A dream Millennium

Left gaze is so, one can not find the next ferry both hands to spend, do not put the blessing on the right lapel!And tomorrow, tomorrow and every horizon。——– title remembered the wind, the rain, the temperature dropped, the cold air coming。….I'm in this gray atmosphere, and began another endless reverie!  Some things will remember for a lifetime, some people never want to forget, some will be deeply hurt to the bone marrow。  We want to remember the forgotten, but remember you want to forget。  Bonds of a dream, really everything I can dream?  In the early morning opened his sleepy eyes, his mind jumped out your first name always, always think of the first thing you say, first want to see your face always。After seeing a group of unique landscape, after touching read an article, always think of you, want to share with you, talk with you, even saw a touching words in the text, you will want to send immediately。Whenever I hear someone suddenly gave birth to what disease, what calamity, always secretly glad in my heart: Fortunately, you do not have。They always say in the diary every night for you in something, you can not help but to outline the figure, imagine your smile。Only you seem to represent“Love”This beautiful word。You must have appeared, I have every day this quiet life。  A life that will slowly go away, but I can not forget was the deepest heart, looking forward to Banghuang way home, buried deep in the heart of the kind of memorable, or a touch of melancholy rain, slowly immersed sad heart。Sadly, most people had left to remember, we have brought back。May still struggling to stand by the share of pain, that memory always wanted to come back, to my side hope, however, in order to truly through this once full of love and dream thoughts, but it's hard, man floating in the world, but always exciting and uninhibited fantasy life one hundred Wei。So they will be filled with happiness and the pursuit of unlimited desire, hope of happiness in their eyes, because too good, so did not have the heart to abandon the slightest, then walked into the memories, the memories are beautiful, and it is painful, Just like always helpless and black hair wrapped around the heart。  In a fantasy space, there is a feeling that is eternal wait; there is a care, love of silence。Flying true, look for the heart to rely on。There you have me, the illusion that we are lovers of love。We just strange faces, always dim room a warm feeling。  All the bits and pieces, such as a cup of floating flowers, in the heart of the cups and gently swaying。Each season I calm my heart, I miss the interpretation of a bloom with one voice, and with a smile tentacles pulled the soft rhythm。do you know?When those warm feelings eleven open heart in my hands, all my feelings nowhere to hide in your eyes, you know, or will all the happiness in the time of sorrow into a lingering shadow, in your dreams where, in my dreams, in our years。  This day open in this season, because these heart throbbing and again and again。Through encounter time I look in your eyes, that moment to have a look at my Keeper fall season, and I vaguely heard the whisper of your heart, I tried to find you in this whisper lost in the memories of past lives。  I quietly waiting here for you, waiting for the arrival of a touch of fragrance, filled the time where expectations have Acacia taste。Lily took a deep open your makeup, extending poetic mood in。Flower blooming flowers in the middle of the night, the edge of our past life, but also about our present and future, her beautiful eyes you search for thousands of years, but also the sadness I wait for thousands of years。  Liuhua purple street, meddle Bliss。Xu I encounter it, I can sing for you encounter a bustling, interlocking fingers moment will retain condensate engraved in my heart, I will use this moment plump your memory, you can also listen to the Moon at midnight each West Wing crooning。Maybe I can not let her sorrows in between the eyebrows as a Fallen flowers fall, but I can walk into the face of your dreams along the line you rolled into again and again encounter。  Always thought that we encounter, it is a thousand years of waiting for agreement。  Ancient ferry, I was standing near the water, green grass green shore, drizzle。Dressed in white, as if my emotions, white, pure。I have long standing in the shore, because you gave me a loving smile, the laugh, I look forward to the millennium, the millennium of waiting, waiting for you to come wading, waiting for you to hold my hand slender fine。  Wish, you can wade over, more hope, be able to put my hand in your palm, for this, I have been waiting for years。  I look to you, I saw bustling behind you, and you just stubbornly look to have my party.  I quietly look at you, give you a faint smile, I do not want to disturb your mind, I'll stay with you until you turn into the bustling behind, there is where you belong。  Just be sure not to look back when you turn around, I do not want you turned around and saw my tears do not want your love again I have pain the pain of the heart can not breathe。  I'll wait here for you, so you millennium。  But you have to remember, we must remember to stay again when a small boat, I want you to hold my hand gently took your boat。  This dream is the Millennium。

Swiss private investigators will have access to GPS to track welfare fraud

  [World Wide Web reports reporter Zhao Yi Zhen] welfare fraud cases often become the focus of Swiss politics and the general public hot。 2016, the European Court of Human Rights to make a clear judgment, Swiss law on the use of GPS global positioning system tracking device to monitor the implementation of the relevant provisions of criminal suspects, lack of legal basis。
Switzerland News March 14 reported that the Swiss parliament has decided, tracking device (GPS) can be applied to suspected money so poor welfare cheat, abuse of subsidy fraud case investigation。 However, the private detective must to use GPS Subject to the approval of the court。
  SRF Swiss public television report quoted sources said, local time on March 12, Swiss National Council and Rajya Sabha houses of parliament have voted to approve the law on the use of GPS to deal with suspects。   Reported on the 13th, the Swiss Parliament in internal discussion session, GPS global positioning system has become the focus of heated debate parties topics。 With this GPS tracking device, private detectives would have to be smooth precision positioning location where a person to determine whether the other party was able to drive a car on their own in the case declared himself severely disabled。
  By the law also means that private investigators be allowed to secretly observe real-time monitoring and proactive welfare fraud suspects。 But with recording and video recording different it is that the detective must adopt in order to track technology Subject to the approval of the court。   Swiss Minister of the Interior 阿兰贝尔塞 said that although the idea of the Federal Commission for allegedly defrauding disability benefits who closely monitor the implementation of general supportive, but also for those initiatives or violate the personal privacy is not without worries。
He mentioned that the insurance company's behavior should not exceed the authority over the prosecution of the provisions。 In addition, the existing law for the definition of technical equipment for positioning is still too vague, according to the current interpretation of the outside world, in theory, such as unmanned aerial vehicles and other technical equipment will also be included。

How many normal endometrial thickness endometrial thickening actually suggesting that this matter

How many normal uterine endometrial thickness is very important female reproductive organs, which is a certain degree of endometrial thickness normal value, if you exceed this value perhaps is diseased。 So, how many normal endometrial thickness below it on with small series together to look normal endometrial thickness of it。
How many normal endometrial thickness is generally in the range of normal endometrium thickness 5-10MM, endometrium at different times, the thickness is somewhat different。
Endometrial thickness changes periodically in a proliferative phase: in the ovarian cycle, when a follicle development and maturation in the ovary, the ovarian estrogen secretion effect, i.e. endometrial hyperplasia phenomenon occurs proliferative endometrium。
2, secretory phase: after ovulation, under the action of progesterone and estrogen secretion of the corpus luteum, endometrium hyperplasia uterine secretion phenomenon, secretory endometrium。
3, period: ovarian luteal degradation, due to the reduced amount of estrogen and progesterone, the endometrium lost the support of necrosis and peeling, manifested as menstrual cramps, then known as the menstrual period endometrium。 How many normal endometrium endometrium thickness changes in the respective periods shown in Figure 1, the proliferative phase: about 5 of the menstrual cycle?9 days, the endometrium is thin, sparse gland, duct stenosis and straight, smooth luminal surface。
In 10 of the menstrual cycle?14 days, endometrial thickening corrugated, glands and stroma proliferation significantly, increase the number of start glands。

Bedside lamp prone to cause eye fatigue, there is a method (1) eye eye

  Our increasing emphasis on comfortable bedrooms, many people installed, so hotel rooms are design, but this design is the easiest way to fatigue, irritability and even cause psychological effects of sleep。  Can not be used, the illumination intensity is insufficient In general, the scintillator and the light source illuminating the uneven distribution of instability and colored light sources (such as red or orange-red) illumination and the like, are easy to cause considerable visual disturbance, resulting in symptoms of fatigue。Further, the flickering light, and the illumination angle is not normal vertical irradiation angle, not only on the maximum stimulation, more likely to cause discomfort mental irritability, even affect sleep。
In such a child reading light, also affect vision, causing nearsightedness, astigmatism occurs。
  Environment should be appropriate, require light soft light to bright classrooms, a desktop, not reflective blackboard too strong, the left and right sides of recommendation should have windows, and regularly exchange the child's seat; children at home desk should be placed outside the window unobstructed matter , lamps should be placed on the left front, light should be soft, regular brands currently on the market there are many Eye is a good choice, writing reading have appropriate light, the best light shine through from the left, not too dark or in the light is too bright to read, write。
  Continuous reading time not too long lens is our focus, while driving the focusing lens movement is muscle, just like our arms, legs, like muscles, muscle when long-term work, or when the muscles are in a long-term working condition, there will be symptoms of fatigue。When your eyes are focusing muscle movement – ciliary muscle fatigue, and it can not produce effective exercise, your eyes can not focus on the long run can easily lead to the growth of myopia, therefore, every student close eye 45 minutes recommend appropriate short break。
  To correct posture to maintain good eye habits, whether in school or doing homework, should pay attention to the correct posture, not bent, or reading a book lying on the table, not lying in bed, reading body sideways。Eye and should be kept from the book of 30-35 cm, to keep body and beat up desk – from books and desks angle of about 10 cm should be maintained at 30?45 degree。Schedule should be the law, sleep should be sufficient attention to hand hygiene, do not rub, aggressive treatment of chronic eye diseases。  Less from the electronics today's children learning a heavy burden, and some spare time also need to learn English, piano, painting, etc.。Electronic products, such as excessive use of computers, mobile phones but will also increase the child's visual fatigue, and strobe electronic screen will also produce radiation damage to the human eye, should minimize exposure to television, computers, game consoles and other electrical equipment。
  Do more outdoor sports to do is pay attention to our schools eye care work embodied by the surrounding muscles and massage eye acupuncture points to stimulate the nerve endings and increase blood circulation around the eye tissues, regulating metabolism of the eye, so as to eliminate fatigue, the purpose of enhancing eyesight, prevent myopia。Increased time outdoors can reduce the incidence of myopia, has a protective effect on the prevention of myopia。
Interestingly, this protective effect and time for outdoor activities is positively correlated, regardless of the content of sports。In addition, playing badminton, table tennis ball in the process should be quick to follow badminton and table tennis flexibility of such a strong "ball sports" track changes that improve eye function of children have unexpected benefits。
  Attention to diet should be balanced nutritional intake parents must be taken to ensure adequate intake of child nutrition, especially calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, B2, B1, C, etc., these nutrients can help us effectively preventing myopia protect eyesight。
Also note that improper diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies resulting in children who show symptoms of eating。
Note to eat sweets, eat too much sweet, will produce large amounts of acid in the blood, affecting the body's absorption of dietary calcium, have an impact on vision。

Short ghost stories: read from the heart

Short ghost stories: read from the heart!Many people like to listen to ghost stories, then this small series to tell you a ghost story short: read from the heart, I want to see people continue to read on。
Short ghost stories: read between the heart of the Republic, there is Zhai surname, ranking the ancient city of Paul House, possessions ten million。 Zhai old age for parents to have the child, such as parents cherish life, eight years old free school study hall, the sister has been married five。 In ninth, wedding day, eat a few glasses of wine, wedding night Zuiwo, it is "the joy of the night too short" when, roof Suddenly there is the ring, suspected hearing room who will climb up, anxious to go out concept, no one。 When re-sleep, the bride near to the body, the sound was underway。 Go out and observed, it seems, a woman crying, the sound is very miserable: When I said yes, how do women married to wife?Zhai alarmed, Toru found, are nothing, unable to sleep at night。
Nights so complex。
Zhai told Mother, Mother Da Hai: Could ghosts Down?Zhai compliance mother lives, Ji Ling servant seek。
To the priests, Zhai meat and wine hospitality, reported the matter to do。
Taoist look around the hospital, said: hospital have malaria, fruit ghosts。
Dusk, indeed, carefully arranged something, it put the case practice, hand sword, the blade in a spray of wine, sitting cross-legged in the courtyard, Weibi eye, holding the sword, said: Haier sleep, ghost, then tonight catch。
At night, really quiet, people gradually fall asleep。
That priests previously due diligence, nose to the grindstone, Silkworm, eat wine kept up, could not help but strong, stumbled to sleep。 Suddenly we heard screaming: ghosts, ghost, Guiya!Bang, Zhai ran naked from the room。
Everyone woke up, retaining tight Di Gongzai。 Taoist eyes look fine, four quiet, no abnormal fear of people doubt their own incompetence, just gust of wind drove, sword refers to the sky, mouth incantations, shouted: Where Yin ghost, not haste to leave, eat my sword。
Casually sword dance, mouth spray of blood, fell to the ground fainting。 Everyone was shocked, timid escape。 Slightly, the priests woke up and said: aerial, a white woman snapped Jianxiao, so I said yes, how do women married to wife?Short ghost stories: read, sleeves wave from the heart of a Young novices, my stun。 Zhai was shocked, and surprising, is consistency with the dream scene。
Taoist words: high-ghost method, Pindao law shallow, hard drive of。 Zhai panic Q: Can I have his law?Taoist words: I have a mentor a distant mountains, almighty。
Such as phase please, will drive the ghost。 Zhai and the mother heard rejoicing, urgent desire of。
Taoist words: "Master is the world outside expert, non-heavily not please carry on。 "Zhai busy: geometric bride price?Taoist thought for a long while: two thousand gold。
Zhai heard bow pondered in silence。 Zhai fear female ghost as large, as one exorcism, had to reluctantly gold cross and priests。
That priests wrapped in gold withdraw away, to not return。
Public guess diverse: Could it be a ghost Daoxing profound, mentoring carries it not, to fear?Could it actually charlatan priests?Zhai daytime can live with his wife the night near the body shall not, shall be awakened by a nightmare, there are women cry: When I said yes, how do women married to wife?Zhai toss tired, thin stalk two legs, the body could not hold unsteadily For fall。

Efficacy and role of cod in the blood to stop bleeding hypoglycemic

Efficacy and role of cod cod which for many people may not know, in fact, it is not only tasty, but also on the human body has many benefits。 Xiao Bian below to tell us something about the efficacy and role of cod, blood hemostasis but also hypoglycemic oh!The efficacy and role of cod cod have certain health effects。 Meat: stasis。 Bladder: blood hemostasis。
Bone: beriberi。 Liver oil: Cod liver extract may be used cod liver oil (oil content of 20 to 40%), containing a large amount of vitamin A, vitamin d。
Inhibition of Mycobacterium tuberculosis cod liver oil, which is the concentration of one hundred thousandth of an unsaturated acid can prevent bacterial growth。
Liver oil can also destroy infectious bacteria present in the wound。 Cream made of cod liver oil can rapidly liquefied tissue gangrene。
Cod pancreas contains more insulin to lower blood sugar have a better effect, used to treat diabetes。 Nutritional value of 1 cod.Cod is rich in protein, vitamin A, vitamin d, calcium, magnesium, selenium and other nutrients, nutrient-rich, sweet meat。 2.Fish contain rich in magnesium, have a good protective effect on the cardiovascular system, help prevent hypertension, myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular diseases; buy cod efficacy and role of fresh cod cod in white color and not thawed preferably, "all cod piece" in the middle of the fish may be cut featured。 Yellow flesh, hair lotions for the second。
Cod stored sprinkle salt on the fish, and then wrap with plastic wrap and put it into the freezer, so not only can fishy, inhibit bacterial growth, but also adds a delicious cod and extended shelf life。

2017 Best Android phone: Huawei chasing Samsung ranks second place

The best smartphone in mid-2017 which is a?Which beats all competitors do Swordsman?Recently, foreign media AndroidAuthority well-known technology by scoring seven categories, selected the best Android phone in mid-2017。 2017 Best of the best Android phones this year, Android phones series is a rating of the largest ever AndroidAuthority。
Each phone have passed more than 40 rigorous tests, and considered more than 100 separate criteria, objectively select the best smartphone。 Eventually she gave birth to "the best Android phone", "annual selection of the best Android phone", "annual selection of the best Android camera phone" and "the most cost-effective smart phone."。
The biggest challenge is the camera。 As we all know, the camera seems to be the best, but probably not the best technically, there may be personal favorite。 To this end, AndroidAuthority its readers poll activities, after more than 4,000 votes, elected for the first time in the annual selection of the best camera phones Andrews!How to calculate the winner by seven AndroidAuthority the phone function category, display, audio, cameras, batteries, performance, user experience and value for the first 10 points, second place scored nine points, and so on。
After all the tests are listed below the score of each phone in all categories, as well as the final total score: Mate10Pro Huawei ranked first with a total score of 361, the year 2017 as the best Android phones; Samsung GalaxyNote8 total score of 354 ranked a second; 5T plus a total score of 337, followed by。
Annual selection of the best Android phones to take pictures as part of the best Android phones of 2017, AndroidAuthority asking readers to vote for their considered the most beautiful photos。
For the camera, both can not avoid subjective, we will look at it objectively。
After the 4000+ votes, the results coming out!With 36 GooglePixel2XL.5% of the votes topped the list, winning the annual selection of the best Android camera phone; followed GalaxyNote8, 22 votes.7%; plus a third is 5T, 12 votes.8%; Huawei Mate10Pro ranked fourth, 8 votes.2%。 One of the most cost-effective smart phone is the most difficult award calculation。
Which phone on our list offer the greatest value?In view of the cost for each user it is subjective, AndroidAuthority determined by looking at the total score of each phone score, and the United States divided by its price (or equivalent), and then divided by 100 to fix the problem。
According to the results, one plus 5T 2017 is the most cost-effective smart phone, a score of 59.22 points, 56 points win beat.Nokia and score 83 8 44.84 Motorola Z2Force。
Mate10Pro ranked fourth, followed by blackberry KEYONE, GalaxyNote8 and LGV30。 2017 Year Andrews Machine –Mate10Pro for smart phones, this is an incredible year for the rapidly growing by leaps and bounds year, major brands are mustering the strength resorted to their own housekeeping smartphone。
However, after more than 40 tests, only one device is worth the annual coronation Andrews Machine!Huawei Mate10Pro have no doubt stand out from competitors in a series of GalaxyNote8!One plus 5T among third。 It is particularly worth mentioning is that Nokia 8 ranked fourth overall, beating a number of prominent competitors!The two biggest surprises is the total score ranked sixth and eighth LGV30 of Pixel2XL。
Both devices on the surface looks great, but there is no breakout success in the selection。 Motorola Z2Force also a pleasant surprise, ranking fifth overall, and made "other best Andrews Machine" in the title。
Excellence is not only prominent features Mate10Pro proof, but the overall quality and stability。 In short, Mate10Pro is deservedly the best Andrews Machine。
Like the previous two years, the overall winner in each category are the same。 GalaxyNote8 won two categories, and the top three in the other two categories, but Mate10Pro won just one category, but the top three in four other categories。
Huawei's flagship has made great progress compared to previous years。 Its performance is not the highest ranking, its software may not be perfect, but it is undeniable, this smartphone is the best Andrews Machine Year 2017 winner of strength!2017 annual selection of the best smart phones!Voting continues all week, AndroidAuthority been asking readers to vote for their opinion the best smartphone。 The annual user users vote to select the best smartphone result is somewhat out of which, users of the Samsung GalaxyNote8 loudest voices, votes at 25%, followed by a plus 5T, 19% of the vote, and the third is Google Pixel2XL, vote 18%, while Huawei Mate10Pro comes fourth, 11% of the vote。 Friends from abroad to see, Samsung is still a plus, Google and other brands more popular。 However, Huawei ready next year to enter the United States, foreign friends will want to select different it will be more!。

Orlando revolver cause serious injury or death IS claimed responsibility

  [International observers: the history of the fatal shootings of three American dilemma] exposed 50 people were killed and 53 people were injured, 12 shootings occurred in Orlando, Florida, a gay nightclub shocked American society, this is by far the most deadly US shootings together case。 Tears gunfire and the families of the victims of the scene filled with headlines in major US newspapers TV, the picture disturbing, also exposed the three "dilemma" faced by contemporary American society。   In response to the shooting, the same day President Barack Obama wins the US "gun violence" dilemma, called for strict gun control。 According to media statistics, he has played 17 mass shootings in office at least, and even shed a tear for this purpose many times, but gun control is difficult to have substantive progress。
  The presence of existing background check mechanisms vulnerability can not completely prevent firearms fall into the "wrong hands", which has become a social consensus。
FBI latest information shows that Orlando when the shooting occurred, the suspect Omar Martin is not on the US government watch list, he recently bought at least two firearms through legal channels。
The above information highlights the mechanism itself of "failure"。
  To plug the "loophole gun," Obama is not open around cooperation with the Congress, in cooperation with the states, but countries like the United States in a "pro-gun" concept deep bone marrow, shootings could change once the deadlock Kongfei。
Due to the powerful pro-gun, the two parties who do not want to go too far on the gun control issue。
The remainder of his term, Obama probably will continue to struggle with the "gun politics"。
  Orlando shootings also highlighted the United States second dilemma: the threat of terrorism in the Middle East is not far away, but in sight。
Since the "9.11 "Since the incident, the US domestic counter-terrorism and intelligence networks increasingly tight, terrorist organizations sending personnel to sneak into the United States is difficult to directly manufacture of large attacks, terrorist attack initiated by way of a gradual transition toward a single individual distributed attacks, such attacks bogeyman It is fairly random, difficult to prevent。
  According to several US media quoted US law enforcement officials, Omar Martin called 911 before the killing, clearly show their allegiance to the "Islamic State"。 In recent years, the FBI has twice contacted Martin and investigation of terrorist organizations or personnel, but did not get credible evidence, and later terminated the investigation。   From the point of view of the United States Department of Homeland Security, "lone wolf" with extremist ideas are more dangerous than the terrorist organization。
US Homeland Security Secretary Johnson has warned the United States lone wolf style terrorist attack "can happen at any time."。
Unfortunately, the limited US intelligence resources, coupled with the "lone wolf" more privacy, the FBI is difficult to penetrate and master all the clues, but also unable to monitor all, this has become a major weakness constraints counter-terrorism, will also be under any president facing tough challenges。   In addition, Orlando shooting took place in the US presidential election entered the final phase of the primaries, it reflects the dilemma of America's third largest – political divisions, and the impact on the campaign。   From the United States perspective, people get a sense of loss and frustration caused by the inability to counter-terrorism community is facing about emotion and intellect in the reception of refugees, Muslims treat problems such as tug of war。
Future status of the United States to maintain "open immigration society", or turn rightist Conservative?The two parties' nominees assume "There are different answers。   Republicans' nominee assumes "Trump 12th shootings did criticize Obama stand that weak leadership, he revert to ban Muslim immigration, which softened his stance after last month said" No Muslim immigration is only a suggestion. " in contrast to the position。 Democrats' nominee is assumed that "Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama essentially exactly the same position, showed that she would take" Conservative "stance on immigration issues。
  Trump's remarks have been so many people praise his "right" on social media, which could cause him to go further in this way to meet the voters, its out-of-speech is more likely to exacerbate the conservative xenophobic Americans emotions, also means he can not be expected as the party bigwigs as "convergence outrageous remarks", "with more presidential" candidate in the direction towards the transition, it fear not relieves the party split。
Even if Clinton won the last general election, will face a divided America, the nation's unity will be the challenge facing the next president。

Hualong One nuclear power technology in the UK in December when a new review into the planning stage with

Xinhua News Agency, London, November 16 (Reporters Deng Xi and Zhang Jiawei) – British Nuclear Regulatory Office and the Environment Agency issued 16 joint statement said China third generation nuclear power technology, "Hualong One" to complete the review of the UK's universal design in the first phase, the official the second stage。
China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (hereinafter referred to as the China Guangdong Nuclear Power) and its partners EDF also issued a related statement the same day。 According to the British nuclear safety regulatory requirements prior to use nuclear technology to build new nuclear power stations in the UK, the British general to conduct design reviews。
The review mainly assessed against general safety and environmental impacts of new nuclear reactor design, two areas are the responsibility of the British Environment Agency and the Nuclear Regulatory Office。 "Hualong One" is the three generations of Chinese self-developed nuclear power technology, its security level with the world's three generations of mainstream America, France, Russia and other nuclear technology is pretty, and economic advantages, it is important to select China's nuclear exports。 According to the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group and the French, the British government signed the agreement, "Hualong One" will be after the adoption of universal design review for construction project of the United Kingdom Bradwell B。 It is understood that early Bradwell B project is progressing smoothly, site suitability evaluation work will be launched。
According to the plan, "Hualong One" in the UK general design review divided into four stages, which lasted a total of 60 months。 Wherein the first stage is the preparation phase, planned for a period of 10 months, has been completed on schedule; the second phase of the program to complete its review of the preliminary safety report in 12 months; the third phase scheduled to be completed before construction of a safety report for 13 months, review before construction of three integrated reporting and environmental reporting overall nuclear security program; the fourth phase of the program in 25 months, will discuss each of the UK nuclear safety regulatory authorities concerned and the feedback of the key issues, and to provide sufficient technical evidence to prove "Hualong One," is designed to meet the British nuclear safety regulatory requirements, to make improvements where necessary technical modifications。 He Yu, chairman of China Guangdong Nuclear Power, said, "Hualong One" construction in the UK, will be an important measure to promote Chinese industry into the global value chain of high-end, foster world-class advanced manufacturing clusters。 CGN will vigorously promote the "One Hualong" universal design review and the successful completion of construction, help "manufacturing power" building in the UK。

70-79 years of age is the critical period of longevity, longevity secret to tell you 5 (1)

  70-79 years old is the key to the health of the elderly with increasing age longevity is not linearly reduced。70?79-year-old is a dangerous period, various organs faster during this period of recession, a variety of geriatric multiple periods, often prone to high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, etc.。
And after the 80-year-old, there will be a downward trend of these diseases, and mental health of the body is likely to return to 60?As the level of 69 years of age。Thus, 70?The 79-year-old age group is known as the risk of age。
To obtain the elderly longevity, 70?79-year-old 10-year health care is crucial。  Experts advise elderly at 70?At age 79, but also to pay attention to patterns of life, more than a walk, breathe more fresh air, do not be too tired, quit smoking less alcohol, to eat high-protein, multi vitamin, less fat principle, regular blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids。
  Old Chinese told you five longevity secrets 1, Yang Shen drinking water is the source of life。
Lack of liquid water, it may cause toxic cloud of the lag, increased kidney burden。Thus, the timing of drinking water is very important method of Yang Shen。
  2, do not tolerate urine bladder urine reservoir reaches a certain level, it will stimulate the nerve to produce micturition reflex。Then we must go to the toilet in time, will be a clean urine row。Otherwise, the accumulated will become a water small cloud of gas, kidney damage。
One of the best ways Accordingly, when the urine will be discharged, also Yang Shen。  3, Jin Yang Shen swallow saliva in the mouth is divided into two parts: A thin as saliva, the main by the spleen; is thick saliva, the main by the kidney。You can do an experiment, a saliva mouth spit it took less than a day, you will feel the waist and knees, fatigue。This, in turn prove, swallowing the body fluid to nourish kidney essence, play and kidneys role。  4, diet food kidney kidneys, and can have a lot of。In addition to black black sesame, black fungus, black rice, black beans and other food can Yang Shen, walnuts, chives, shrimp, and the like may also function as sheep kidney kidney Yang Shen。
  5, Sleep Yang Shen adequate sleep for blood biochemical, kidney essence plays an important role in maintenance。
Clinical findings, many patients with renal failure have too much late at night, fatigue, lack of sleep experience。Therefore, do not stay up late too, to develop good habits early hours, in favor of the conservation of kidney essence。