Very professional.”

  Under the eye looked at him with hope.
  Male etiquette silently approached, tilt the bottle in his hand, his quilt to inject water.
  Yao Ji ceremony: “but only on the Science Channel.why?Because it looks just like a documentary.More than watch, enjoy inadequate.”
  The eyes of those who hope to be ashamed to replace.
  An Qian shook his head slightly, it seems that the meeting was not any to have a program to be adopted, but this is normal, and good works are produced in constantly running, not born in compromise.
  His eyes suddenly and etiquette that pour collision, his mouth slightly open, “Lin” sound almost on the issue came, Lin-sheng wink at him quickly, he admitted this.
  Lin-sheng fast heartbeat, his tie below the other with a hidden camera.
  After the water booing, Yao Ji ceremony should be thirsty, ready to pick up the cup to the mouth, Lin-sheng busy small channel the sentence: “Be careful hot!”
  Yao Ji drinking ritual action suddenly a lag, Leng Leng look to this very familiar male voices etiquette.
  Forest Health looked at him a look of surprise, playful lips bent down, raised his neck, did not know the camera will not take into account.
  Get a surprise!
  Yao Ji ceremony upon her fist to his mouth to cover up the mouth with a cough of laughter

 [Can] what group combinations

  [Inexplicable want to see fairies open Hou Palace mode ~ ~ ~ ~]
  [Want to see the same!!!!]
  [You where to put it to her boyfriend]
  [Wearing a typhoon is very complicated, this should be called star qualification of the bar?]
  [Do not look good can be a star, the star is to have qualified, unless and fairies look like]
  After Lu seventy-one reading, touch his chin, “is surrounded by handsome idea, and I was to coincide with the.What combination is chaotic fist attack, which finally can look up red, I think we can make a boys’ school youth drama, how about?”
  The comments were applauded.This is properly the comic romantic rhythm ah.
  ”Well, we said that, we choose to wear the grounds of the complex, many of which are to be considered the cause of warm air, this really thank you for the.Thank you.”
  Fan also wear thanks, “I will strive to become the mainstay of warm air.”
  Lu laugh at seven, “the goal is not small.Into it.”
  After the respective artists sit in his place, land seventy-one also sit on the front of the auditorium, specially arranged for her good position.In turn, can be photographed panorama of all, do not turn on the stage to see the land and convenient seventy-one.

223 Chapter site
  ”The next time, is the second round, and my baby’s self Showtime.They do packet, gave everyone to prepare a program, please enjoy ~ ~ ~ ~ “Lu seventy-one turned to the stage,” the first

Japanese high school students at a game room, a games machine in order to compete and spat.Both sides are young and fit, under refused to give evolved into gang fights.

  These people originally unmotivated Lanzi, several people who took a dagger, and they hit it out after the red-eye began to carry a knife stabbed people.One of the men abdomen was stabbed two or three knives, more serious injuries!”
  This kind of thing never uncommon in Hong Kong, people go to the game room to play a large part little older teenagers, things are impulsive, sometimes two words wrong way can a fight.So Hong Kong has a large game room of people in the community in charge of the Air Field, in the event the guests disagree, someone will come out the situation under control, so that they do not affect the business of the store.
  Japan’s situation is similar, behind the game room has black – Social meddle.Because of the arcade industry profits, oriental Japanese market game company has even been found pirated arcade, also pointed the finger of blame the Japanese community organizations.The piracy of intellectual property protection very well in Japan is very rare, it also allows the image of the industry and arcade game room in Japanese society is not good.
  As for the Japanese newspaper accused the “Kung Fu” game promotes violence and bloodshed, seems at Du Wenjiang is nonsense.This is just a fighting game only, the original game screen, the characters after clearing the blood, red blood fell to the ground when death.But in the latter part of the changes have been to cancel it.
  Blood can not see even a game, you say bloody, it’s not bullsh * t thing!As for promoting violence, if the fight would promote violence, then those Hong Kong kung fu

Really I do not like to drag people around to it whirlpool.

  If this is not the case of Zhou Yu already in the office, or he could not bear the same.
  ”but.If the sender of a message can be found in Ming Si, then the other purpose is to sow discord no doubt, but if he can not find it?I can not always go on helplessly while his father and mother said, ‘I think it is Qinhuai An do not know what the purpose is, in short, that he did’ it.”
  Having Qin Bo, Zhou Yu case of the heart are beginning to feel tired.
  Zhayi seeing this kind of thing to the tremendous power, but a careful analysis of all vulnerabilities.
  But there are loopholes happens it does not matter what the other side does not want to do is, just trying to sow dissension about.If there are one or two people believed her family so foolish, so much the better, is the person behind the making of.
  ”You first, forget it, go back and take a break, and so on Brother Lee’s phone.I think about the rest of the.”Zhou Yu case of headache finished, looked at the time, quickly reminders Qin Bo home.
  The latter looked at her with some sadness, how they really feel into a small white face?
  ”Do not look, look also pay any attention to you, I’m busy, go back to go back soon.”In case of Zhou Yu looked at his eyes, he would not budge, even from the laptop on his knees and took them back into the car, then for him

Only wild monkeys.Lao is her master it?No, but nothing watchers.”

  Director Sheng Joe come to understand a little mean.
  Chen guide went on to say: “But in this environment, she can still live comfortably happy, fun for ourselves, she is really despise those who do not understand her, that Beidou Palace is her home, because the now she did not open mind thing, like a fool to live in a false environment.”
  Sheng Joe shaking a bit, slowly said: “Now how sand sculpture, so in the future to uncover the truth, there is more sad.”
  Director laughed: “This is the meaning.”
  She will not be like a fool mortal imitate opera, will not be bickering and slapstick brothers in her eyes, no longer a day Lele Oh carefree.
  She trusted the man was thrown into the furnace alchemy, burning a blind eye, is playing a loved one fall Sendai, destroy almost all forms of God, then covered with a bloody return magic gas, no longer trust anyone.
  Look telling everyone who would only laugh little monkey, like a blood-stained dream.
  At that time she was a monkey, they look at her, like watching monkey.
  Some scenes later, Sheng Joe is no longer a laugh.
  A deeper understanding of this role, the back shot up even more smoothly, Sheng Joe owed because of injuries scenes soon to slowly fill up the.
  The weather is getting hot, the crew filming in Hengdian


  Luo Yufang previously good-natured, who dotes on her Huo Zhihui, however, she became the pampered lady from a wealthy Banlaoxuniang, just so many old and a lot of time, it is inevitable mental balance, and now they frequently complained to her daughter, she finally broke, sharp sound authentic: “when you are or what you Huo eldest ah, lazy, every day, go to nightclubs fool around, slipped our thirty thousand before I jail you can live where you are, you can only live here, you want to live in villas, ah, ah you dream.”
  ”Mom, why do you roar.”
  ”If you do not mind, I have egg on your dad plot Hough family property, we will not have to fall into such a situation now, why do I hate I had to give birth to you, without you, no one will find me with German relations, I Huo lady, how will this broken place to live.”
  Since “you’d blame me now come.”
  Huo Zhihui rage, “you did not have the ability to give birth to me, ah, steal myself with people.I love face to blame.”
  Seeing both of them would quarrel bitterly, the door suddenly sounded three times knock on the door.
  Huozhi Hui Luo Yufang told to shut up at the same time, look to kick off the door, stared bitterly final Huozhi Hui Luo Yufang one, Slop slippers walked over to open the door,

Certainly not assured.”

Liang staggered body sitting in a chair, his face already pale: “But in the end she serve me best, also considered some elbow grease, in that case, is cast out, that eighty board ”
A weak girl, do not know can not live very down ah.
Jiang Chu but shook his head: “Let Ji be the upstart House, the government has just set up, all the people under, are also just bought, if Bowen had made such a big thing, was also a slap, people nod only when we bullied, soft-hearted, to act in the future more and more reckless, bad government in the rules, which the future difficult way to go, Bowen offenders in this gun, is not the slightest light punishment.”
Liang heavy sigh: “Bale Bale, the steward of this matter, in the end I do not know, since you’ve got the decision, it will be the case, but ”
Liang paused, then said only: “At least, he was a life insurance right.”This is she able to Bowen seeking the only thing.
Jiang Chu Liang know the nature of compassion, we can give in to this

, The company ushered in what seems important things in general.

  The total office weekdays Mo is with this man is not allowed to enter, even if the person within the company, nor.
  Of course, only one exception, that is, a man dressed in camouflage fatigues holding a few months before the total Mo into the office, it was the first time, and today is the second time.
  Maybe Mo is really anxious heart Yu, Cao Xiu even into her office she did not care about the effort to.
  Not come in front of the office, I heard Mo Yu heart’s voice came from the doorway.
  ”You forced me like this, I jumped up!”
  This is the moment of truth as if Mo Kam is the same, said leaf white airs of.
  ”Did not see, I did wrong, and I really want to jump out sister.”
  White leaf shame, the heart that you have a sister, if I, I jumped.
  White leaf and not directly into it, listen Mo Yu heart tone, obviously not really going to jump off, as there are any kind of dispute, he was not immediately clear.
  The top level is a core member of the almost entire heart Yu Group, and many offices sister saw a man come in, eyes are over.
  ”Who is this man, there is no feel good eye

Wen Wei Zhen Ann was scared the whole body trembling, Wu Tao heart of pleasure, he also a little crush on Ann Wei Zhen, opening: “Well, security master, this three million I come to you, when you help me protect the lives of the Heng Heng, can you?”

An Wei Zhen looked up, “No, one yard owned by a yard, I now owe him who is.”

Wu was about to vomit blood, but watching Wei Zhen Ann holding a dagger over look, eyes cold as if looking at a corpse as he dare not press Safety Only Zhen is not really afraid.

Just An Wei Zhen lifted the dagger of time, Wu watched sharp blade that will soon hit their fingers, immediately scared scream again and again, “I give, I give you money, you let go me!”

And just a few millimeters short of the edge of the dagger would cut to the finger of Wu, Wei Zhen Ann were barely stop the effort, looked indifferent Wu said: “As early so say enough?”

Wu Tisi cross-flow channel: “In my clothes.”

An Wei Zhen silent out of his body check, and then fingers deft fingers Wu dip the point of his own blood, according to the signature block of the check, and then extended his hand toward Wu Tao.

Wu Tao some hair in front of a daze looking at the pale of good

Is a tutor looks good, but nothing like the parents will be affected by the characteristics of a young woman, probably mid-twenties, from the way they dress and temperament is a look at wealthy daughter.

  Her eyes looked Yu Ze, please look revealed a little.
  Zhangzi Xian Pei Yu did not bring to the appointment of Donna regarded as expected, she wanted to gloat, if the snake woman Zhangzi Xian Yu Pei know to go to dinner with another woman, his face certainly do not know how wonderful.
  Yu Chak cool nod, but is Donna join a smile: “Hello.”
  Once the men sit down face to face, Yu Pei describes the woman sitting next to him: “This is a party with Ling, Fang Bobo’s daughter.”
  Yu Ze is about to see a loss of face, he added: “We and the Fang family friend, a child played three of us are still together.”
  Not to mention the loss Yu Ze, Yu Ze memory of Donna seen also at a loss, it seems that the parties to Ling child really is not that sense of presence.
  ”Brother, you’re not going to tell us about it?”Yu Pei a grin at the Donna.
  ”.Bo Dina.”Yu Ze said succinctly.
  ”Bo Dina.”Yu Pei from the tongue gently spit out the words, as if simply repeat it again her name.
  He smiled