuit of 'new, extraordinary and special' breed, not to 'be kind to lead', 'see species to lead', before introduction, be sure to consider the origin of the natural conditions of the species, body size , meat cattle performance and individual performance。   Zan Linsen said: "The advance of scientific proof, according to parental species characteristics and market demand, the development of scientific and rational improvement programs and the main target in a small scale, pilot basis, aimed at protecting Chinese cattle genetic resource advantages into full play of hybrid vigor, reduce the adverse gene phenotype。 "Wu Jianping, president of Gansu Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences at the forum site, according to the following four basic conditions for family farmers of breeding cows, everyone calculations: 4 of 4 cows, forage requirement tons a year, forage farmers may resolve itself, but requires 10 acres of land, concentrate the cost 5840 yuan a year, such as breeding rate of 80% a year profit income of close to million, which a farmer can out of poverty。
  Wu Jianping admitted that, based on current research shows that farmers Pingliang backyard cow breeding rate of only 50%, increase the rate of reproduction focuses on breeding varieties。
"At present, focusing on the breeding industry chain from departure, the simple pursuit of efficiency, are unsustainable。
It should convert ideas, starting from the supply chain, fostering distinctive cow。 "Said Wu Jianping。   Texas A & M University professor Joseph William Holloway believes, "Pingliang Red Bull" has been with the brand, currently in urgent need of a clear market positioning。
He suggested, "Pingliang Red Bull" is not necessarily only "targeting" high-end market, a final decision in considering competitive advantage, product substitutability, the current market capacity, product persistence and other factors。   During Pingliang City has also hired China Animal Husbandry Association branch president Xushang Zhong cattle industry, Wu Jianping, president of Gansu Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Texas A & M University professor Joseph William Holloway as "Red Bull Pingliang industrial development of high-end talent", the city hired four leading enterprises in charge of man-made "Red Bull Pingliang industry technical advisers," to crack "Pingliang Red Bull" brand development process in turn breeds a lack of professionals in the embarrassing position。

Video | we are not the same!In the same scene, Chinese People's Armed Police deny himself, US police rounding!

  Really not the same!  Beginning of the article, ring (ID: Universal -COM) would like to give you the two graphs Chinese firefighters Yangke Zhang hug children still fall on the 5th floor。   Three US police in the scene of the fire throwing 91-year-old woman was relief, he served as the suffocation death。   Two days, a picture of two refresh the news。
  News One: Chinese firefighters are still falling, 5th Floor, hug a child diagram in the Chinese firefighters called Yang Kezhang。
According to CCTV news News March 1, he was named the 2017 Top Ten People moved to China。   His story dates back to May 29, 2015。   That day, Yulin City, Guangxi, a private house fire, there are people trapped。 When the fire brigade arrived, the fire has completely destroyed the second floor of the wooden ladder, rescue workers can only feed the fire from the houses around the roof next to the。
  Yangke Zhang took the lead with three firefighters climbed up the roof, from top to bottom search and rescue。 Although he was only 27 years old, he is an experienced old fire, not long before he found Chen Li and her children on the fifth floor in a bedroom bathroom。
  Because inhaled too much smoke, half years old little girl has been shock, do not transfer there will be life-threatening, under critical, Yangke Zhang decided to first transfer the little girl。   However, when the rescue is about to end, suddenly found his comrades could not find the little girl and Yang Kezhang。
It turned out there is a elevator shaft is converted in the next evacuation routes Yangke Zhang, obscure wellhead wood has been destroyed by fire。 The smoke Yangke Zhang accidentally missed her footing and fell from the fifth floor。
  When his comrades found Yangke Zhang, he lying on his back, he firmly hug the little girl in the chest。
Since Yang Kezhang buffer body, except the head abrasions little girl does not have any damage, can Yangke Zhang was pronounced dead。 In the last moment of life, he still maintained a posture when carrying children leave。 In order to protect the little girl, he still did not let go during the fall of。 And Sister I saved your daughter go out, do not worry。 He became the last words he left behind。
  Yang Kezhang 200 times during his lifetime involved in the rescue, and rescue his comrades back from the line between life live the life of more than 160。 This time, he used his life to complete the last rescue。   Yang Kezhang life forever fixed in the 27-year-old, but he did not go far in people's hearts, he is still somewhere, watching over the people he loves。
  News 2: US police threw the old man left to die drawing two, three policemen threw 91-year-old American woman was relief in the scene of the fire, let it choked to death。
  According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on February 27, this year January 13, a high-rise apartment building fire in Queens, New York, on the 11th floor fire point。 91-year-old woman who lives on the 12th floor of Ethel Davis died after inhaling too much smoke unfortunate。 The truth of her death happens to be filmed inside the building monitoring, alarming。 Monitor display, before firefighters arrived, Davis was three policemen entered the building carrying the command of the evacuation of escape, but was thrown in the fire after the deterioration, let it die。   According to reports, the day of the incident, daughter Marcia Davis told police proposal, should venture into the smoke-filled hallway, but stayed in the apartment waiting for rescue。
But this proposal was rejected, several police officers will pick up from the bed, Davis, and Marcia forced evacuation。
  A few minutes later, carrying three police officers across the corridor from Davis, they found that the deterioration of the fire, filled with a lot of smoke in the corridor, they will then Davis threw in the corridor, to choose their own escape。
Marcia found her mother lying on the ground near the stairwell, and accompany her in place waiting for rescue。 "I did my best with her。 Full of black smoke, choking me up。 "Davis lie five minutes after firefighters get relief in the corridors, but in the end due to excessive smoke inhalation, she died in hospital on January 14 morning。

China's most expensive luxury: 1000000000 From

China's most expensive luxury: 1000000000 From HTTP: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_47 / 81739_5428215_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428215_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428215_ years at 19:00 on November 23, the famous auction house Sotheby's earlier in Suzhou mansion set list will be 1 billion yuan starting, but then the mysterious shelves。 Mansion called paradise, Suzhou garden style, a total of 32 bedrooms, covering nearly 7,000 square meters。 It is known as China's most expensive houses, because there is a clear price tag。 This picture shows Soviet-style mansion garden。
5428215 This mansion is located on a private island http: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_47 / 81739_5428216_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428216_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428216 _ in at 19 o'clock on November 23 famous auction house Sotheby's earlier in Suzhou mansion set list will be 1 billion yuan starting, but then the mysterious shelves。
Mansion called paradise, Suzhou garden style, a total of 32 bedrooms, covering nearly 7,000 square meters。 It is known as China's most expensive houses, because there is a clear price tag。 The picture shows the mansion is located on a private island。
5428216 Chinese traditional style mansion in the ultra-rich are increasingly popular http: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_47 / 81739_5428217_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428217_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428217_ in at 19:00 on November 23, the famous auction house Sotheby's earlier in Suzhou mansion set list will be 1 billion yuan starting, but then the mysterious shelves。 Mansion called paradise, Suzhou garden style, a total of 32 bedrooms, covering nearly 7,000 square meters。
It is known as China's most expensive houses, because there is a clear price tag。 The picture shows the Chinese traditional style mansion in the increasingly popular class of super-rich。
5,428,217 and for the outbreak of class imitation of European style very different http: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_47 / 81739_5428218_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428218_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428218_ on at 19 o'clock on November 23 famous auction house Sotheby's earlier in Suzhou mansion set list will be 1 billion yuan starting, but then the mysterious shelves。
Mansion called paradise, Suzhou garden style, a total of 32 bedrooms, covering nearly 7,000 square meters。
It is known as China's most expensive houses, because there is a clear price tag。
Pictured with the imitation of European style for the outbreak of a very different class。
5428218CNN http evaluation is the same as the ancient imperial life: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_47 / 81739_5428219_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428219_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428219 _ in at 19:00 on November 23 the famous auction house Sotheby's earlier in Suzhou mansion set list will be 1 billion yuan starting, but then the mysterious shelves。 Mansion called paradise, Suzhou garden style, a total of 32 bedrooms, covering nearly 7,000 square meters。
It is known as China's most expensive houses, because there is a clear price tag。 Pictured CNN evaluation is like to live like emperors。 http 5428219 mansion full of traditional Chinese architectural elements: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_47 / 81739_5428220_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428220_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428220_ on at 19:00 on November 23 the famous auction house Sotheby's earlier in Suzhou mansion set list will be 1 billion yuan starting, but then the mysterious shelves。 Mansion called paradise, Suzhou garden style, a total of 32 bedrooms, covering nearly 7,000 square meters。 It is known as China's most expensive houses, because there is a clear price tag。 The picture shows the mansion full of traditional Chinese architectural elements。 5428220 also has a wine cellar and swimming pool and other modern facilities http: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_47 / 81739_5428221_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428221_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428221 _ in at 19:01 on November 23 the famous auction house Sotheby's earlier in Suzhou mansion set list will be 1 billion yuan starting, but then the mysterious shelves。 Mansion called paradise, Suzhou garden style, a total of 32 bedrooms, covering nearly 7,000 square meters。
It is known as China's most expensive houses, because there is a clear price tag。 Pictured is also a wine cellar and swimming pool and other modern facilities。
5428221 modern living room is still http: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_47 / 81739_5428222_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428222_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428222_ 11 years May at 19:01 on the 23rd famous auction house Sotheby's earlier in Suzhou mansion set list will be 1 billion yuan starting, but then the mysterious shelves。 Mansion called paradise, Suzhou garden style, a total of 32 bedrooms, covering nearly 7,000 square meters。 It is known as China's most expensive houses, because there is a clear price tag。 The picture shows the living room is still a modern style。
5428222 traditional Beijing courtyard priced at tens of millions or even billions http: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_47 / 81739_5428223_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428223_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428223_ in at 19:01 on November 23 the famous auction house Sotheby's earlier in Suzhou mansion set list will be 1 billion yuan starting, but then the mysterious shelves。
Mansion called paradise, Suzhou garden style, a total of 32 bedrooms, covering nearly 7,000 square meters。 It is known as China's most expensive houses, because there is a clear price tag。 The picture shows the Beijing traditional courtyard house price in the tens of millions or even billions。
http 5428223 Beijing "yard canal bank" is also represented by the return of this wind: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_47 / 81739_5428224_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428224_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428224_ in at 19:01 on November 23 the famous auction house Sotheby's earlier in Suzhou mansion set list will be 1 billion yuan starting, but then the mysterious shelves。
Mansion called paradise, Suzhou garden style, a total of 32 bedrooms, covering nearly 7,000 square meters。 It is known as China's most expensive houses, because there is a clear price tag。
The picture shows the Beijing "yard canal bank" is also representative of this return to the wind。 5,428,224 priced at http 4000 Wan Zhi RMB 50 million: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_47 / 81739_5428225_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428225_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428225 _ in at 19:01 on November 23 the famous auction house Sotheby's earlier in Suzhou mansion set list will be 1 billion yuan starting, but then the mysterious shelves。
Mansion called paradise, Suzhou garden style, a total of 32 bedrooms, covering nearly 7,000 square meters。
It is known as China's most expensive houses, because there is a clear price tag。
The picture shows the courtyard priced at 40 million to 50 million yuan of。 5428225 The courtyard by the architect Yung Ho Chang and other design http: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2016_47 / 81739_5428226_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428226_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2016_47 / 81739_5428226 _ in at 19:01 on November 23 the famous auction house Sotheby's earlier in Suzhou mansion set list will be 1 billion yuan starting, but then the mysterious shelves。 Mansion called paradise, Suzhou garden style, a total of 32 bedrooms, covering nearly 7,000 square meters。 It is known as China's most expensive houses, because there is a clear price tag。 The picture shows the yard by the architect Zhang and other design。 5428226。

If the market value of billions of dollars millet come true financial contribution to the business geometric | millet | millet financial | Lei Jun

  Text / Sina Finance opinion leaders (micro-channel public number kopleader) columnist Ruo Hong Xin said that if the 2017 Chinese technology companies have ushered in another round of listing "super cycle" is turned on, then the beginning of 2018 came millet upcoming news, then put the wheel-to-market process climaxed。
  Although millet listing is in the end has not been established in Hong Kong or the United States, just a few weeks, valuations are directly hit a five fold from US $ 200 billion initial rumors, it becomes $ 100 billion。
But even so, this is still a sum of science and technology by the global IPO market attention。   According to IT oranges statistics, as of mid-2017 the last trading day's close, in the field of Internet technology takes market value as follows: Tencent Holdings, the market value of 3.1955 trillion yuan ($ 49 million), Alibaba market value of 2.8491 trillion yuan (437.8 billion US dollars ), Baidu market value of 526.9 billion yuan (US $ 80.9 billion), Jingdong market value of 381.3 billion yuan (58.6 billion US dollars)。   If there really is millet listed the market value of billions of dollars, millet will become second only to A (Ali Baba) T (Tencent) the third largest Internet company, will be B (Baidu) and?(Jingdong) far behind。   However, after this news broke, most of the market is sound: millet rely on support from such a large valuation?Although millet mid indeed riding high in 2017, global mobile phone sales to return to the top five, two months ahead of the completion of one hundred billion sales target, but regardless of the standard AT Internet companies are also the same or electronic products started Apple, millet can not seem to get rid of the overvalued tag。
  It is noteworthy that, in the company's annual meeting in early 2017, millet, Lei Jun said the next year, will focus black millet technology, new retail, international, five artificial intelligence and financial direction of the Internet, which the Internet banking as a core strategy millet is also the first in-house staff was raised。   Millet's financial sector will become a key support its valuation, tell a good story of it?  If millet goal is to replicate a "gold suit ant", it seems very difficult。
Financial regulators in mid-2017 so that the concept of the new financial steering has become increasingly ambiguous, due to the late start, payment of millet previous layout, insurance brokerage, and wealth management business is also not a trend yet。   But if from another point of view, millet under the "new retail hardware + Internet +" strategy, both in terms of supply chain finance B-side, or in the?End cash traffic, enhance customer price, the financial contribution of the business are more。
  1 Although the financial landscape millet millet financial and business start too early, but in the line of business license and layout has been relatively complete。 Whether it is a third-party payment license prices have gone up, or the new financial industry, the most important component of private banking license have been in the bag of millet income。
In addition, millet also the layout of the network of small loans, insurance brokerage, factoring and other business licenses。   At the same time, millet shot in the investment banking business is also quite frequent, along aside capital aside, only millet itself invested in securities tigers, 51 credit cards, boxes and other companies building blocks, covering a net loan securities , finance, lottery tickets and other fields。
  From the point of view of development path, millet and not another way, but as with new financial giants, cut from the payment, and then into the most profitable areas of lending, taking into account the insurance sales agency, banking and other traffic-consuming business, and gradually to the upstream industry chain extended, customized products。 This idea from focusing on force business millet past few years have seen。   From the beginning of 2016, millet payment business has been rapidly advancing, including the layout of the transit payment scene, with more banks, trying to VR payments。
  In mid-2017, millet consumer finance business is developing rapidly, less than six months, an increase of over ten billion loan size。 ABS issuance from the point of view, it is almost In addition to Ali, one of the largest players on the market。   A point worth noting is that millet loans as early as September 2015 launch, positioned to provide micro-credit loan services, including the "cash loan" and "staging" the two products。
And in April 2017, "millet loans" are distributed independently, the business is no longer limited to the millet and millet phone users store, began offering microfinance services for all users, which is also seen as an important node millet finance business expansion。
  In addition, the insurance business is a piece of millet and vigorously promote the financial services, insurance broking under the conditions of holding a license, millet past two years, working with partners, we launched a series of millet for customized insurance products。   Although millet is to finance the layout along the lines of giant, but a giant, very difficult to copy, which is the millet financial business had been the reason there is no strong sense of。
  Millet payment services due to the late start, in addition to use within ecological pattern on the outside want to shake the AT control over 90% of the mobile payment market seems to be very difficult。   Although the rapid growth of lending, but after rectification document issued last year, the network of small loans, ABS has been slow below, which more or less had an impact on the business。
In addition, although millet new network is a shareholder of the bank, but there is a sense in the course of business development bank is not strong, it is difficult to solve within a short time lending rushed impact。   2 new role after reading the financial business financial millet layout, we'll look under the grand strategy of millet, financial services play what role。   Development strategy in the early years of millet, the first to rely on close to the cost of user access to massive hardware products, re-use operating system MIUI enthusiast users stick to finalize cash flow through the Internet service that is application software。   Tencent / 360 are the successful example of this model, many Internet companies are wound up this mode of fans。   In this three-stage rocket, the financial business theoretically belong to the third level of cash flow section。
Earlier ideas millet financial layout, from the payment to the loan, banking, insurance, etc., it is also closely around?End traffic expanded。
  However, in July 2017, Lei Jun introduce new triathlon in Alibaba network operators conference: + hardware + Internet after the new retail, financial services, although still with millet mutual entertainment and other typical?End business together, but the role has quietly changed。
  In mid-2017, in order to restore sales fell decline, lower return line has become an important subject of millet。 According to Lei Jun's plan, millet shop by the end of 2017 to 250 by the end of 2018, 500, 2019, 1000。   House full swing millet millet plus mall, superior products and network-wide electricity supplier, together constitute the new retail line closed at online +。 And at the moment to discuss new retail, financial services is one of the almost standard。   Earlier, head of millet financial Hongfeng said in a public speech, in addition to the original line of staging scenes and consumer loans, millet cooperation channels, millions of millet shop owner also has a very large small and micro business loans demand。
  In this dimension, financial services remains a?End cash flow an important layout, but it can be more embedded in the new form of online and offline retail, consumers and businesses face different scenarios, etc.。   In addition to the new retail, millet also bet another important area – Hardware。 In addition to mobile phones, smart home ecosystem millet layout has begun to take shape。
According to the original plan of Lei Jun, five years incubator 100 intelligent hardware company, millet ecosystem is approaching business investment had the desired objectives。   Recently filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission the IPO prospectus of Chinese rice – the world's largest wearable device manufacturers, is ecological chain millet hundreds of companies in a。
  And behind this ecological chain, in fact, it is based on industry giant financial opportunity to control the force of upstream and downstream suppliers arising。   I (portal in the previous article: "From eight trends, see 2018 new financial industry how to" rebuild "and" escape "" mentioned, in the past most of the supply chain based on traditional industries, the core business, but with the new the rise of the economy, a large number of new business models, new supply chain enterprises begin to emerge, to match the new supply chain financial model also need to appear。
  Millet itself as a new intelligent hardware manufacturers, but also investors, suppliers as well as for their own portfolio companies team, technology, products, data has a better control and understanding, and therefore better able to identify risks behind, and then provision of financial services。
  From a certain point of view, millet financial business might not necessarily become a "listing stories" of the protagonist, but in the development of its operations and future growth in revenue, profit, the value of finance must not be underestimated。