But heaven is more economical,Still not much improvement。

Do not say anything else,Tiantong wood is not good,Go to the hospital every time,I have to spend a lot of money.。
Do not misunderstand,Wood is more kidney,Not because it is much more frequently
But because she is a http://www.400jl.cn child,A very serious injury,Also at the time she lost my parents。
Originally able to change kidney,One-life solving problem。But this woman,But always said that this pain,Come to remind yourself,Don’t forget the revenge!
in short,This is a gratitude,Even women who haven’t let go。
And the ambition of wood is also very big.,The company has been so embarrassed,Obviously damage to their company。
So she has been planning to move,But even if all the salary of Lian Tairo,Currently this goal,Still far less。
And although the night is her employee,But the task remuneration has no relationship with her.
“I have died so many colorectal creatures here.,How much can you sell some money?。”
Subcrete bio body,For those scientists,Calculate the hand,Night is also selling this stuff.。
generally“civiljg”Commission,In fact, http://www.tjb-art.cn most of them are other things.,Entrustment like hunting colorectal,Really a few。
after all“civiljg”Also people,Although it is said that he has a work of blood on the knife,But I can’t“Shelter area”Desperately,Who will want to fight?
The sky is just a bright,Little Loli woke up,I have started playing again.。
But they absolutely don’t know,Have more dangers last night。
Night hit a call to Sima,Let her take these“Original organism”Corpse。
Night remember“Sima heavy work”,For these clothes,Also interested。
Just like Maxi,Let Lianshu also have nights,Test the one“Virtual actual equipment”。
inside“Original organism”How is data from??Not to analyze these bodies,And load computer。
Previous night test,Why not“Level four”Original organism,It is because they have no data.。
“Level four”Although it is better http://www.qiongbuy.cn than the world,Only twelve“Zodiac”rare,But it is quite rare。
And each time“Level four”The strength is also quite powerful.,The average person will encounter,Escape is a problem.,I will kill it.。
And the night is in the phone,He got it“Level four”Male creature,Sima did not weave almost horses caught here.。
them“Sima heavy work”Indeed also to acquire various colorectal creatures,Research is on the one hand,On the other hand,Some of the active organisms can also manufacture weapons。
“Nightny,I know I didn’t see the wrong person.,How long can we know?,You gave me such a big surprise.。”
Sima did not weave a car,Take a small run,I want to hold a night.。
But this time I haven’t waited for the night.,He has a figure in front of him.,Put Sima Easy。
“You don’t have face fox,What to do here??”
Tiantong is more unhappy to look at Sima Easy,Her most annoying people,In addition to their own hate,Next, it’s not Sima.。
“what,It turned out to be Tiantong wood.,Your big lady of this poverty,Is it still not hungry dead??”
Sima did not woven the Tiantong wood in front of him,Block your mouth with folding fan,Ruthless satirical。